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Eighty copies only of the First Volume of 
"Notes" to the ''Visitation of England and 
Wales " have been printed at my Private 
Press. This copy is No. 41 


Grove Park, 

Denmark Hill. S.E. 



Cnglanti anti Wales* 






VOL. I. 



fFi// of Sir JoJiu Hopkins, Knight, 1796. 

"John Hopkins one of the Aldermen of the City of London." My Bradney. 
dear wife being in possession of a very ample fortune in her own right rpage i.] 
and not desiring any addition thereto, I give her all my Plate, Linen, 
China, Household Goods, Carriages and Horses. I give my said wife my 
messuage and appurtenances at Snaresbrook, Essex, wherein I now reside; 
my Exors after her death to sell the same. To my eldest son William 
Hopkins my freehold estate in Lanvihangel Ystern Llewern, co. Mon- 
mouth. To my daughter Elizabeth Hopkins ^1560, I having already 
advanced a like sum to her brothers and sisters. I am entitled to two 
third shares of the Verdigrease works at Newnham, co. Gloucester. My 
son-in-law Christopher Taddy Esq"'. My said son William, in the event 
of his surviving my dear wife, will be entitled under the will of my late 
father-in-law, Charles Simpkins Esq'', to a very considerable estate for 
life. My five children, William Hopkins, Charles Hopkins, Mary Ann, 
wife of Christopher Taddy, Amelia, wife of Thomas Hopkins Esq"', 
and Elizabeth Hopkins. Executors : my brother-in-law, John William 
Anderson, Esq'', Alderman, Nathaniel Boutflower, Esq'', and my son 
William Hopkins. Witnesses: P. VV. Crowther, Edw: Peale and Jn° 

Codicil: 11 July 1793. "Sir John Hopkins, Knight, one of the 
Aldermen of the City of London." My daughter Elizabeth lately 
intermarried with Joseph Bradney, Esq^ Witnesses : P. W. Crowther, 
Edw'' Peale, and Jn° Peale. 

Codicil: 23 Nov. 1793. I appoint my son-in-law, M"' Christopher 
Taddy, an E.xecutor in place of my brother-in-law, J. W. Anderson Esq'', 
Alderman, &:c., being apprehensive that by his late immersion in public 
concerns, and some other circumstances, he may be desirous to decline 
that trouble. As a further reason for my so doing I regret the indication 
of a diminution in his attachment to me and my family "conscious and 
so must he be too that I have ever deserved the contrary, respecting the 
groundless imputation he has frequently insinuated that I was instru- 
mental to his prejudice in framing the will of our late father-in-law, 
M' C. Simkin.s." 


Bradney. 28 Oct. 1796. Appeared Thomas Jackson of Paternoster Row, 
rra-o 1 ] ' l^rugg'st, and Philip Wyatt Crowther of Guildhall, London, gent., to 
''"^ testify to handwriting of last Codicil. 

Will dated 19 July 1792. Proved 2 Dec. 1796, by Wilham Hopkins, 
Esq% the Son, and Christopher Taddy, Esq^ Nathaniel Boutflower, 
Esq', the other executor, renouncing. 

P.C.C. [sS4^«mV.] 

Admon of Dame Anne Hopkins, 1806. 

Dame Anne Hopkins of Snaresbrook, co. Esse.x, widow, deceased. 
Admon dated 20 Sept. 1806, granted to William Hopkins, Esq'', 
one of the children. 

P.C.C. Admon. 

IVill of William Hopkins, 1833. 

"William Hopkins of Cheltenham in the County of Gloucester." To 
son John William Hopkins, my freehold estate at Avebury, co. Wilts. To 
son Rev'' David Hopkins, my freehold estate in Poulshott, ats Pollshott, 
CO. Wilts, my leasehold in Poulshott called Royalls, and my freehold 
estate in Llanvihangel Ystern Llewern, co. Monmouth. My brother 
Charles Hopkins, and my said two sons, to be exors. My wife Mary 
Hopkins, and my three daughters, Elizabeth, Mary Anne, and Sarah 
Hopkins. Witnesses : Tho^ Hanson, E. J. Young, and James Hawkins. 

Will dated 9 March 1831. Proved 9 March 1833 by exors. 

P. C. C. [300 Farquhar.^ 

Will of Charles Hopkins, 1834. 

"Charles Hopkins, late of Queen Square in the County of Middlesex, 
but now of Vicarage Terrace, Stratford, in the County of Essex." Exors, 
my four nephews, Charles Taddy, David Hopkins, John Taddy, and John 
Bradney. My late brother's widow, Mary Hopkins, my sister Amelia 
Hopkins, my nephew William Taddy. Catherine, wife of the said John 
Taddy. My nephew John William Hopkins. My friend James Coleman 
of Leytonstone, and Catherine Coleman, his daughter by his first wife. 
Mary his present wife, and his four children by her. The three daughters 
of the late John Dallaway of Stratford, viz., "Mary, Catherine Woodward, 
and Elizabeth Dallaway." Elizabeth, Mary Anne, and Sarah, daugliters 
of my late brother. My nephews, Charles and John Taddy, sons of my 

late sister Mary Anne Taddy, and John Hopkins Bradney and Joseph Bradney. 
Bradney, sons of my late sister Elizabeth Bradney. Witnesses: Henry [I'age i.] 
Bicknell, William Johnson, and Abra"" Woods. 

Will dated 25 March 1833. Proved 10 April 1834 by Rev. David 
Hopkins, Rev. John Taddy, and Rev. John Hopkins Bradney. Power 
reserved &c. to Charles Taddy, Esq^ 

P.C.C. [214 Teignmoutk.] 

Will of Joseph Bradney, 1817. 

" Joseph Bradney of Ham in the County of Surrey Gentleman." My 
two daughters, Sarah Bradney, spinster, and Rebecca, wife of John 
Bockett, Esq''. — their claims under the will of Hannah Huthwaite, dec'', 
widow of their grandfather William, who died intestate. \Vhereas I am 
possessed by purchase of the share of the freehold at Ham, which came 
to Lydia, joint heiress with, and only sister to, my wife Rebecca, the 
mother of my said two daughters. I give my daughter Sarah my 
freehold messuages, lands &:c. at Ham, with the copyhold at Petersham. 
To my eldest son John Hopkins Bradney, my manor of Hurcot, near 
Somerton, co. Somerset. To my second son Joseph Christopher 
Bradney, my manor of Bradney under Bawdrip, near Bridgwater, co. 
Somerset. Third son William Bradney (a minor). Wife Elizabeth 
residuary legatee. Sons, John Hopkins Bradney and Joseph Christopher 
Bradney, exors. Witnesses: W. Bewsher, A.M., Dan' Ch: Delafosse, 
and Rob' M. Delafosse. 

Will dated 13 June 18 17. Proved 31 July 18 17 by John Hopkins 
Bradney. Power reserved &c. 

P.C.C. [353 Effingham?f^ 

On the seal appended to this 'will are the Arms of Bradney., viz : 
A fess betiveen three crosses forinee fitcliee : impaling, Hopkins, on a chevron 
between three pistols as many roses. On a>t inescutcJieon surmounting 
the Arms of Bradney, there is a coat, unfortunately almost illegible, 
probably the Arms of Huthwaite, viz: Paly of six, or and azure, on a 
chief argent a lion passant sable. 

IVill of CJu'istophcy Taddy, 1824. 

"Christopher Taddy of Croydon in the County of Surrey Esq''." To 
my wife Elizabeth, for life, my freehold house &c. in North End, Croydon, 
with remainder to my son John Taddy and his heirs. To my son William 
Taddy, Sarjeant at Law, my estates at Buckland, Luddenhaoi, and 

Bradney. Tcynham, in Kent. To son Charles Taddy, my estates at Newgate and 
[Pace I ] Croydon Common, co. Surrey, and freeholds in Laurence Lane, Cheap- 
side. My son Rev'' John Taddy. My sister-in-law Kitty Russell. 
Residue to three sons equally. My son Charles Taddy, exor. Witnesses : 
J"'^ Drewett, M. Bennett, and .Sarah Smale. 

Will dated 4 June 1822. Proved 9 August 1824 by exor. 

P. C. C. [493 Erkskine.] 

Signature of Sir John Hopkins, Knight, Lord Mayor of London, from 
a document dated 22 October 1792, in the Gregory Collection. 


^^^^i^ c/ 7 f 

Artns granted by John Anstis, Garter, and Knox Ward, Clarenceux, 
in 1734, to John HopJdns, of Lincoln^ s Inn, Barrister-at-Law. 

Ermine on a Fess Gules a Lyon passant Guardant Argent, a Canton 
of the Second charged w''' a Rose Or, and for his Crest an Ostrich's 
Head Coup'd Ermine, holding in the Beak a Key Azure. 

A Memorial Gold Ring with the following inscription in gold letters 
is in the possession of Joseph Alfred Bradney of Tal-y-coed, 

S" JN" HOPKINS KN^ OB. 14" OCT: 1796: M: 8i. 

JVill of Richard Coplestone, 1617. Colby. 

■' ^ [Page 4.] 

In the Name of God, Amen, the thirteenth daye of September in the 
year of our Lord God One thousand sixe hundred and seaventeen, I 
Richard Coplestone of Woodland in the Countie of Devon, Gent: 
beinge of good and perfect! memorye thanl^es be unto God. Revokinge 
all former Wills & Testaments by me heretofore made, doe make & 
ordayne this my last Will & Testament in manner and form foUowinge. 
To weet : Fyrst I comytt my Soule unto Almightie God and my Bodie 
to Christian buryall. Item: I give towards the reparation of the 
Churche of Lyttle Torrington thirteene shillings and foure pence, and 
to the poore of the same parish Tweiitie shillings. Item: I devise to 
Richard Coplestone my Sonne and Heire my tiold ringe wherein my 
Armes are engraved, and a great Silver Cupj) gilt with his Cover. 
Item: I give & devise to Elianor my Wife All that my Tenement 
known by the name of Maynerdes Tenement To hold to her imedyatlie 
from my death for the term of fortie yeares if she so long doe lyve. 
And my Will is that after her death my Sonne Thomas and his heires 
shall have & hold the one moytie of the sayd Tenement for ever. And 
that the other moytie of the same Tenement shall also remayne & be to 
my said Sonne Thomas and his assignes during all the rest of my terme 
which shall be therein to come after the death of my said Wife. More- 
over my Will is that my Sonne Richard Coplestone shall have my 
Coreslett furnished and Muskett furnished, which Coreslett and 
Muskett with their furnyture and also the Silver Cupp before given to 
my Sonne Richard my Will is my Wife shall have the use of so longe 
as she doth lyve. Item : I give unto my sayd Wife my best half dozen 
of Silver Spoones and all her Jewelles & Ringes. Item : I devise to 
eche of my two Daughters a half dozen of Silver Spoones And to my 
Sonne Thomas one other dozen of Silver Spoones. To my Sonne 
Dudley Coplestone my best Silver Salt with his Cover. To my Sonnes 
Tristram and Henry eche of them a Silver Goblett And to my Sonne 
Francis a Stone Cupp corded with Silver. All which Spoones Gobletts 
and Cupp my Will is my Wife shall have the use of so longe as she 
doth lyve And after her death to be delyvered perticulerlie as aforesayd. 
Item: I give to everie of my household Servants that shall be with me 
at the tyme of my death two shillinges sixe pence apece. Item: I give 
unto my Godsonne Richard Harte a eawe Sheepe and to my God- 
daughter Henry Blanchard's Daughter a eawe Sheepe and to all other 
my Godchildren that shall be at my funeral! Twelve pence apece. All 
the residue of my Goods and Chattels not before given & bequeathed 
I give & bequeath to Elyanor my Wife whom I make and ordayne my 
sole Executrix. And I doe appoynt and desire to be my Overseers 
concerninge this my Will my Brother in lawe Richard Bellewe Esquire, 
my Cosen William Phillipps, Gent: and John AUyn of Lyttle Torrington, 
Gent : and doe give to eche of them for their paynes to be taken herein 
an Angel) apece. In witness whereof I have thereunto subscribed my 
name & sett my seale and published the same in the presence of those 
whose names are under wrytten, Richard Coplestone. Test: John 
Allen, Jonas Pylman, John Pylman, John Reynie, and Davyd Grilles. 

Proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Barnstaple on the 29''^ day of 
November 161 7. 

Colby. IVill of Elizabeth Coplesfone, 1714- 

[Page 4.] 

In the Name of God Amen. I Elizabeth Copplestone of Ottery St. 
Mary in the County of Devon Widow hereby revoking all former and 
other Will or Wills by me made doe make & ordaine this to be my last 
Will & Testament. Imprimis: I commend my soule to God that gave 
it hoping only for salvation through the merits of Christ Jesus my God 
& Saviour and my body to be decently buried as near as possible to my 
late deceased husband in the vault in Ottery Church. Item: I give to 
my brother John Goodall of Hoy in the County of Cornwall Esqr., & 
Robert Wolcombe of the City of Exon Esqr., fifty pounds of lawful! 
money of Great Britaine to be paid within three calendar monthes after 
my decease & by them & the survi' of them & the exeo''^ & adm'^'* of 
such survivor to be layen out in the purchase of communion plate for 
the use of the said parish Church of Ottery St. Mary for ever, on which 
plate I desire my husband's & my name to be written. Item: I give to 
my sister Evans twenty shillings to buy a ring & to her son William 
Evans thirty pounds of like lawful! money to be paid him at the age of 
twenty one years. Item : I give to my Nephew Richard Copplestone 
one dymond ring which was formerly my Aunt Shearman's. Item : I 
give to my Aunt Vaughan ten pounds of like lawful! money to buy her 
mourning And to my Aunts liarris and Carew twenty shillings cash to 
buy them a ring. Item: I give to my Niece Elizabeth Goodall my 
gould watch. Item : I give to all my sister Evan's children (except the 
said William Evans) twenty shillings a piece to buy each of them a ring. 
Item: I give to William Bastow son of Gideon Bastow of Ottery afore- 
said five pounds of like lawful! money. Item: I give to my Cosen 
Elizabeth Hatton my best suite of apparrell that I shall have at my 
decease. All the rest of my goods chattels testamentary and personal 
estate whatsoever after my debts legacyes & funeral! expences are paid 
& discharged I give devise & bequeath unto the s'^ John Goodall of 
Hoy in the said County of Cornwall Esq'' my dear Brother whome I 
malce whole & sole Executour of this my last Will & testament. In 
witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale this seaventh 
day of June Ann: Dom: 17 14, Eliza: Copleston. Signed sealed 
published & declared to be the last Will & Testament of the said 
Elizabeth Copplestone in the presence of us {no u'itnesses). 

Proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Exeter the 25"" day of Septem- 
ber 1 7 14, by the Oath of Jolin Goodall the Brother, the sole Executor. 

IVill of Joseph Coplestone, i745- 

In the Name of God, Amen. I Joseph Coplestone of Knightstone 
within the parish of Ottery Saint Mary in the County of Devon Esq. 
being of a sound and perfect mind and memory praised be Almighty 
God for the same and considering the uncertainty of this life, but being 
willing to settle all my worldly affairs Do make and ordain this my last 
Will and Testament in manner and form following. First, I surrender 
up my Soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it me hopeing 
that through the merits and intercession of my Blessed Saviour Jesus 




Christ to obtain remission of all my sins And my body I commit to the Colby. 
earth to be decently interred witliout any funeral pomp and at as small [I'agc 4.] 
an expense as possible by my Executors hereinafter named. Whereas I 
have made several Deeds of Settlement of my Manor of Shernwycke ats 
Shernweeke and of my Barton demcnse lands and messuages called 
Woodland Eastford and Parnacotts and other my lands situate lying 
and being in the several parishes of Great 'I'orrington, Little Torrington, 
Frithestocke and Langtree, in the said County of Devon, and in every 
such Deed of Settlement reserved a power of revocation to myself for 
making void every such Deed and all and every the Trusts and uses 
therem respectively contained by any Deed Will or writing to be by me 
subscribed and sealed in the presence of one two or more witnesses and 
by any such new Deed Will or writings to be by me in Uke manner 
subscribed and sealed to declare and limit any new uses concerning the 
premises. And whereas pursuant to such power I have executed a 
Deed of Revocation dated the fourteenth day of this instant December 
for the making void the only Deed of Appointment or Grant of the said 
premises then subsisting bearing date the twelfth day of December One 
thousand seven hundred and twenty eight And all and every the Trusts 
and uses therein contained and appointing the premises to the use of 
myself my heirs and assigns for ever. Now I do hereby pursuant to all 
and every the power of revocation reserved to me in every such Deed 
revoke alter change and make void all and every Deed of Appointment 
and grant by me at any time heretofore made of or concerning the said 
premises and particularly the said Deed of Appointment and grant dated 
the said twelfth day of December One thousand seven hundred and 
twenty eight aforesaid And all and every the Trusts and uses therein 
contained of for or concerning the said premises and every part thereof, 
and do hereby limit & appoint the same and the use and uses thereof 
to myself my heirs and assigns for ever And do hereby ratify and confirm 
the Deed I have executed for that purpose bearing date the fourteenth 
day of this instant December. And whereas the expenses of my family 
and the making a proper provision for them was and is the occasion of 
my revoking the s'* last mentioned Deed of Appointment and Grant and 
appointing the uses concerning the said premises to myself and my own 
right heirs to put it in my power to make such provision as afores''. 
And in order thereunto I have taken up and borrowed on a Mortgage 
of the said premises the sum of Nine hundred pounds from William Gill 
of Honiton in the County of Devon, Gent. Now for the payment 
thereof and for making a provision for my younger children in such 
manner as is hereinafter mentioned I do hereby give and bequeath the 
s* Manor Barton messuages and premises hereinbefore mentioned with 
their and every of their hereditaments and appurtenances and all other 
my lands of Inheritance either in possession or reversion unto my 
friends Staplehill Heath of Ottery St. Mary afores** Esq., Gideon Marker 
of the same, Sergemaker, and Samuel Ley of Dolton in the s'' County, 
Clerk, their exors admors and assigns for and during the full term and 
time of Three thousand years fully to be complete expired and ended 
without impeachment of or for any manner of waste. In Trust never- 
theless that they the said Staplehill Heath, Gideon Marker, and Samuel 
Ley, and the survivors of them and the exors and adiiiors and assigns of 
such survivor do and shall as soon as conveniently can or may be from 
and after my decease sell and dispose of my said Manor Barton demesne 


Colby. lands and premises or any part or parcel thereof and out of the purchase 
fPa^e 4 1 money arising by and out of the sale thereof pay off and discharge the 
" ' said principal sum of Nine hundred pounds with all interest which shall 
or may be then due for the same and from and after payment of the 
said sum of Nine hundred pounds and its interest In Trust that my said 
Trustees and the survivor of them and the exors adiiiors and assigns of 
such survivor do and shall (subject to the said Annuity or yearly rent 
charge of Fifty pounds payable to my said Wife) by and out of the rents 
issues and profits of the said premises or by sale or Mortgage thereof or 
of any part thereof for the residue of the said term of Three thousand 
years or by cutting down and selling any timber trees which shall be 
then growing on the said premises raise and levy the sum of Fourteen 
hundred pounds to and for the portions of my younger children by my 
present Wife, Sherman, Anthony, John, Henry and Edmond, to be paid 
them respectively as hereafter mentioned (that is to say) One hundred 
pounds part thereof unto my said son Sherman (I having already laid 
out for him in his education and preferment a considerable sum of 
money) to be paid unto him within one year after my death with interest 
for the same after the rate and proportion of Four pounds & ten shillings 
for One hundred pounds for a year. Two hundred pounds other part 
thereof to be paid unto my said son Anthony within one year next after 
my decease with interest for the same after the rate of Four pounds & 
ten shillings for One hundred pounds for a year (I having also already 
lain out for him some money in his education and preferment.) Three 
hundred pounds other part thereof to be paid unto my said son John at 
his attainment of the age of twenty one years with interest for the same 
after the rate and proportion of Four pounds & ten shillings for One 
hundred pounds for a year. The sum Four hundred pounds other part 
thereof to be paid unto each of my two sons Henry & Edmond at their 
attainment of their respective ages of one and twenty years with interest 
for the same after the rate of Four pounds & ten shillings a year for One 
hundred pounds and if any or either of my said children shall happen 
to die before his or their legacy shall become payable then my Will is 
that the legacy or legacys of him or them so dying shall not go unto the 
survivor or survivors but sink into the reversion and inheritance of my 
said Manor messuages lands and premises and from and after the 
expiration or other sooner determination of the said term of Three 
thousand years I give devise and bequeath my said Manor Barton and 
demesne lands messuages tenements and preines unto my said son 
Joseph Coplestone his heirs and assigns for ever (subject to the said 
Annuity of Fifty pounds.) Provided that if my said son Joseph shall 
pay the said Mortgage money and the legacys when they shall become 
respectively payable as aforesaid That then the said term of Three 
thousand years shall be assigned unto my said son Joseph his heirs 
exors or adiiiors or to such person or persons as he or they shall direct 
or appoint and being willing that my said lands may be eased as much 
as possible in paying the said several legacys I give devise and bequeath 
unto them the said Staplehill Heath, Gideon Marker and Samuel Ley, 
and the survivor of them and the exors and adiiiors of such survivor 
all my ready money securitys for money bonds bills mortgages debts 
and all other my goods and personal estate whatsoever which I shall 
have at the time of my death Upon Trust in the first place to pay 
thereout my debts and funeral charges and the legacys I have hereinafter 


given to my sons Richard Coplestone and Joseph Coplestone my Colby. 
daughter Bridget Bidgood and my Trustees and then upon this further [Page 4.] 
Trust that they my said Trustees do and shall apply the same for and 
towards the payment of the several legacys or portions which I have 
hereinbefore given unto my said children when and as they shall 
respectively become due and payable with interest for the same as 
aforesaid. Item: Whereas I stand estated interested in and entitled 
unto either in my own right or in Trust for me or for my use of and in 
divers leasehold estates or to reversions thereof determinable on Lives 
which messuages lands and tenements are situate lying and being in 
Ottery Saint Mary afores'' or elsewhere in the s'' County of Devon and 
were heretofore the lands of Gideon Sherman deceased my late uncle 
and the reversion and inheritance thereof after my death doth belong 
unto my eldest son Richard Coplestone with other lands of the said 
Gideon Sherman I give and bequeath unto my said Trustees and the 
survivor of them and the exors admors & assigns of such survivor to sell 
& dispose thereof for the best price or prices that can or may be had or 
gotten for the same and to pay thereout any sum not exceeding the sum 
of Eighty pounds for each of my said children Henry and Edmond (if 
they shall not at my death be placed out to any profession trade or em- 
ployment) to be applied for and towards placing them out to be instructed 
in some profession trade or employment as my said Trustees or the major 
part of them shall in their discretion think fit. But my Will is that such 
sum or sums so to be applied and laid out shall be deducted out of his 
or their portion or portions for whose use it shall be so applied. And 
as to the residue thereof to be paid and applied towards the discharging 
the said several portions hereinbefore given and the interest thereof. 
Item : I give and bequeath unto my s*" Wife the chest of drawers in the 
little parlour chamber at my house called Knightstone and the easy 
chair in the same room. I give unto my Exors in Trust a mourning 
ring of One guinea value each. Item: I give unto my sons Richard 
Coplestone and Joseph Coplestone One guinea each and to my daughter 
Bridget Bidgood One guinea. Item: It is my Will that my Trustees 
shall have the sole and absolute direction guide and management of my 
children which shall not be of age at the time of my death and my Will 
is that my said Trustees shall and may deduct detain and keep to them- 
selves out of any of my estate and effects all such costs losses charges 
damages and expenses as they or either of them shall or may bear pay 
sustain or be put unto in the execution of this my Will and and all or 
any of the said Trusts herein contained. And my Will further is neither 
of my said Trustees shall be answerable or accountable for the other of 
them or for any more moneys than shall come to their hands respectively. 
And 1 hereby nominate constitute and appoint the said Staplehill Heath, 
Gideon Marker, and Sam' Ley, Exors in Trust of this my W'ill for the 
purposes afores'' hereby revoking all former and other Wills by me made. 
In witness whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament set my 
hand and seal this seventeenth day of December in the year of our 
Lord One thousand seven hundred and forty five, Jos: Coplestone (Seal). 
Signed sealed published and declared by the said Joseph Coplestone the 
Testator (being written on three sheets of paper) to be his last Will and 
Testament in the presence of us who subscribed our names as Witnesses 
there at his request and in his presence, Jn'= Anstice, Will"' Seaman, 
Rob' Eveleigh. 


Colby. On the 25'*" day of February 1 745, Administration (with Will annexed) 

[Page 4.1 ^^'as by the Archdeaconry Court of Exeter, granted to Joseph Coplestone 
the son and a Legatee named in the Will having been fust sworn duly 
to administer. Staplehill Heath, Gideon Marker, and Samuel Ley, the 
Executors In Trust in the said Will named having first, in writing, 
renounced the burthen and execution thereof. 

Extracts from the Registers of Ottery St. Mary. 

BAPTISMS in Book commencing 30 March 1679. 

1 7 14. November. 







June 6. 
January 22. 
July 8. 
April 14. 
March 6. 

72y. March i. 
74|. March 27. 
748. Dec. 29. 

Mary the Daughter of Joseph Coplestone Esq'' 

and Grace his wife the 24"". 
Grace D. of Joseph & Grace Copleston. 
Joseph S. of Joseph & Grace Copleston. 
Anne D. of Joseph & Grace Copleston. 
Elizabeth D. of Joseph & Grace Copleston. 
Sherman Son of Joseph Coplestone Esq"" and of 

Grace his wife. 
John Son of Joseph & Grace Coplestone. 
Sarah Dter of Mary Copleston. 
Joseph, M'' Joseph & Mary Coplestone. 

Richard Coplestone signed as Churchwarden in 1749-50. 

Dec. 20. 
Aug. 19. 

Nov. 17. 
March 8. 

754. Nov. 15. 







766. ( 

Nov. 7. 
Jan. 23. 

April 9. 

July 27. 

July 6. 

Nov. I. 

March 28. 

July 7- 
April 2. 
Jan. 7. 

Anne D. of M' Joseph Coplestone & Mary, 
Mary Daughter of M"' Anthony & Mary Cople- 
Sherman Son of M'' Joseph & Mary Coplestone. 
James Son of M'' Anthony Coplestone & Mary 

his wife deceas'd. 
John Son of M"^ Joseph & Mary Coplestone, 

born Oct. 21. 
Grace, M'^ Henry & Mary Coplestone. 
William, M'' Edmund & Elizabeth Coplestone, 

born Oct. 22, 1755. 
Joseph Son of M"' Henry & Mary Coplestone, 

b. March 31. 
Anne, M' Edmund Coplestone & Elizabeth his 

wife, June 26. 
Anne, M"' Henry & Mary Coplestone, born 

April 7"'. 
Betty, M' Edmond & Betty Coplestone, privately 

Betty, Edmond & Elizabeth Coplestone, born 

9b" I, 1759. 
John, Henry & Mary Coplestone. 
Elizabeth, D. M'' Anthony & Betty Coplestone. 
Elizabeth, D. Anthony & Betty Coplestone. 

1769- Feb. 23. Richard S. Henry & Mary Coplestonc, born 

July 28 in 1766. 
1769. Feb. 23. Elizabeth, D. Henry & Mary Coplestone. 

1772. Dec. 28. Ann, D. of M'' Anthony & Betty Coplestone, 

born July 24. 

No further entries of Coplestone in this Book, which ends 6 May 1787. 


[Page 4.] 

MARRIAGES from July 1754. 

Henry Coplestone & Mary Salter (by Licence) Aug' 16"" 1754, in 
presence of Rich'' Marker, Jun', & George Salter. 

Joseph Coplestone, Gent. & Joanna Passmore (Licence) Feb. 5 1759. 

M'' John Sanders & Miss Ann Coplestone married by L. 27 Feb. 1760. 

M' John Coplestone of Great Torrington & Miss Mary Hall of this 
Parish married by L. lo"" Nov. 1766 (Witnesses Edm'' & Betty 

Book ends q*"" Jan. 1 783. 


Dec. 3''. 


Dec. 22". 


April 13. 


Feb. 17. 


Oct. 21. 


Dec. 2. 


Feb. 28. 


July 9- 


July 27. 


May 13. 


Aug. 28. 


March 15. 


July 7- 

An attempt 


May 5. 


March 25. 


Oct. 6. 


Nov. 13. 


March 25. 


Jan. I. 


Sept. 16. 


Sept. I. 


May 14. 


Dec. 14. 


Sept. 7. 

BURIALS /ww 1725. 

Elizabeth Coplestone. 

Gid: Copleston. 

Anne daughter of Joseph Coplestone Esq^ & Grace 

his wife. 
Joseph Coplestone Esq"" of Knightstone. 
Joseph infant son of M"^ Joseph Coplestone & Mary 

his wife. 
M'' Sherman Coplestone, Surgeon. 
Mary wife of M"' Anthony Coplestone. 
John son of Joseph Coplestone Esq' Inf\ 
Anne D. of Joseph Coplestone Esq^ 
Mary wife of Joseph Coplestone Esq"'. 
Joseph son of Joseph Coplestone Esq''. 
Joseph Coplestone Gent. 
John son of Henry & Mary Coplestone. 

seems to have been made to erase this entry. 

M'* Grace Coplestone widow. 

James Coplestone son of M' Anthony Coplestone. 

M"^ Edmund Coplestone. 

M''* Joanna Coplestone. 

M''^ Elizabeth Coplestone, widow. 

M'' Anthony Coplestone. 

Ann D' of late M'' Anthony Coplestone. 

Henry Coplestone. 

Betty widow of M"^ Anthony Coplestone. 

Richard son of Richard & Grace Coplestone. 

Grace wife of Richard Coplestone. 

Colby. iSoi. Feb. 1 8. Mary widow of Henry Coplestone. 

[Page 4.1 1806. Jan. 12. Richard son of Richard & Grace Coplestone. 

1807. Feb. 25. M" Elizabeth widow of Sherman Coplestone. 

Entries in Book kept by Parish Clerk from fj-j^. 

Rich"^ Coplestone Esq' died Monday the 17"" June, Buried at Colyton 
Rawleigh Friday the 21*'. 

M"' Richard Coplestone, one of the Governors, Died Sunday morning 
11"' October 1789. 

M"' Edward Coplestone, Sexton, Buried Thursday the 4''' day of Octo- 
ber 1776. 

M"^ Joanna Coplestone aged 71 died Sunday the 7*'' Nov' 1779, Buried 
Saturday the is**". 

M"^ Betty Coplestone Buried Saturday the 25"' March 1780. 

M' Anthony Coplestone was Buried Thursday the i^' Janv 1784. 

Henry Coplestone (aged 70) Sunday the i^' Sepf 1793. 

Betty widow of M' Anthony Coplestone, Wednesday 14"' May 1794. 

Richard S. of Richard & Grace Coplestone Sunday the 14*'' Dec' 1794, 
a child. 

Grace wife of Richard Copelstone Sunday 7"' Sept. 1 800. 

Mary widow of Henry Coplestone Sunday 21"' Feb. 1802. 

Richard S. of Richard & Grace Coplestone (brought from Sidmouth) 
Sunday 12 Jan^ 1806. 

Elizabeth Coplestone widow of Sherman Coplestone Feb. 25"" 1807. 

Monumental Inscription at Little Torrington. 


Inscription on a stone now hidden. 

Pedigree of Coplestone. 

Alice, dnu. and heir of=Richard Coplestone, of Woodland, Little=f=Thomazine, dau. of John Floyer, 

Henry Kelly, of Redcliffe, 
CO. Devon, and relict of 
Richard Weekes, of 
Honeychurch, co. Devon. 

Torrington, co. Devon (3rd son of John 
Coplestone, of Coplestone and Warleigh, co. 
Devon, who died 30 Aug. 1550, Will proved 
31 Oct. 1550); died 25 Oct. 1586; Inq. p.m. 
29 Eliz., No. 276. 

of Floyer Hayes, co. Devon, by 
Jane, dau. of John Carew, of An- 
thony, CO. Cornwall; she remarried 
Thomas Stowell, of Cothelston, co. 


[I'age 4-] 

Richard Coplestone, aged 26 years and more at his=pEleanor, 5th dau. of Richard 
father's death in 1586; Will dated 13 Sept. 1617, Bellew, of Ash Rogus, co. Devon; 
proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Barnstaple 29 marr. at Braunton, co. Devon, 9 
Nov. 1617; M.I. at Little Torrington. Feb. 1590-1; living 1617. 

Richard Coplestone, of= 
Woodland, Little Tor- 
rington; died 1661-2. 

'Gertrude, dau. of John, and sister of Gideon Sherman, 
of Knightstone, Ottery St. ALiry, co. Devon, by RLary, 
dau. of Sir Bernard Drake; marr. at Ottery St. Mary 
16 June 1624. 

Arms ofShirman , from 
an old silver scat iti the 
possession of the Rev. 
F. T. Colby, D.D., 

Joseph Cople-= 
stone, of Wood- 
land, LittleTor- 
rington ; bur. at 
Ottery St. ALary 
25 Nov. 1691 ; 
Adnion granted 
to his widow 
12 April 1692. 

Mary, dau. of 
Richard Duck, 
of Mount Rad- 
ford, Exeter; 
bapt. at Broad- 
hembury, co. 
Devon, 5 Jan. 
1640; bur. at 
Ottery St. Mary 
25 Nov. 1703. 

Arms of Coplestone impaling Duck, 
from a carving still remaining in an 
upper room of that part of the old house 
at Woodland which was left standing 
when the Hall was pulled do7vn by the 
late Lord Rolle. It is no-M the property 
of the Hon. Mark Rolle: — 

Coplestone, argent, a chevron en- 
grailed gules between three leopards' 
faces azure ; impaling Duck or, on a 
fess wavy sable three lozenges of the 

Crest : A demi-griffin segreant, with- 
out wings. 

Richard Coplestone,= 
bapt. at Little Tor- 
rington 13 Jan. 1664; 
living at Knightstone 
1689; died s.p., and 
"bur. in the South 
Isle of the Quire of 
Ottery St. Mary 15 
Aug. 1 713." 

=Elizabeth, sister of John 
Goodali, of Hoy, Corn- 
wall ; bur. at Ottery St. 
Mary 7 Sept. 1 7 14. Will 
dated 7 June 17 14, 
proved in the Archdea- 
conry Court of E.xeter 
25 Sept. 1714. 

Elizabeth =Joseph Coplestone, of Wood-= 

Moore, of land and Knightstone; bapt. 

Langtree, at Little Torrington 21 Aug. 

CO. Devon. 1667; bur. at Ottery St. Mary 
17 Feb. 1745; Will dated 17 
Dec. 1745, proved in the 
Archdeaconry Court of Exe- 
ter 25 Feb. 1746. 

=Grace, dau. of.\n- 
thony Welsh, of 
Cross, Little Tor- 
rington ; bapt. 18 
Dec. 1689; marr. 
at Little Torring- 
ton 8 April 1713; 
bur. at Ottery St. 
Mary 5 May 1770. 

Mary, only surviving child of James= 
Wills, of Ottery St. Mary, by Joanna, 
dau. of Walter Pulman; marr. by 
license at Ottery St. Mary 29 Nov. 
1751 idled 22 Feb., bur. at Ottery St. 
Mary 28 Feb. 1754. 

^Anthony Coplestone, of= 
Ottery St. Mary, 4th son ; 
bapt. at Little Torrington 
2May 1725; Ottery 
St. Mary i Jan. 17S4. 

=Betty, dau. of Christo- 
pher Salter; bapt. at Ot- 
tery StJVIary 2 Feb. 1 738, 
marr. there 1 7 Mar. 1760, 
bur.-there 14 May 1794- 

Thomas Colby, of Great=Mary, bapt. at Ottery St. Mary 19 Aug. 
Torrington, born 15 Mar. 1752, marr. there 27 Jan. 1780; died 13 
1750; bapt. at Great Tor- Oct. 1835; bur. at Great Torrington. 
rington; died 16 Sept. 
1824; bur. at Great Tor- 


James Cople- 
stone, bapt. 
at Ottery St. 
Mary 8 ^Lar. 
1754, buried 
there 25 Mar. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Ottery 
St. Mary 2 April 1766. 

Ann, bapt. at Ottery St. 
Mary 28 Dec. 1772; bur. 
16 Sept. 1792. 


Harvey. Entries from Family Bible, &c. 

[Page 6. ] 

William Harvey, of "Imlack" (Imlagh, or Imlick, near Dunmore), 

present in Derry during the Siege, born about 167^, married 30 

June 1708 (Deed of Marriage Contract or Settlement now (1870) 

or lately at Molenan); died 16 May 1734. 
Margaret Harvey died 14 May 1736. 
Mary (wife to William) died 16 April 1751. 
James Harvey died at Philadelphia (after 1722). 
Thomas Harvey, drowned, or lost at sea, 13 Feb. 1753. 
Alexander Harvey, a Surgeon, died at Imlick. 
John Harvey of Imlack and Molenan, born 1710, married 1751, died 

20 April 1776. 
William Harvey, his son, born 12 Dec. 1753, died i^' March 1813. 
John Harvey born 17 June 1755, died 1818. 
Thomas Harvey born 4 March 1757, died 8"» Nov' 1819. 
Agnes Harvey, sister to John Harvey of Molenan, died 20*'' Jan^ 1797. 
Elizabeth, wife to John, died 22 Jan>' 1800. 

Extracted from Entries in Family Bible of James Harvey, of 
Dutimore, co. Donegal, living 1702, 7iow or lately in the 
possession of the family of the late John Harvey, Esq., of 
London; and from other genealogical ?iotes. Communicated 
by Richard Cunningham Esq., late of Burt, co. Donegal, 
and by Miss Isabella Harvey, of Londonderry. 

Taughboyne, co. Donegal. 

Monumental Inscriptions. 

Here Lys the Body of James Harvey who ended this life Apr. 1 7, 

Here Lyeth the Body of M"' William Harvey who ended this life 
Feb. [?5] in the Year of God 1676. 

Testamentary Burials at Taughboyne. 

1702. July 27. Will of David Harvey' of Dunmore in the parish of 

1706. July 24. Will of John Harvey of Emlagh, or Imlagh, gent., in 

the same parish. 
1722. Jan. 7. Will of W"" M'^Clintock, of Dunmore, gentl". 
1748. Oct. 27. Will of John Harvey of Dunmore, gentle". 
1750. Feb. 9. Will of John M'^Clintock of Strabane, co. Tyrone, 

1772. May 23. Will of James Harvey of Londonderry, merchant. 

"Body to be laid in the Burying place of the 

1790. Oct. 19. Will of Rev. David Harvey of Londonderry. "Body 

to be decently Interred in the family Burying 

Ground in ." 

' 1704. Nov. 22. David Hervey buried. — Derry Cathedral Registers, commencmg 
with the year 1642, contain entries of Harvey, Hervey, &c., 1654 to 1857, and pro- 
bably later. 


Burials at Taughboyne of recent date. Harvey. 

i860. John Harvey. [Page 6.] 

1872. John Nicholson Harvey of Molenan. 

1873. L. A. Harvey. 

1874. W. S. Harvey. 

Clonmany, co. Donegal. 
Monumental Inscription (Cenotaph). 

In Memory of John Harvey Esq. who died at Rugeley in Stafford- 
shire 12 Feb. 1856, aged 63, eldest son of Thomas Harvey Esq. of this 
County and of Portland Place, London. 

Derry Cathedral. 

Monumental Inscriptions. 

An enclosed Burial place oti the sottth side of Derry Cathedral with 
inscriptions to members of the families of Scott, Harvey, Nicholson, and 
Lecky, from which the following have been selected, some being now almost, 
if not quite, illegible. 

William Scott of L'Derry, died y" 7 O. 1751, aged 72. Everina Scott, 
wife of the above, d. 29 Aug. 1737, aged 45. James Scott,' his 
son, died April 1737, aged [?i8 or 12] years; also five children who 
died young. Frances Scott, daughter of the said William Scott, died 
22 Feb. 1775. Margaret Scott, daughter of the said William, died 
22 June 1775. Evenna Scott, daughter of the said William, died 
II April 1789. Henry Scott died Aug. 1797, aged 68; Margaret 
his wife died March 1806, aged 72; William Scott, M.D., their son, 
died II April 1834, aged 68; Eleanor Scott his wife died Aug. 1800, 
aged 28. Catherine Scott died 6 July 1839, aged 39, also Henry 
Charles, her infant. William Thomas Scott died 27 Janv 1855, 
aged 26. Thomas Woore Scott, Lieut. 19'^" Regiment, died 9 July 
1855, aged 25. Dickson Coningham Scott died at Foyle Hill 13 Jan. 
1867, aged 30. Rev. Henry Scott of Foyle Hill, grandson of the above 
Henry Scott, died 16 Jan. 1868, aged 71. Eliza Ferguson Scott, dau. 
of Major Scott, Royal Artillery, born i Feb. 1812, died 29 June 1828; 
also her son, Henry Alexander, died 11 Jan. 1838. William Scott, 
M.D., died 22 Jan. 1777; Everina and Eleanor Scott, his daughters, 
and William Samuel and William who died young; also Eleanor his 
wife, died March 10, 1809, aged 90; and Ann his daughter, who died 
ig Sept. 1810. Thomas (Purdon) Scott of Foyle Hill, late Alderman 
of L'Derry, died 28 Feb. 1832, aged 68; also his wife, Henrietta 
Charlotte, died 25 Jan. 1837, aged 73. Thomas Hill Scott, son of 
Richard and Sarah Scott of L'Derry, died 11 April [?i79o], aged 9. 

■ James Scott, son of William, buried [?20 or 26] April 1737. — Derry Cathedral 
Register. The Registers of Derry Cathedral (Parish Church of Templemore), give 
no Scott burials between 1752 and 183 1. 


Harvey. Alexander Scott of Derry, Esq', Elizabeth his wife, and Richard Nichol- 

-rp g 1 son Scott, their eldest son, the first of whom died 26 May 1797, aged 

' 76, the second, 25''^ of the same month, aged 65, the last on 11 July 

following, aged 38. Harvey Nicholson, Esq"', of Roe Park, co. Derry, 

died II March 1865, aged 70; also his wife Isabella Maria, died 6 Dec. 

1870, aged 67. 

In the north aisle of Derry Cathedral is a mural tablet to M'' Harvey 
Nicholson ; Arms, Nicholson impaling Harvey. 

Parish Registers. 

Baptisms of persons named in the Pedigree. 

1674. March 18. John Dawnay, son of Thomas Dawnay Esq. and 
Elizabeth. (John Dawnay entered at Gray's 
Inn II Feb. 1690.) 

Faith Dawnay, dau. of Thomas Dawnay Esq. and 

Selby Abbey, Yorkshire. 

Vyner Snell, son of John Snell Esq' and Elizabeth. 
St. Alary Woolnoth, London. 

Margaret Hall, dau. of Peter and Faith Hall. 

Swillington, Yorkshire. 

William Fenton, son of James and Rachel Fenton. 

Hunslet, Yorkshire. 

Rebecca Snell, dau. of Rev. Vyner and Margaret 

Snell, born 1 1 Feb. and bapt. at Doddington. 

Doddington, Isle of Ely. 

Richard Lee, son of Thomas Lee Esq' and Mar- 

Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds. 

Maria Paris, dau. of John Paris Esq. and Rebecca. 

Wanstead, Essex. 

Margaret Jane Lee, dau. of Richard Lee Esq'' and 

Afill Hill Chapel, Leeds. 

John Harvey, son of Thomas Harvey and Maria, 
born 4 Aug. 

British Embassy Chapel, St. Petersburg, 

Harriet Mary Paris, dau. of Archibald and Mar- 
garet Paris, born 24 March, and bapt. at Beech 
Hill Park. 

Enfield, Middlesex. 


Dec. 13. 


May 7. 


Feb. 4. 


Aug. 26. 


Feb. 12. 


Oct. 3. 


Apr. 9. 



Aug. 31. 


May 18. 

Marriages of persons named in the Pedigree. Harvey. 

1698. Nov. 15. Peter Hall of Leventhorpe, and Faith Dawnay of 


Swillingion, Yorkshire. 
1 7 18. Sept. 21. James Fenton and Rachel BuUough, widow, licence. 

Bardsey, Yorkshire. 
1 72 1. March 21. Bernhardt Pariis and Anna Elizabeth Brandes. 

Fro7n the Wiborg Swedish Community s Historical 
Book of Birt/is, Marriages and Deatfis, between 
17 1 1 and 1793, original in Swedish. 
1726. May 8. Rev. M'' Vyner Snell and Margaret Hall. 

All Saints, North Street, York. 

1742. Dec. 19. William Fenton of Rothwell, and Jane Mould of 


1743. Apr. 14. Thomas Lee of Leeds, and Margaret Markham of 

the same place. 

York Minster. 

1767. Feb. II. Richard Lee and Jane Fenton. 

Rothwell, Yorkshire. 

1768. Nov. 28. John Paris of Walthamstow, and Rebecca Snell. 

St. George's, Bloomsbury, Middlesex. 
1789. May 4. Thomas Harvey Esq. and Maria Paris. 

Wafistead, Essex. 
1798. July 21. Archibald Paris Esq, and Margaret Jane Lee. 

Leeds Parish Church. 
1 83 1. Nov. 1 6. John Harvey Esq' and Harriet Mary Paris. 

Enfield, Middlesex. 

Burials of persons named in the Pedigree. 

1673. April 18. Thomas Vyner, D.D., Dean of Gloucester and Canon 

of Windsor (died 1 1 April, £et. 44), buried in the 

Lady Chapel, Gloucester Cathedral. M.L (His 

widow, an elder daughter and coheir of Rev. 

Henry Izod, Rector of Staunton, co. Gloucester, 

by Alice his wife, daughter of Rev. Richard 

Vernon, Rector of Hanbury, co. Worcester, was 

living in Coleman Street, London, 19 June 1682.) 

Gloucester Cathedral. 

1683. Dec. 28. Thomas Dawnay Esq. buried in St. Michael le 

Belfry, York. M.L Drake's Eboracum,^^. 341. 

Also entered in Selby Abbey Register. 

170^. Feb. 10. Peter Hall of Leventhorpe, gen. 

Sii'illington, Yorkshire. 
1722. Apr. 9. Elizabeth, wife of John Snell Esq. (dau. of Thomas 

Vyner, D.D., Dean of Gloucester.) M.L 
1724. Dec. 20. John Snell Esq^ M.L 

Shenley, Hertfordshire. 

[Page 6.] 

Harvey. 1730- Sept. Bernhardt Pariis, or Paris, in his 44*'' year. 

[Page 6.] IViborg Swedish Community's Register. 

1 75 1. March 22. The Rev. Vyner Snell, Rector of Doddington-cum- 
March. M.I. 

Hartford, near Huntingdon. 
1754. Aug. 10. Jane, wife of William Fenton Esq^ M.I. 

Hunslei, Yorkshire. 
1 763. M'^ Pariis or Paris, aged 60, strangled by a murderer 

in her own house. 

Wiborg Swedish Community's Register. 

1773. May 22. Thomas Lee Esq'', aged 56. 

St. John's, Leeds. 

1774. Oct. 19. William Fenton, Esq"", aged 55. 

Hunslet and Rothwell Registers, Yorkshire. 
1794. Dec. 4. Margaret, widow of the Rev. Vyner Snell (died in 

G' Russell Street, Bloomsbury). M.I. 

Hartford, near Huntingdon. 
1798. May 17. John Paris Esq. The M.I. has disappeared. 
1812. Aug. 31. " Rebecca, widow of John Paris Esq. The M.I. 

has disappeared. 
1819. Nov. 15. Thomas Harvey Esq. M.I. 

Wanstead, Essex. 

1831. Janyi Richard Lee Esq. aged 85. ) died at Beech 

1831. Dec. 26. Jane, widow of Richard Lee Lsq. r „-,| „ , 
aged 85. ) • 

Monken Hadley, near Barnet, Middlesex. 
1841. May 18. Maria, widow of Thomas Harvey, Esq. of 16 Port- 
land Place. M.I. 

Partington, Hampshire. 

1856. Feb. 18. John Harvey Esq"^, formerly of the Middle Temple. 

(Cenotaph, Clonmany Church, co. Donegal.) 

Rugeley, Staffordshire. 

1857. June I. Archibald Paris Esq. 

Extra-mural Cemetery, Brighton. 
1865. July 27. Margaret Jane Paris, widow of Archibald Paris Esq. 

Christ Church, Trent, near Barnet, Middlesex. 
1884. Apr. 17. Harriet Mary, widow of John Harvey Esq'', died at 
Goldington Hall i2">. 

Bolnhurst, Bedfordshire. 

Wmistead, Essex. 

Monumental Inscriptions. 

Here lieth the remains of John Paris Esq. of this Parish who departed 
this life May 10*'' 1798 in the 67"" year of his age. Also Charles son of 
the above John and Rebecca, his wife, who departed this life March 
le**" 1777, in the ^^^ year of his age. Also John son of the aforesaid 


who departed this life Sept. 3"^ 1782 in the 11*'' year of his age. Also Harvey. 
Thomas son of the aforesaid who departed this hfe Dec. 30"' 1784 in [i>agc6.J 
the 7"' year of his age. Also of Rei)ecca Paris, Relic of the late John 
Paris Esq. who departed this life 22 Aug. 181 2, in the 75"* year of her 

The above inscription has disappeared. 

Also Thomas Harvey Esq' of Portland Place, London, died 8"" Nov. 
i8ig, aged 62 years. Also Archibald Ross Harvey, grandson of the 
above John Paris Esq', who died 3 Nov. 1803 aged 7 years. Also 
Elizabeth second daughter of Thomas Harvey Esq. who died 19 Oct. 
1824, aged 29 years. 

Also M"^ Elizabeth Du Boulay wife of Francis Du Boulay Esq. of 
AValthamstow in this county fourth daughter of the above John and 
Rebecca Paris ob. July 19''^ 1814. Also the above Francis Housse- 
mayne Du Boulay Esq'' who died at Bath 28 Oct. 1828 in the 70"" year 
of his age. 

Additional Extracts from the Parish Register. 

1775. Aug. 3. Elizabeth, dau. of John and Rebecca Paris, bapt. 

1777. Mar. 9. Thomas, son of John and Rebecca Paris, bapt. 

1778. Sept. 21. Sophia, dau. of John and Rebecca Paris, bapt. (Mar- 

ried Richard Birch-Wolfe, of Wood Hall, Essex, 
at one time Chairman of Quarter Sessions for 
that County.) 

181 1. June 20. John Du Boulay bapt. Born 18 June. 
1814. July 27. M'^ Elizabeth Du Boulay, bur. aged 38 years. 
1828. Nov 5. Francis Houssemayne Du Boulay, bur. aged 69 years. 

Enfield, Middlesex. 

Additional Extracts from the Parish Register. 

1810. Nov. 9. Fanny, dau. of Archibald and Margaret Jane Paris, 
bapt. (Wife of Major Richard Hawkesworth 

181 2. July 15. Charles Snell, son of Archibald Paris and Margaret 

Jane, bapt. 
1817. July 21. Archibald, son of Archibald and Margaret Jane Paris, 
bapt. at Beech Hill Park. Born 18 Jan. 18 17. 
(Died 1861. Rector of Ludgvan, Cornwall.) 

Hartford, near Huntingdon. 

Monumental Inscription. 

In Memory of Vyner Snell, B.D., Rector of Doddington-cum-March 
in Cambridgeshire, son of John Snell Esq. of Shenley, Hertfordshire, 
who died March 19''' 1751, aged 68 years; and of Margaret Snell his 
wife and widow, daughter of Peter Hall Esq' of Swillington, Yorkshire, 
who died Nov. 25, 1794, aged 88 years. Also of M'* Mary Hall, 


Harvey, spinster, another daughter of the said Peter Hall Esq'; and Mary Snell 
[Page 6.1 ^" infant daughter who died Nov. 15, 1735, aged 4 months. Buried 
together in the Churchyard near this place. 

T7te Tablet bearing the above inscription has been removed from the 
Cfiancel into the Tower. 

Shenley, Hertfordshire. 

The Monumental Inscriptions in this Church to tlie Snow and Snell 
families will be found in Clutterbuck's "History of Hertfordshire." 

Additional Extracts from Parish Register. 

1677. July 5. John Tabor of S. Hemingfield and Deborah Golty of 

Hutton, Essex, marr. 
1702. Nov. 20. Sir Jeremiah Snow, Kt. and Bart., of St. Sepulchre's, 

London, bur. 
1739. Sept. 28. William Snell, 3'''' son of John and Elizabeth S. bur. 
1741. July 10. Robert Snell 'Esq'', a Bencher ofthe Inner Temple, bur. 

Swillington, Yorkshire. 

Monumental Inscriptions. 

North Aisle. 

Within this Quire lieth interr'd the Body of Peter Hall a Brother of 
this Family an Atturney before the late Lord president and Counsel in 
the North, who gave Twenty Pounds to the Poor of this Parish, and 
died the . . of Dec' 16 . . in the 75"" (or 76"') year of his Age. 

Arms of Hall. 

1661. Peter Hall of Leventhorp, Gent., and his successors, gave the sumof;^50, 
interest thereof to be distributed to the poor at Lammas and Christmas, 
which sum is now secured upon the school land. 

In pious memory of Charles Hall of Leventhorpe, Gent., and Frances 
Metcalfe, widdow of Ralph Metcalfe of Bridlington Esquire, this day one 
grave possess y^ 9"" of May 1764 Charles Hall aged 80; Frances 85, — 
both living to example whilst alive. Matthew, son of Charles Hall dyed 
19 O'ber 1685 aged 59. Phillip, eldest son of Matthew Hall dyed y° 
19 S'ber 1688 aged 37. Mary the widdow of Mathew Hall and daughter 

' Robert Snell, Esq., eldest son of John Snell, by Elizabeth (Vyner) his wife, was 
sole executor of the Will of his great uncle, Sir Jeremiah Snow, and of the Will of his 
first cousin, Thomas Vyner, only son of the Dean of Gloucester. His own Will, dated 
26 March 1741, with Codicils, was proved at London 2S July following by Thomas 
(afterwards Sir Thomas) Snell, the brother. He married Mary, daughter of Sir 
Walter Clarges, Bart., but died s.p. His widow died 12 November 1781, her Will 
proved at London 15 December 17S1 ; in the Chancel of Chingford Old Church is a 
small mural tablet to her memory, and there was formerly a hatchment for her husband. 

Sir Thomas Snell, 4"' and youngest son of the said John and Elizabeth, was High 
Sheriff of Gloucestershire 1744, and knighted the same year, he died 13 March 1754, 
aged 64. By his Will, a very lengthy document, he desired to be buried in the Church 
of Upton St. Leonard's, the parish in which his seat, Whitley Court, was situated., 


of Ralph Metcalfe of Bridlington Esq' dyed y" 26 of S'ber 1691 aged 67. Hsurvey. 
Matthew second son of Matthew Hall dyed y'' 9 of 7'ber 1697 buryed in [Va^c 6.] 
S' Mary Ax London. Thomas son of Peter Hall dyed y' 25 of May 
1702 aged 6 months. 

Surmounted by the Arms: Argent, a fess between two greyhounds 
courant sable collared or. Crest: On a chapeau gules turned up ermine, 
a greyhound sejant of the second. Motto: Haste. 

Additional Extracts from the Parish Register. 
Mary Hall, dau. of Peter and Faith H. bapt. 15 April 1701. 
Thomas Hall, son of Peter and Faith H. bapt. 13 March 1701. Died 

25"" May, bur. 27''' May 1702. 
Faith Hall, dau. of Peter and Faith H. bapt. 15 May 1703. 

Testamentary Burials. 

1529. Oct. 12. Will of Robert Hall of Leventhorpe, proved at York 
15 April 1531, "to be buryed wHn ourc lady 
quire in Swyllyngton Church in the northsyde." 

1582. Dec. 22. Will of W™ Hall of "Lenthorpe," proved 16 Sept. 
1584, "to be buried wher my frendes shall thinke 
meet and convenient." 

1673. Jan. 23. Will of Charles Hall of Leventhorpe, proved 29 Dec. 
1674, "to be buryed in ordinary buriall amongst 
my forefathers in my owne Quire in the pish 
Church of Swillington, or elsewhere it shall 
please Godde." 

1685. Nov. 8. Will of Matthew Hail of "Leaventhorpe," proved 18 
April 1687, "to be decently buried amongst my 
forefathers in the P'ish Church of Swillington 
in our Lady Quire in the North He there the 
accustomed burying place of my family." 

The Pedigree of Hall of Leventliorpe was entered in Dugdale's Visitation, 
2yrd March 1665. 

Adams and Dawitay Families. 

Extracts from Parish Registers. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Marmaduke Dawnay, bur. 

Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire. 
Thos. Dawnay and Cath. Legouch, marr. 

St. Dionis Backclmrch, Middlesex. 
Marmaduke Dawnay Esq. bur. 

Snaith, Yorkshire. 
Mi^ Anne Dawnay (widow of Marmaduke D.) bur. 

Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire. 
Susan, dau. of Thos. Dawnay and Catherine, bapt. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Dawnay, bur. 

St. Siuithin's, London. 

1667. Feb 14. Sir William Adams, Knt. bur. Died 12 Feb. aged 42. 

(Aged 38 at Dugdale's Visitation, 14 Sept. 1665.) 

Brodsworth, Yorkshire, 


Aug. 7. 


Jan. 6. 


April 19, 


Jan. 22. 


Ju'y IS- 

Nov. 10 

Harvey. 167 1. Sept. 9. Thomas Dawnay (the elder) bur. aged 70. 
[P.Tge 6.] Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, 

1678. Aug. 27. Catherine, dau. of Thomas Dawnay Esq"' and Eliza- 
beth, bapt. 
1682. July [? 10.] Margaret, dau. of Thomas Dawnay Esq. and Eliza- 
beth, bapt. ^if,y ^/,i,^y^ Yorkshire, 

1698. May 20. Dame Mary Adams, bur. Died i6 May, aged 69. 

Owston, Yorkshire. 
1722. April y' 10. Thomas Adams Esq., Recorder of the Citty of York, 
bur. Died 7 April, aged 66. (Aged 10 at Dug- 
dale's Visitation, 14 Sept. 1665.) M.I. Drake 341. 
1729. July 8. Catherine Dawny, spinster, bur. 

St. Michael le Belfry, York. 

\iy3. July 16. Margaret Adams, spinster, bur. Died 15 July, aged 76. 

M.I. (Aged 7 at Dugdale's Visitation, 14 Sept. 

1665) St. Michael le Belfry, York. 

1732. June 10. Margaret Dawnay, spinster, bur. 

St. Sampson's, York. 

Reveley, Lee, and Markham Families. 

Leonard Reveley (or Revely), of Great Woodhouse, near Leeds, died 
4 April 1692, aged 63, bur. at St. John's, Leeds. Will proved at 
York, 3 January 1696. 

Sarah, his widow, died February 1705, aged 73, buried at St. John's, 

Leonard Reveley, their eldest son, died intestate February 1705, aged 
44, buried at St. John's, Leeds. Admon granted 2 August 1709 to 
Mary his widow; they had two daughters, coheirs, Mary, wife of 
Thomas Lee, of Leeds, Esq., and Sarah, wife of Mr. Burton. 

Daniel Reveley, son of Leonard and Sarah, buried at St. John's, Leeds, 
1692, aged 27. 

Cornelius Reveley, son of Leonard and Sarah, buried at St. John's, 
Leeds, died 20 May 1693, aged 25. 

Timothy Reveley, son of Leonard and Sarah. 

Thomas Lee of Leeds, Esq., J. P. (son of John Lee of Sheffield, born 
1695, married Mary, dau. and coheiress of Leonard Revely, she 
was born 1695, died 25 May 1750. 

Anthony Markham, senior of Leeds, died 4 Nov. i7]4- 

Anthony Markham of Leeds, son of Anthony, married in London 1 1 
Sept. 1 7 1 2 Dorothy, dau. of Henry Gream of \blank in original\ 
near Halifax, by whom he had issue : Richard Markham, born 2 1 
August 1 7 14; Henry Markham, died in 1737 or 1738; Anthony 
Markham, and Thomas Markham; and four daughters, Hannah, 
born 5 August 1716, died at her aunt Foster's, 24 July 1737; 
Margaret, Jane, and Dorothy. 

Dorothy Markham, widow of Anthony, married secondly, 21 March 
1733, Richard Totty of Leeds, and had a son John Totty, died 
22 Dec. 1737. 

Mr. Richard Hutton of Pudsey, died at Mr. Markham's in Hunslet Lane, 
near Leeds, 20 July 1729. Northowram Register, Yorkshire. 

Hmislct, Yorkshire. Harvey. 

Monumental Inscriptions. ^'' 

James Fenton died 25 March 1759, aged 67. 

M" Jane Fenton died 2 August 1754, aged 31. 

M" Rachel Fenton, widow, died 23 February 1773, aged 81. 

Additional Extracts from Parish Register. 

1692. March 8. James Fenton bapt. 

1717. April 7. Lawrence Bullough, junr., of Woodhouse Hill, bur. 

1759. Mar. 28. James Fenton, bur. 

1773. Feb. 25. M" Rachel Fenton, bur. 

Monumental Inscription on a Brass in Normanton Church. 



Arms on two shields above the inscription. First shield; Quarterly, i and 4, Argent, a 
chevron between three goats' heads erased sable, Bunny ; 2 and 3, Gules, a cross patonce or, 
on a chief azure three round buckles of the second, Haselden. Second shield; Quarterly of 
eight, I and 8, Per saltire gules and ermine, Restwold; 2, Argent, three bendlets sable, 
Restwold ; 3, Gules, three lions rampant argent, crowned or, De la Vache ; 4, Sable, three 
lions rampant argent ; 5, Gules, a fess between three saltires couped argent, De Boyville ; 
6, Gules, four bendlets argent'; 7, Argent, three boars' heads couped in bend between two 
cotises embattled sable. 

The Brass is now covered by the wood flooring of the Church. The above inscription 
has been copied from a rubbing. 

' This coat is assigned to Murdac, whose heiress married De Boyville. 


Harvey. Will of David Harvey, 1 702. 

[Page 6.] 

David Harvey of Dunmorc,' in the parish of Kileagh, county of 
Donegal. To be buried in Taughboyne. Grand-children, Robert' and 
Elizabeth Harvey, son and daughter of son David Harvey, deceased. 
Son-in-law William M<^Clintock. To the poor of the parishes of 
Kileagh and Taughboyne, 405. Brother James Harvey of Dunmore. 
To the Rev. Mr. Neale Gray, three guineas. Son John Harvey, and 
son-in-law Wm. M''Clintock, executors. Brother John Harvey of 
Imlack. Residuary legatees, sons, John Harvey of Glendermont, 
George Harvey of Bristol, and son-in-law Wm. M''Clintock of Dunmore, 
to the use of their children as they see most fit. Witnesses: Robert 
Stevenson, Alexander M"^Clintock, and James Harvey. 

Will dated 27 July 1702. 

Public Record Office 0/ Ire hut d. 

Will of John Harvey, 1706. 

John Harvey of Emlagh in the parish of Killeagh and county of 
Donegal, gent. To be buried in Taghboyne. To nephew Mr. John 
Harvey of Glendermont, ^1^150, to be paid out of a Staple Bond entered 
into by Henry Coningham, late of Castle Coningham, Esquire; to 
nephew George Harvey of Bristol, ^80; other small legacies to be 
paid out of the same Staple Bond to Robert Harvey of Londonderry, 
Elizabeth Harvey, Alexander Fullton of Carrow in the parish of 
Donaghmore, William Lindsay of Carrowmore in Malin, and William 
Fullton of the same place, Jean Harvey, widow of Samuel Harvey,' late 
of Londonderry, and her children by said deceased husband, brother 
James Harvey of Dunmore, John Allen of Molenan, in the Liberties of 
Londonderry, brother Robert Harvey -t of Londonderry, Mathew Lynn 

' On the stables at Dunmore are the intials "D. H. 1678." 

° Maternal grandfather of Sir Robert Bateson-Harvey, Bart. , of Langley Park, 
Bucks (died 1825), the owner of estates in co. Antrim, and in the Barony of Inishowen, 
CO. Donegal; created a Baronet of Ireland 12 August 1789, now extinct. The said 
Robert Harvey and John Harvey of Glendermont, were also ancestors of Sir Andrew 
Ferguson, created a Baronet in i8oi, now also extinct. 

3 One of the thirteen renowned apprentice boys of Derry siege. 

* Ancestor of the Harveys of Malin Hall in the Barony of Inishowen. 

John (son of Robert Harvey of Londonderry), whose portrait is at Malin Hall, and 
whose sword, together with his father's family Bible, is still preserved there, was 
Lieutenant in a regiment of Volunteers, and Chamberlain of the city, and store-keeper 
with his father during the siege; he married four times,^ and is said to have had 

" Marriage Licence, Vicar GencraPs Office: "June 4, 1691. John Harvey, 
late of Londonderry, Ireland, but now of London, Merchant, Widower, about 28, 
and Mrs. Anne Godsalve, of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey, Spinster, 
above 21, with consent of her mother Mrs. Anne Roswell alias Godsalve; at 
St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, or St. Nicholas Cole Abby, London." 

nineteen children, all, but one or two, by the fourth and last wife, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Colonel Henry Hart, by Anne his wife, daughter of Sir Tristram Beresford, Bart. ; 
the same (or another of the John Harveys named in the above wills) was Sheriff of 
Londonderry in 1696; he died 1737, aged 81 (Family Bible at Malin Hall); his 
eldest surviving son by the said Elizabeth, his fourth wife, George Harvey, built Malin 


of Tuberglane. Appoints that if said nephew Mr. John Harvey of Harvey. 
Glendermont, shall within the space of one year after testator's death [V.i^k O.J 
pay off the above several legacies with interest at ^j los. per cent., 
that then the said staple Bond and Securities on the four Quarterlands 
of Killdrum, Derastrews, Altogho-derry, and Gortonlean, shall go to 
said nephew Mr. John Harvey. Other legacies (payable out of Bonds of 
Colonel Daniel McNeall and Dr. Andrew Hamilton) to William 
M'^Clintock' of Dunmore, and his children begotten by him and his wife 
Elizabeth Harvey, David Harvey of Brady in the parish of Taghboyne, 
Mary Moore, alias Harvey, near Fort Stewart, brother James Harvey of 
Dunmore, the Poor of the parish of Taghboyne and Killeagh (^5), Mr. 
Thomas Harvey of Dunmore, William Harvey, eldest son of Mr. John 
Harvey of Glendermont, John Harvey, eldest son of John Harvey of 
Londonderry, Samuel Harvey, son of Samuel Harvey, late of London- 
derry. To nephew William Harvey of Dunmore, but then of Imlagh, 
a mortgage upon Imlagh (with Mr. Patrick Cox), a Lease of the said 
lands and other property; other legacies to nephew Mr. Thomas 
Harvey of Dunmore, John Harvey of Dunmore, James Belfour of 
Killdrum, John M'^Naught in the Liberties of Londonderry. To 
testator's land-lady, Mrs. Anne Hamilton of Mountgavelin, "as a 
token of respect to the family of Castle Coningham" a Bond and debts 
due to testator from Paul Benson Esq% Madam M'^Neall, and Colonel 
Daniel M'^Neall. Bequests of two broad pieces of gold each to brother 
Robert Harvey, Mr. John Harvey, brother James Harvey, John 
Harvey of Londonderry, William M'^Clintock, William Harvey of 
Imlagh. Nephew William Harvey of Imlagh, and William M'^Clintock 
of Dunmore, joint executors. Nephew Mr. John Harvey of Glender- 
mont, and nephew John Harvey of Londonderry, overseers of will. 
Nephew William Harvey of Imlagh, residuary legatee. Witnesses: 
Alexander M'^Clintock, John Ewing, and W'illiam Evving. 
Will dated 24 July 1706. 

riihlic Record Office of Ireland. 

Will of George Harvey, 1710. 

George Harvey, of the City of Bristol, merchant. George Mason and 
Christopher Shuter, both of Bristol, and kinsman Robert Harvey of 
Londonderry, joint executors. Elizabeth, sister of the said Robert 
Harvey. Children of brother John Harvey. Sister Eliza (Elizabeth), 
now the wife of "William Macklintock of Ireland, gent." Witnesses: 
Mary Godfry, Richard Noblett, and Rob' Yeaman. 

Will dated 17 April 17 10, proved at London by George Mason and 
Robert Harvey 7 June 1710. 

Hall, and served as Sheriff of co. Doneg-il, 1754; he died 7 March 1773; his will, 
dated 5 December 1770, proved March 1773, is in the Public Record Office of Ireland. 
The present George Miller Harvey, of Malin Hall, the lineal descendant and repre- 
sentative of the last named, has (1893) ^'*>° '" li'^ possession the original Confirmation 
of Arms to George Harvey of Maldun, Essex, youngest of four sons of Roger Harvey, 
bearing date 3"' December 1603. 

' Ancestor of the present Robert M'Clintock, of Dunmore. 


Harvey. Will of Tames Harvey, 1 7 1 2. 

[Page 6] 

James Harvey. Diocese of Raphoe. Wife Elizabeth. Nuncupative 
Will, dated 2 7 August 1 7 1 2, proved at Raphoe 1 1 December 1 7 1 2. 

Public Record Office of Ireland. 

Will of Elizabeth Harvey, 172I. 

Elizabeth Harvey, alias Caldwell. Will dated i February i72|. 

Public Record Office of Ireland. 

Will of William M'Clintock, 1724. 

William ^PClintock of Dunmore in the county of Donegal, Gentl". 
To be interred at Taughboyne. To son, John M'^Clintock, leases of 
the lands of Drumcorbet and Dunmore, plate &c. To daughter, 
Margaret M^Clintock,' ;^ioo, and a further sum of ^^300 to be paid on 
her marriage. Other legacies to grand-children, John Harvey, James 
Harvey, Elizabeth, Margaret, Jane, and Nancy Harvey, all children of 
William Harvey by Mary his wife. Testator's daughter. Grand-children, 
Elizabeth Alexander, John Alexander, William Alexander, children of 
Nathaniel Alexander.^ Grand-daughters Elizabeth and Margaret 
Harvey, daughters of John Harvey. Cousin Robert M'^Clintock of 
Castrues. Rev. Mr. Wm. Gray. To the Rev. Dr. Andrew Hamilton 
one Gold Cob. Brother-in-law Rev. Mr. John Harvey; sister-in-law 
Jane M'^Clintock, widow; daughter-in-law Margaret M'^Clintock. To the 
poor of Taughboyne and Killea, ^^5. Money secured to Testator by 
mortgage on part of the estates of John Hamilton of Dunemanagh, Esq., 
and the Rev. Dr. Andrew Hamilton. Son John M'^Clintock residuary 
legatee and sole executor. Rev. Dr. Andrew Hamilton and brother-in- 
law Mr. John Harvey, overseers thereof. Witnesses : Jane M'Klintok, 
Alex'. M'=Clintock, and John M'^Clintock. 

Will dated 7 January 1722, proved in the Prerogative Court 17 
February 1724. 

Public Record Office of Ireland. 

Will of John Harvey, 1750- 

John Harvey of Dunmore, gentle"". Will dated 27 October 1748, 
proved 2 August 1750. 

Public Record Office of Ireland. 

Will of John M'C Unlock, 1752- 

John M'Clintock of Strabane, co. Tyrone, Gentleman. The R' Hon. 
the Earl of Abercorn and the R' Hon'''"= Wm. Conolly, Esq., overseers. 
Will dated 9 February 1750, proved 21 February 1752. 

Public Record Office of Ireland. 

' Married — MacCaiisland. 

" James Alexander, created Earl of Caledon, youngest son of the said Nathaniel 
Alexander by Elizabeth (M'Clintock) his wife, was born several years later, viz., in or 
about the year 1730; he died 23 March 1802, aged 72. 


l^yHl of /antes Harvey, 1772. Harvey. 

[Page 6.] 

James Harvey of Londonderry. Will dated 23 May 1772, proved 
21 July 1772. 

Public Record Office of Ireland. 

Will of Rose Harvey, 1777. 

Rose Harvey of Londonderry, widow of James Harvey. Will dated 
5 February 1777, proved 11 November 1777. 

Public Record Office of Ireland. 

Will of Rev. David Harvey, 1795. 

Rev. David Harvey of Londonderry. Will dated 19 October 1790, 
proved 16 March 1795. 

Public Record Office of Ireland. 

Will of William Scott, 1778. 

William Scott ' of the City of Londonderry, Dr. in Physick. To wife 
Eleanor Scott, over and above what she may be entitled to by Marriage 
Settlement, the dwelling house in Bishop's Street in which Testator then 
lived with the acres &c. during her life (then to daughter Everina), and 
lands in Ballinagowan, held under the Irish Society, during her life 
(then to daughter Margaret). To daughter, Everina Scott, the dwelling 
house in which Ephraim Campbell then lived, out of Bishop's Gate 
in the suburbs of the city of L'Derry. To daughter Margaret Scott, the 
dwelling house adjoining the last-named, then occupied by Wm. Mitchell, 
also the houses of Allen, and Bryans the tobacco spinner, both situated 
in the road leading to Long Tower. To daughter Ann Scott, the 
dwelling house which Miss Scotts (sic) then lived in, adjoining Campells 
aforesaid; also the house occupied by Gill the painter, and another 
house adjoining now let to Sam. Hart, carpenter. In default of legal issue 
of daughters Everina and Margaret, said dwelling house in Bishop's Street 
and lands in Ballinagowan to go to son Thomas Purdon Scott. To 
daughter Ann, at the decease of wife, all testator's lands &c. in and 
about Strabane in the county of Tyrone, but if she died unmarried, 
then to said Thomas Purdon Scott. To daughter Frances Coningham, 
and son-in law Dixon Coningham, ten guineas each to buy rings. To 
three sisters, Frances, Margaret, and Everina Scott, ^5 each. To 
son Thomas Purdon Scott, after wife's decease, lands and real estate in 

' Testator, who was one of thirteen or more children by the same mother, had two 
sisters named Elizabeth, one buried at Derry Cathedral 10 July 1727, the other married 
in 1751 to John Harvey of Imlagh and Molenan, died 22 January 1800. It appears 
moreover that he had a brother (or more probably half-brother), also named William. 
Testator was, presumably, eldest son of William Scott of Londonderry, by Everina (or 
Averina) his wife; the William Scott who made his will 20 October 1789 (which 
follows), may have been a son by another marriage of the said testator's father, and 
so half-brother to this Dr. William Scott, and the two Elizabeths. Sec note i on 
following page. 

Harvey, co. Donegal, said son and wife residuary legatees and executors. 

[^a"co.J Witnesses: John Boyd, Geo. Stewart, and Archd. Boyd. 

Will dated 25 July 1771, with codicil dated 24 February 1775, in- 
creasing legacies to daughters Margaret and Ann tjcott; proved by 
Eleanor Scott, the widow, 8 December 1778. 

Will of William Scott, 1793. 

William Scott' of the City of Londonderry. To nephews William 
Harvey of Mollennon, ;^225o; Thomas Harvey of St. Petersburg, 
^£2250; John Harvey of Londonderry, ^550. Niece Mary Cochran, 
Frances Cochran her eldest daughter; Jean, Elizabeth, David, Thomas, 
Anderson, James, Alexander, Wm., and Robert Cochran, other children 
of niece Mary Cochran; to John Cochran, fourth son of said niece Mary 
Cochran, ^1^190 at age of 21, or for his going out to the East Indies. 
James Rankin, Hugh, and Wm. Rankin, sons of niece Anne Rankin; 
Wm.,sonof the above-mentioned James Rankin. Niece Margrett Davison. 
Two sons of lately deceased niece Margery Davison, otherwise Starrit. 
Henry and Alexander Scott of Londonderry, and Thomas Purdon Scott 
of the said city, Barrister-at-Law. To the widow M'^Intire, ^^5 a year. 
To Mark Hamilton and Elizabeth MTowell, in testimony of their long 
and faithful services, ^1^15 apiece over and above wages. To nephew 
William Harvey, his heirs and assigns for ever, all Right, Title, &c. in 
the Lands of Drumbee, situated in the Parish of Teboyne (Taughboyne) 
and county of Donegal, he paying the present profit rent issuing there- 
out to his Mother Elizabeth Harvey during her life. To nephew John 
Harvey, his heirs &c. all Right, Title, &c. in Lands at Rathmelton, 
together with the Fish House, Houses, Gardens, Orchards, &c. there- 
unto belonging, and also all the Farm or Lands of Rossreagh &c. 
situated in the Parish of Aughnish, in the Barony of Killmacrenon and 
county of Donegal; he the said John Harvey paying the profit rent to 
his Mother Elizabeth Harvey, during her life. To same nephew John 
Harvey, testator's then dwelling house, with the Acres and Perches 
thereunto belonging, to be held by the said John Harvey, his heirs and 
assigns for ever. To said two nephews, Wm. and John Harvey, all Plate 
and furniture. Said nephew John Harvey, residuary legatee; and 
nephews Wm. and John Harvey, executors. Witnesses: Thom^ Gregg, 
Clotworthy M<^Keig, and John Ramsay. 

Will dated 20 October 1789. Proved 24 May 1793. 

Will of Alexander Scott, 1797. 

Alexander Scott of the City of Londonderry. Daughter Everina 
Nicholson. Son John Beath"^ Scott,' and elder son Richard Nicholson 
Scott. Executors: Wife Elizabeth, son Richard Nicholson Scott, and 

■ Brother, or half-brother, of Wm. Scott, M.D., the elder (see preceding will), and 
of Alexander Scott (will dated 28 June 1794). Dr. William Scott, the younger, one 
of the executors named in the will of John Harvey of Londonderr)', 3 March 1817, 
was son of Henry Scott, born 1729, died August 1797, aged 68, which Henry was 
younger brother of Dr. William Scott, the elder. Wm. Scott, M.D. , the younger (son 
of Henry), died 1 1 April 1834, aged 68. 

' John Beather Scott, B.A. of Trinity College, Dublin, Barrister-at-Law. 


son-in-law John Harvey. Witnesses: Fred'' Bond and Wm. M<^Clelland. Harvey. 
Will dated 28 June 1794. Probate to son Richard Nicholson Scott, [Pajje6.] 
25 May 1797, but he dying 3 July following, Ad" de bonis non granted 
I August 1797 to John (Heather) Scott, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, brother 
of the said Richard Nicholson Scott. 

Admon of IVilliajn Harvey, 1813. 

William Harvey, late of Mollenan in the county of Derry, Esq., a 
Bachelor. Admon granted to John Harvey, the natural and lawful 
brother, 14 May 1813. Inventory 22 June 1813. 

Public Record Office of Ireland. 

Will of John Harvey, 1 8 1 7 . 

John Harvey' of the City of Londonderry. Wife Isabella Harvey, 
otherwise Scott. The late Henry Scott, deceased, and Thomas Purdon 
Scott, Esq., Trustees of Marriage Settlement. Daughters, Ann= and 
Isabella Maria Harvey. 3 Sons, John, Thomas, Richard, Wm. Scott, 
and Archibald Harvey. Fields in the Quarterland of Ballynagowan 
held under the Irish Society; field in the same Quarterland held under 
Mr. David Watt; house in Bishop Street in the occupation of Daniel 
Doherty, with the acres &c. held under the Irish Society; farm of 
Rossreagh and property in and about town of Rathmelton in the county 
of Donegal; farm in Drumbuoy in the county of Donegal, held under 
Wm. Law, Esq., and a messuage and land in Mollenan, held under the 
Irish Society, which said property came to Testator by the death of his 
brother Wm. Harvey of Mollenan. John Nicholson and Wm. Scott, 
Esq''^ executors. To Mary M'^Colgan who lived with testator's late 
mother, ten guineas per annum. To servant Elizabeth Fitz Patrick, 
^40. To particular friends, John Nicholson, Esq., and Dr. Wm. Scott, 
j^5o each. Said John Nicholson and Dr. Wm. Scott, joint executors. 
Witnesses : Wm. Doherty of Butcher Street, Derry, John M'^Menemy of 
L'Derry, and James Gregg. 

Will dated 3 March 181 7. 

Public Record Office of Ireland. 

Will of Thomas Harvey, 1819. 

Thomas Harvey* of Portland Place in the Parish of St. Marylebone. 
To wife Maria the dwelling house No. i6 Portland Place &c., plate, 
coach and coach horses; ;^Soo to be distributed among the old and 
deserving servants of the family. Daughters (named), Rebecca Maria, 

■ Testator served in the Londonderry Yeoman Cavalry 1 796 ; his third son, Richard 
Harvey, was Sheriff of Londonderry 1817. 

° Married Hugh Cunningham, M.D. 

3 Married Harvey Nicholson, of Roe Park, co. Londonderry, D.L., J. P., High 
Sheriff 1856. 

« Thomas Harvey, gave £\,vxi voluntary contribution for the Defence of the 
Countrj', 13 April 1798. 


Harvey. Elizabeth and Maria. To each of the children of late brother John, by 
[Page 6.] li's wife Isabella Scott, ;^Soo; and a like sum to Alexander M'Causland, 
being the relation of late best and most respected friend Archibald Ross, 
and placed by him under testator's care. To son John, his heirs and 
assigns for ever, lands in the Barony of Inishowen &c. Younger sons 
Thomas and William Francis. Dwelling house and lands called Bel- 
mont, purchased of Mr. Kingston, situated in the parishes of Enfield 
and East Barnet, with the furniture &c. to be sold within 12 months 
after testator's death. Executors: brothers-in-law Archibald Paris and 
F. H. DuBoulay, friend Thomas Furley Foster of Gt. St. Helens, 
nephew John Harvey, and said Wife Maria. Witnesses: John Booth, 
Duke Street, Portland Place, Bookseller, Thomas Peacock and George 
East, clerks to John Booth. 

Minutes taken by A. Paris by word of mouth at Belmont 6 October 
1819: Servant Rd. Dawes to have ;^2oo on account of his good services. 
Nephew John Harvey to invest money (except balance to be paid 
Forster's) in ;^4 per cent. Stock through Broker Menec. 

In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. In the goods of Thomas 
Harvey, Esq., deceased, 23 November 1819. Appeared personally 
Archibald Paris of Beech Hill in the county of Middlesex, Esquire, and 
made oath as to the above Codicil, and that by mistake he the said 
Archibald Paris wrote "October" instead of "November." 

Will dated 25 February 1819, proved at London with a Codicil, 
24 December 1819, by the oaths of Archibald Paris, Francis Housse- 
mayne DuBoulay, Thomas Furley Foster, and John Harvey, nephew, 
four of the executors. Power reserved to Maria Harvey, widow, the 
other^executor ; John Harvey and Thomas Harvey, two of the sons of 
deceased, and as such two of the Residuary Legatees, having first con- 
sented, and William (Francis) Harvey, the other son and Residuary 
Legatee being then in his minority. 

IVill of Maria Harvey, 1841. 

Maria Harvey, widow, formerly of Portland Place, London, then 
living at Purbrook in the parish of Farlington, Hants. Three sons, 
John, Thomas and William Francis. Unmarried daughters Maria and 
Anne. Daughter Rebecca Maria, wife of R. A. Douglas-Gresley, Esq. 
Brother Archibald Paris. Nephew Thomas Paris, Esq. Nephew-in- 
law John Harvey, Esq. Witnesses: Francis Wm. Austen, Rear Adm' 
R.N., of Portsdown Lodge, co. Hants, and Wm. Newland, servant to 
Sir F. W. Austen. Will dated 30 January 1838, proved at London 
4 June 1841, by Maria and Anne Harvey, spinsters, the daughters and 
executrixes named. 

Will of John Harvey, 1856. 

John Harvey, formerly of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. 
Trustees and executors, wife, son and daughter, if of age, brothers if in 
England, and R. Gresley; and in Ireland H. Nicholson. Witnesses: 
R. M. Douglas-Gresley and R. A. Douglas-Gresley. 

Appeared personally Robert Archibald Douglas-Gresley of Bishop Harvey. 
Auckland, co. Durham, Esq., and made oath and so forth. [P^^c 6.] 

Will dated 26 June 1855, proved at London 23 April 1856, by 
Thomas Harvey the brother, one of the executors (save in Ireland). 
Power reserved to Harriet Mary Harvey, widow, the Relict, Mary 
Frances Harvey, spinster, the eldest daughter, \Vm. Frances Harvey, 
the only other brother of said deceased, and Robert Archibald Douglas- 
Gresley (in the Will written R. Gresley) Esquire, the other executors 
(save in Ireland). 

IVt// of Harriet Mary Harvey, 1884. 

Harriet Mary Harvey of Goldington Hall, widow. Son William 
Marsh Harvey sole executor. Witnesses: Charles Longuet Higgins, 
Turvey Abbey, Bedfordshire, J. P., and Helen E. Higgins, wife of the 

Will dated i8 November 1879, proved at London 9 May 1884. 

Will of Thomas Viner, D.D., 1673. 

Thomas Viner,' D.D„ Dean of the Cathedral Church of Gloucester. 
Life interest in Real Estate to Wife Elizabeth Viner,^ with power to sell 
ground called Francklins, also all plate, jewels &c. Son Thomas 3 to 
have land and tithes at Issington in Northleach, co. Gloucester, after 
said wife's death. Brother Sir Robert Viner, overseer. Daughters 
(named) Honour^ and Cicill. Wife sole executrix. Witnesses: John 
Guise, Luke Garnon and John Campion. 

Will dated 9 April 1673, proved at London 23 May 1673. 

Will of Sir Robert P^yner, 1688. 

Sir Robert Vyner of London, Knight and Baronet. To be buried in 
his vault in the church of St. Mary Woolnoth. Property in the City of 
London, Manors of Swakeleys and Colum, Middlesex, and Manors of 
Keggworth and Frollsworth in the county of Leicester &c., to be sold 
for the benefit of creditors; and to make up their full debt whatsoever 

' Dr. Vyner also held the rectory of Bradwell juxta Mare till his death. His M.I. 
in Gloucester CathedraL Arms : Vyner impaling Izod. 

' Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of the Rev. Henry Izod, Rector of Staunton, co. 
Gloucester, of which parish the said Thomas Vyner was also at one time rector. Dr. 
Vyner's children by the said Elizabeth, were an only son Thomas Vyner, " the younger," 
see his will bearing date 4 February 1706, and four daughters, Elizabeth, the eldest 
(M.I. at Shenley), married John Snell, of Salisbury Hall, alias Shenley Hall, Herts, 
see his will hereafter ; Honor, born at Staunton aforesaid, 28 September, bapt. there 
16 October 1653, died unmarried 20"', buried at St. Mary Woolnoth 22 April 1664; 
Honor, bom 1665, named in her father's will, married Thomas Leigh of St. Antholin's, 
{brother of Sir Francis Leigh of Bexley, Kent, knighted i December 1671.) 

3 Ancestor of the present Robert Charles De Grey Vyner, the Marchioness of Ripon, 
the late Marchioness of Northampton, and three other brothers who died unmarried. 

■♦ Married Thomas Leigh, merchant (see note 2). 

1683. Apr. 18. Honor, dau. of Thos. & Honor Lee, bapt. Bur. 5 May. 

1684. June 5. Elizabeth, dau. of Thos. & Honnor Lee, bapt. 

Kegi iters of St. AntMin, London, 

* 31 

Harvey, more was due to them to be assigned by executors to them on his 
[Page 6.] Majesty's Patent for perpetual interest at ^6 per cent, charged upon 
the hereditary part of the excise granted to testator and his assigns. 
The overplus of the estate to be thus divided to the executors hereinafter 
named, one fourth part; to two nephews, Thomas and Robert Vyner, 
sons of brother Samuel Vyner, ;^ioo apiece; the remainder of the 
three-fourth parts to be divided, by equal shares, unto four nieces, Mrs. 
Millington, and her sister Frances Vyner, Mrs. Elizabeth Snelj, and 
Mrs. Honnor Leigh, and to nephews (by marriage) Mr. Thomas Leigh 
and Mr. John Snell. Legacies to Christ's Hospital, St. Bartholomew's, 
St. Thomas's and Bethlehem Hospitals. Executors: Kinsman Francis 
Millington of London, Esq., and Thomas Vyner, Esq., son of Dr. 
Thomas Vyner, late Dean of Gloucester, deceased. Witnesses: Thomas 
Leeke, Martha Leeke and Thomas Muddiman. 

Will dated 29 August 1688, proved at London 4 October 1688, by 
Thomas Vyner the nephew. Francis Millington renounces 2 November 

Will of Thomas Vyner, the younger, 171 1. 

Thomas Vyner, the younger, only son of Dr. Thomas Vyner, late 
Dean of Gloucester. Nephew Robert Snell of the Inner Temple, Esq., 
sole executor. Testator died at Rome in 1707. Will dated 4 February 
1706, proved at London 16 July 1708; a codicil dated "Frankford, 14"" 
day of September 17 . ." admitted to Probate 20 December 17 11. 

Will of George Snell, 1663. 

George Snell, Citizen and Goldsmith of London. Reciting that 
whereas before inter-marriage with Susan,' his then wife, by Indenture 
Tripartite dated 9 January 1638, and colateral Indentures since made 
and executed by him to Francis Snow, Daniel Stallworthy, Jeremy 
Snow, or some of them, did alien and set over the lease of his then 
dwelling-house and of another tenement on the back or north side 
thereof in the parish of Allhallows, Lombard Street, upon trust for said 
wife during her life. Children named, William, Robert, John, Elizabeth. 
Sister Thomazin Home. Cousin Thomas Rowe. To the Goldsmith's 
Company, ten pounds for a piece of Plate. To the Poor of St. Bartho- 
lomew's Hospital ten pounds. To the Poor of the parish of St. All- 
hallowes (sic) of Lombard Street, fifty shillings. To the Poor of 
"Lowton alias Lucton," Essex, fifty shillings. To the Poor of St. 
Sepulchre, five pounds. Friend Mr. Mathew Turner. Son-in-law Mr. 

' Susan, or Susannah, testator's second wife (sister of Sir Jeremiah Snow, Bart, 
the Jeremy Snow named in the will, of Shenley Hall, otherwise Salisbury Hall, 
Herts), married after 9 January 1638. Testator's first wife was Mary Viner, otherwise 
Vyner, to whom he was married at St. Mary Woolnoth 25 August 1631, and by whom 
he had a son William Snell, who made his will 20 August 1705, which see. She was 
buried in Allhallow's Church, Lombard Street, where her husband was buried 23 
January 1663. Will of her son William Snell, dated 20 August, proved 5 December 


John Heyward. Grandchildren (but no names given). Customary Harrey. 
Copyhold lands in "Lxjwghton alias Lucton," Essex, to eldest son [Page 6.] 
George Snell (by Susan his said wife), whom he also appoints sole 
executor and residuary legatee. Overseers, son-in-law Mr. John Heyward, 
and brother (in-law) Mr. (afterwards Sir) Jeremy Snow. Witnesses: 
Peter Whiting and Henry West. 

Will dated 25 December 1661, proved at London i February 1663. 

On the seal used by George Snell are the Arms, "a cross flory." 

Will of Sir Jeremiah Snow, 1702. 

Sir Jeremiah Snow "of Shenley Hall alias Salsberry in the County of 
Hertford, Kt and Baronett." To be buried "in the Chancell of the 
Parish Church of Shenley, near the place where lyes interred the body 
of my dear Nephew Robert Snow, and his wife Rebeccah and their dear 
Children." Then follow legacies to the widow and relict of Lazarus 
Lamburn late of Wicken, Northants, carpenter; to John Lamburn son 
of Edward Lamburn (which John Lamburn was then living with testator) ; 
to each of the said Widow Lamburn's children's grandchildren; to 
servants, among whom John Symonds and George Clements, formerly 
Footboys; to the Poor of Shenley, ;^io, at the discretion of Mr. Wm. 
Elliot, testator's then tenant, and ten shilling rings to twenty persons at 
the discretion of executor; to Frances Booker, one of the daughters of 
William Booker' of London, jQ^o a year out of patent on the hereditary 
Revenue of Excise granted to testator by King Charles IL, 3 May 1677; 
to Mary Booker, another daughter of the said Wm. Booker, ;^io a year 
out of said patent; to Susan Garrett, another of his (Wm. Booker's) 
daughters, ;^2o out of said patent; to Joseph, son of said Wm. Booker, 
;^2o a year, and to W'm. Booker, youngest son of said Wm. Booker, 
deceased, ^10 a year out of said patent; arrears, if any, to Richard, 
another son of said Wm. Booker, deceased; to brother (Robert Snow) 
;^ioo a year; arrears, if any, to accrue to niece Mary Launder,^ 
widow, relict of Robert Launder, deceased, as also the (? reversion of) 
said annuity of jQioo; to the said Richard Booker five tenements 
in Queen Street, nigh Vintners Hall, and a house in Jermin Street 
at the sign of the Cherry Tree, then in the occupation of Wm. Smith; 
to Wm. Elliot, his wife and mother, 20s. apiece to buy rings. To 
cousin George Snell, senior,3 and his wife; cousin William Snell; John 

■ William Booker married Elizabeth, daughter of George and Susannah (or Susan) 

' Marriage Licence, Vicar-General's Office: "Nov. 22, 1686. Robert Launder of 
Shenley, Herts, Clerk, Bachelor, about 27, and Mrs. Mary Snow, of the same. 
Spinster, about 20, with consent of her mother Mrs. Thompson; at St. Peter le 
Poore, London." 

3 George, eldest son of George and Susan Snell, father, by Katherine his wife, of 
six or more children ; he lived at Hackney. 


Harvey. Snell and his wife; nieces Launder and Booker, sisters Avis' and 
[Page 6] Golty," all four widows; cousins: Elmes and wife, Spinckes and wife, 
Avis and wife, John Tabor and wife; brother Robert Snow and his wife, 
and sister Snell, being twenty persons, 205. apiece to buy rings. To 
wife,3 men and maid-servants, ;£^4o for mourning, and ^20 more if not 
sufficient, and no more than ^40 to be expended on funeral. To sister 
Elizabeth Thompson, 20s. to buy a mourning ring. To said Richard 
Booker testator's interest in two houses in Birching Lane, in possession 
of John Jackes and Hester Bond, widow, held by lease of the Corpora- 
tion of Abingdon, Berks, standing in the parish of St. Edmund the 
King and Martyr; and also in the said parish of "Lumbarde Streete" 
that house called the Angell in the occupation of William Shepheard, 
under-tenant to John Kention, testator's lessee, held by lease from the 
Worshipful Company of Salters, he the said Richard Booker to pay ;£^o 
yearly to niece Launder, and 20s. apiece to each of her children. 
Robert Snell, son of John Snell by Elizabeth his wife, sole executor and 
residuary legatee. Further bequests to niece Mary Launder and to 
Richard Booker. Witnesses: John, Esther, Elizabeth, and Esther 

Will dated 13 October 1702, proved at London by Robert Snell (the 
great-nephew) 19 November 1702. 


The seal attached to this 7vill is much defaced. The Crest appears to be 
"a masck interlaced by two arrows in bend, two in bend sinister, and one 
in pale." 

Will of Dame Rebecca Snow, 1703- 

Dame Rebecca Snow, died in the parish of St. Sepulchre's, London. 
Memorandum of Will dated ii September and 4 November J 703, 
proved at London 4 November 1703. 

Will of William Snell, 1705- 

William Snell of London, Merchant. To be buried in the Parish 
Church of AUhallow's, Lombard Street, where father and mother lie 
interred. Half-brother George Snell, living at Hackney; (half) brother 
John Snell and Elizabeth his wife, and their children, Robert, Vyner, 
William, Thomas, Francis, Rebecca and Honor Snell. Sister (in law) 
Katherine, wife of said brother George Snell. (Half) nephews and 
nieces, George, Jeremy and Francis Snell, Katherine Butcher and Mary 

• Sarah Snow married — Avis, and had a daughter Rebecca (Marriage Licence, 
Vicar- General's Office): "Aug. 30, 1689. Seth Spinckes of St. Peter's, Comhill, 
London, Upholsterer, Bachelor, about 33, and Mrs. Rebecca Avis, Spinster, about 20, 
with consent of her mother Mrs. Sarah Avis of St. Clement Danes, Middlesex, 
Widow; at St. Peter's aforesaid, or the Charter House Chapel." 

= Rev. John Tabor of S. Haningfield, married at Shenley 5 July 1677, Debora Golty. 

•> Rebecca, daughter of Thomas Ward of London, merchant. 


MackMarrat (and their husbands), Grace and Susan SncU, Susannah Harvey. 
Garrett, wife of Henry Garrett of London, Richard and Mary Booker, [PajjcO] 
children of William and Elizabeth Booker. (Half) sister Elizabeth 
Booker, widow of William Booker, late of London. Mrs. Grace Booker, 
widow of cousin Samuel Booker. Half brother George Snell, overseer; 
nephew William, youngest son of last-named George Snell, by Katherine 
his wife, and niece Frances Booker, daughter of said William Booker, 
by Elizabeth his wife, joint executors and residuary legatees. Witnesses: 
Felix Stokes, John Uffington, Joseph Stokes and Alice Johnson. 
Will dated 20 August 1705, proved at London 5 December 1705. 

IVill of John Snell, 1724. 

John Snell,' Citizen and Goldsmith of London, of Shenley Hall alias 
Salsbury, in the parish of Shenley in the county of Hertford. To be 
buried in the same vault on the north side of the Church of Shenley 
where the body of late wife Elizabeth was laid. The Manor of Shenley 
Hall alias Salisbury; freehold land, called the Breaches, in Lurgashall, 
Bucks, purchased of Thomas Mason, clerk; tenement in Monox Lane, 
near Merchant Taylors School, London, in the tenure of - Bonrue; 
tenement in Little Lombard Street, London, known by the sign of the 
Angel, in the tenure of Samuel Gibson, druggist; property in Brill alias 
Brehill, Oakley and Borstall, in the said county of Bucks, purchased of 
Edward Hart Esq. for j[fi2i^o; and property in the said parish of Brill, 
purchased of Gabriel Gregory; and all other lands whatsoever to five 
children, viz., William, t,'^ son, Thomas, 4''' son, Frances, Rebecca and 
Honor Snell (eldest, second and youngest daughters), and the survivor 
of them for life; then to second son Viner Snell, Rector of Dodington 
and Marsh (sic) for life; then to eldest son Robert Snell Esq.= "who 
hath a good estate already" for life; then to nephew Francis Snell of 
London (son of brother George Snell), Francis Child, Goldsmith, 
Alderman of London, Henry Hoare, Chas. Hosier, Samuel Rowe, 
Wm. Snell, Chas. Shales, Thos. Martin, Samuel Smithin, Nathaniel 
Wolfreys, Richard Morson and John Brassey, sen.. Goldsmiths of 
London, and their heirs, upon trust to the use of the issue of said 
son Robert in tail male, and in default of male issue of said son Robert; 
remainder to issue of Viner Snell in tail male; remainder as before to 
issue of sons William and Thomas, respectively, in tail male; remainder 
to male issue of said daughter Frances in tail male; remainder as before 
to male issue of daughters Rebecca and Honor, respectively, in tail 
male; remainder to testator's right heirs. Proviso for jointures. After 
testator's death, a freehold estate with possession to be purchased, 

' Testator was a Freeman of the City of London. 

° Robert Snell, a Bencher of the Inner Temple, sole executor of the will of his great 
uncle. Sir Jeremiah Snow, and of the will of his uncle, Thomas Viner, (who died at 
Rome in 1707, called in the Viner Family History^ "the younger," to distinguish him 
from a first cousin of the same name, Thomas Viner of Eathorpe, co. Warwick, who 
died 2 January 1709.) Robert SncU's will (dated 26 March 1741, and proved, with 
codicil, 28 July following), is mentioned in those of his brothers, Rev. Vyner and Sir 
Thomas Snell. He married Mary, daughter of Sir Walter Clarges, Bart., but died 
without issue at Chingford Hall, Essex, i'', buried at Shenley 10'" July 1741, where 
there is an inscription, which describes him as " Lord of the manor of Salisburys in 
this parish," he was in the 63"' year of his age. 


Harvey, within loo miles of London, to be settled to the use of said seven 

[Pagt6.] children and the survivor of them for life; then to the above-named 

(twelve) trustees upon trust as before. Said three daughters, Francis, 

Rebecca and Honour Snell, executrixes. Witnesses: John Ward, Tho. 

Hawkins and Samll. Tapper. 

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the above-named John 
Snell, to be his last will, i6 July 1723, after two interlineations were 
therein first made, in the presence of Hen. Wood, Thos. Hawkins and 
Sam. Tapper. 

Codicil dated 16 February 1722, to be annexed to will, "wherein Mr. 
Ward the Councill and his two servants are witnesses, and published 
againe the 16"' July 1723. Moreover I desire my children may have 
Chambers and other conveniencys of the Kitchen &c. while there in my 
Mansion-house at Shenley alias Salsbery, during their lives; also desire 
my three daughters, executrixes, may hold the farm house, if they think 
fit to live together, or any one or two of them as they can agree, at the 
usual rent as let to Mr. Elliot and Mr. Grey formerly, and believe it will 
answer the rent, especially if they intend to have horses and keep a 
coach to carry them to church." Signed by testator 9 March 1723, in 
the presence of James Howard, James Baker and William Partridge. 

Will dated 16 July 1723, proved at London 7 January 1724, by 
Rebecca and Honour Snell. 


Will of Mary Snell, 1781. 

Mary Snell of Chingford Hall, Essex, widow.' Sister Ann Shirley. 
Brother Gould Clarges. To servant Sarah Grubb, ;^so, and to every 
other servant ^5 apiece. Niece Mary Clarges, one of the daughters of 
brother Col. Christopher Clarges, sole executrix and residuary legatee. 
Witnesses: Davey Stidolph and Chas. Legg. 

Will dated 27 October 1773, proved at London 15 December 1781, 
by Mary Hare, formerly Clarges, wife of Rev. James Hare. 

Will of Sir Tho7nas Snell, 1754- 

Sir Thomas Snell of Upton St. Leonard's, co. Gloucester, Knight. 
Body to be deposited in a tomb which testator had built in the parish 
church of Upton aforesaid. Wife Dame Sarah SnelL^" Estates in 
Oakley, Brill and Boarstall, Bucks, purchased of John Belson Esq.; in 

' On the north wall of the chancel of the old church at Chingford is a small tablet 
in memory of the said Mrs. Mary Snell. Here was also formerly a hatchment for her 
husband, and some belonging to Clarges still remain, though fast decaying. 

- Lady Snell's maiden name was Russell. Sir Thomas Snell was Sheriff of Glou- 
cestershire, 1744, and knighted the same year; died 13 March 1754, aged 64. 


Upton St. Leonard's and in the City and Liberties of Gloucester; Harvey. 
dwelling-house called Salisbury in the parish of Shcnley, Herts ; dwelling- [Page 6.] 
house in Lombard Street; property in the counties of Oxford and 
Essex. By Indenture dated 9 ^Iay 1746, enrolled in the High Court 
of Chancery, a yearly sum of j(^6 was given and granted to Henry Toye 
Bridgman Esq"', and others the feoffees or trustees of the manor of 
Upton St. Leonards and their heirs, for the repairing and supporting the 
said tomb or monument, and for other purposes in the deed mentioned. 
Nephews, John Snell, William Snell and Peter Snell, eldest, second and 
third sons of deceased brother Vyner Snell. Daughter Frances, wife of 
Benjamin Hyett Esq. Deceased brother Robert Snell Esq. Kinsman 
Richard Jones. Deceased sister Frances Snell. Wm. Macham and 
John Luke Landon, co-trustees with the said Wm. and Peter Snell. To 
sister-in-law Margaret Snell, widow of said brother Vyner Snell, wrought 
silver bread basket and set of castors; to god-daughter Elizabeth Snell, 
eldest daughter of said brother Vyner Snell, round silver tea-kettle and 
lamp and a pair of new wrought silver candlesticks; to niece Mary 
Snell, second daughter of brother Vyner Snell, a pair of silver candle- 
sticks; the rest of the plate, except that at Upton St. Leonards, to be 
divided amongst all the daughters of said brother Vyner Snell. Kins- 
woman Elizabeth Dancer, late WegerslofTe. Also legacies to the Lady 
Becher, widow of Sir Edward Becher; to George Becher, brother of the 
said Sir Edward ; to friend Thos. Hardwick; Margaret wife of Thos. 
Benson; Mary Roberts; tenant Jas. Baker; Jas. Osmond of Shenlcy. 
Witnesses: Will: Unwin, Tho. Bagshaw and Thos. Haberfield. 

Will dated 4 December 1752, with codicil dated 6 March 1754, 
reciting (recent) purchase from Chas. Cummings of a windmill and 
stable at Brill, and of a freehold house and land &c. at Oakley, Bucks, 
formerly the estate of Thomas Fellowe Esq. Witnesses: Hen. Palmer, 
Charlton Palmer, and Thos. Bagshaw. Proved at London 18 March 
1 754) t>y Wm. and Peter Snell, Wm. Macham and John Luke Landon, 
the executors named. 

fVi// of Alice Dyneley, 1526. 

Will of Ahce Dyneley,' dated 6 February 1526, proved at York 4 
March following. 

Will of Robert Hall, 1531. 

Robert Hall of Leventhorpe in the parish of Swillington. To be 
"beryed w'in oure lady (quire) in Swyllington Churche in the northsyde." 
Best "beest" or xx^ for mortuary, and xiij* iiij'* to buy a suit of vest- 
ments. Sons, William' (eldest), George and Robert ILall, executors. 
Witnesses: W"" Bromhede, parish priest, John Shan, Robert Hemys- 
worth, John Lytster, with others. 

Will dated 12 October 1529, proved at York 15 April 1531 (during 
the vacancy of the See.) 

' Testatrix was daughter and heir of Robert Mansion of Mansion, and married 
firstly, Robert Gascoigne ; secondly, Arthur Pilkington ; and thirdly, Roger Dineley. 
One of her daughters by the third and last-named husband, viz., Elizabeth Dineley, 
was the wife of William, eldest son of the above-named Robert Hall of Leventhorpe 
(will proved 1 53 1.) 


Harvey. ll^ill of IVilliam Hall, 1584. 

[Page 6.] 

William Hall of "Lenthorpe." Eldest son Mathew Hall. Will dated 
22 December 1582, proved at York 16 September 1584, by Elizabeth,' 
the relict of the deceased, and Henry Hall, the tutors or guardians of 
Robert, Thomas, Michael, Henry, Mary, Rosamond and Peter, children 
of the deceased, being minors. 

Will of Thomas Restwolde, 1496, 

Thomas Restwolde dwelling in Fryar Minors of Reading. Will dated 
16 April 1496. 

Somerset House, 1496-99, "Home^' fo. 28. 

Will of Robert Restwolde, 1497. 

Robert Restwolde. To be buried in the chancel of St. Nicholas, 
Hedsor, Bucks. Legatees : - Edwards, John Farholde, Nicholas Parker, 
Humfrey Folkes and Sibil Thornby. All cattle &c. at "Harpeden" to be 
sold by R. Restwolde and John Farholde. After decease of testator 
and Sibil his wife, the manor of Hedsor to nephew Richard Restwolde. 
Mother, Agnes, William (PManud or Manuel) her son. Other persons 
mentioned : Other Batham, Christopher Grantham, Christopher Horkey 
and John Ardhill. Will dated 8 January 1497. Admon May 1497. 
Somerset House, 1496-99, "Horne,"fo. 16. 

Admon of Richard Bunny, 1520. 

Richard Bunny late of Newton near Wakefield, deceased. Admon 
granted 25 April 1520. 

Pontefract Act Book. 

Will of Edward Rest wold, 1547. 

Edward Restwold of St. Gyles Chalfont, co. Bucks. To be buried 
there. Daughter Bettrys. Wife Agnes. Son Anthony. Daughter-in- 
law Alice. Sister Jane. Legatees: Henry Wyggyns, John Thorn- 
borough, Edward Robynson, Thomas Ramsey, John Tomlynson, 
William Tomson, Richard Bailey, Edward Bonney (daughter's son); 
God-children (not named) then living ; Edmond Roddy. Property at 
Hedsor, Monks Rysborough, Little Marlow, Great Marlow, Penn, 
"Wabory," the manor and advowson of Hedsor, co. Bucks, manors of 
Lee and Warres, cos. Berks and Wilts, lands in Hurst, Hurley, "Sen- 
ning," Twyford, Whitelage, Middle B . . rick, and Ascot. Certain inden- 
tures recited made between testator on the one part, and John Tyttley, 
Esq., and Elizabeth his wife, Richard Bonny, Esq., and Brigette his wife, 
Margaret Gunholt, widow. Sir Francis Hastings, Knt., and Jone his 

' Daughter and coheir of Thomas Crossthwayte. 

wife, John Fitzherbert, Esq., and Katherine his wife, and Bettreys Harvey. 
Restwolde, on the other part, dated 31 October. John Babham, son of [pagg 5.] 
John Babham. Lands in the manor of Monks Rysborough by a joint 
purchase to testator, his wife and heirs, made by gift and feoffment of 
Sir Francis Bryan, Knt., and Thomas Laud, Esq. Wife Agnes and Sir 
Edmond Peckham, Knt., executors. S"' Jolin Lucas, vicar of "Arstcll." 
Dame Anne Peckham. Mistress Mary Nevill. Mr. Doctor ffeckenham. 
Will dated i November 1547, proved 12 November 1547. Adm : 
Sir E. Peckham. 

Somerset House, 1545-47, "Allen," fo. 48. 

Will of Richard Bunny, 1584. 

Richard Bunny of Newland, co. York, the elder. Esq'. Will dated 
II April 1584, proved at Vork 3 August 1584, by Bridget the widow.' 

Inq. post mortem of Richard Bunny, 1608. 

Richard Bunny of Newland, Gent., deceased. Anne his widow.^ 
Inq. post mortem taken at Leeds 6 Jas. i. 

Admon of Mat hew Hall, 1 609. 

Caveats &c. Goods of Mathew Hall,3 late of " Leaventhorp." Brother 
Peter Hall. Creditors, Matthew Browne and Robert Key. Other 
persons named, Mr. Storke, Laurence Wilson, clerk. Dean of the 
Deanery of Pontefract, and Robert Robinson of Whitkirke. Dated 
I, 10, February 1609. 

Registry of the Exchequer Court of York (Ainstie 1609/ 

' Richard Bunny, married in 1538, died at Bolton Percy 30 April, 1584, and buried 
at Normanton I May, aged about 70. Bridget, daughter of Edward Restwolde of the 
Vache, who put up the monument to her husband and father in Normanton Church ; 
she died at Newland 21 December, 45 Elizabeth, about the age of 87, "buryed in the 
Lady quire at Normanton." 

= Richard, second son of Richard and Bridget Bunny, born 10 February at Bunny 
Hall, juxta Wakefield, and baptized in 1541. He was owner of Newland from 1584 
to his death in May 1608, his brother Edmund, who was in the church, parson of the 
parish of Bolton Percy, &c., having given the estate up to him. On 25 June, 1580, 
he married Anne, daughter of Francis Ingpen, of Galaker in the parish of Wherwell, 
Hants, and had ten children by her. Their ninth child, and youngest daughter, 
Priscilla Bunny, bom at Newland 27 December, 1590, and baptized 3 January, 1591, 
married Charles Hall of Leventhorpe, whose will (which see hereafter), bearing date 
23 January 1673, was proved 29 December, 1674. In Dugdalis "Visitation of York- 
shire (Hall pedigree)," she is incorrectly described as daughter of Francis Bunny. 
Matthew Hall of Leventhorpe, the eldest son of Charles and Priscilla Hall, married 
Mary, daughter of Ralph Metcalfe of Bridlington, sister and heir (or coheir) of William 
Metcalfe of York, and their third and youngest son, Peter Hall, buried at Swillington 
10 February, 1707-8, was probably the last of the family at Leventhorpe. 

3 Eldest son of William Hall of Leventhorpe, by Elizabeth (Crossthwayte), and 
father (by Alice his wife, daughter and coheir of Leonard Bate of West Lathes in 
Cleveland), of Charles Hall, mentioned in the preceding note as the husband of 
Priscilla Bunny. 


Harvey. Will of Roger St rigla^td, 1522. 

[Page 6.] 

Roger Strigland of Marske. Latin will. Mentions Christopher 

Strigland, John Turpyn, chaplain, Robert Teill, Sir Wm. Bulmer, Knt., 

Thomas Davy, Christopher Grastoke, and son William Strigland. Some 

of the above-named were witnesses. Will dated 8 November 1521, 

proved at York 26 March 1522, by the relict (no name given.) 

Inq. post fnortem of Walter Strickland, 1637. 

Walter Strickland of Boynton, co. York, Esq., died 31 January, 10 
Charles I. Property in Easton, Bridlington, &c. Sir William Strickland, 
Knt., son and heir, at his father's death aged 30 years and more. 
Inquisition at Killam, York, 5 October, 13 Charles I. 

Court of Wards, Inq. post tnortem, Chas. I., Bundle 59, No. 218. 

Admon 2 April 1636, to Jacob Rayne, to the use of Frances and 
Walter Strickland," the widow and (younger) son of the deceased. 

Admon of Frances Strickland, 1636. 

1636. May 10. Frances Strickland, widow, deceased. Admon 
granted to Jacob Raine, to the sole use of the aforesaid Walter Strickland, 
the younger. 

Registry of the Exchequer Court of York. 

Will of Henry Stricklatid, 1662. 

Henry Strickland of Easton, co. York, Gentleman. Nuncupative will. 
Brother (in law) John Hill of Easton, his children Francis and Lucy 
Hill. Sister (Frances) Metcalfe (see hereafter.) Property at Bridlington. 

Will dated 20 November 1662, proved at York ; admon granted to 
John Hill 22 January 1662. 

Admon of John Hill, 1676. 

Administration of the goods of John Hill, late of Bridlington, de- 
ceased, granted to John and Francis Hill, the sons. Admon dated 28 
April 1676. 

York Registry. 

Will of Dame Ursula Barwick, 1682. 

Dame Ursula Barwick, widow of Sir Robert Barwick, Knt., who died 
25 April 1660, daughter of the above-named Walter Strickland of 
Boynton, and Frances his wife. Testatrix mentions her niece Metcalf, 
her brother. Sir Wm. Strickland's four daughters, &c. 

Will dated 2 April 1679, proved at York 25 November 1682, Henry 
Fairfax, Esq., Admin. 

' The Lord Walter StrickKind of Cromwell's Upper House. 

Inq. post mortem of Ralph Metcalfe, 1641. Harvey. 

Ralph Metcalfe was seised in fee of the manor of Wandesford &c. 
with certain parcels of land called "odd lands" in Wandesford; and also 
60 acres of meadow called Skanckholme otherwise Snakeholme, and 
one small parcel of land called Panyerman Crooke in Naffcrton; and 
land &c. in Bridlington. He died 21 November last. The premises 
(except twelve cottages in Wandesford) held of the King as of his 
Manor of East Greenwich in socage and worth yearly 15^. ; said cottages 
&c. in Wandesford held of Algernon, Earl of Northumberland, as of his 
Manor of Spofforth, in socage and worth yearly \qs. William Metcalfe, 
his son and heir, of the age of 20 years and three months at his father's 

Inq. postmortem taken at Killam, co. York, 31 March 1641 (17 Car. I.) 
Court of Wards, Inq. post mortem 17 Chas. I., Bundle 64, No. 56. 

Will of IVilliam Metcalfe, 1661. 

William Metcalfe of the City of York, Alderman." Wife Anne in- 
feofifed in all or most of testator's lands in Wandesford in the county of 
York, to have the Manor of Wandesford for life (except such interest as 
Frances Metcalfe, testator's mother, may claim therein), and the reversion 
upon trust for certain uses; said wife sole e.vecutrix and residuary legatee. 
Witnesses: George Byfield, Anne Wright, Thos. Williamson, Robert 
Straker and Thomas Thompson. 

Will dated i6 February 1661. 

Registry of Exchequer and Prerogative Courts of York. 

Will of Charles Hall, 1674. 

Charles Hall of Leventhorpe in the County of York, Gent., aged 
about 80 years. To be buried "in ordinary buriall amongst my fore- 
fathers in my owne Quire in the pish Church of Svvillington or else- 
where." To every grandchild, except Mathew and Charles Bywater, 
five pounds. Servants : Sarah Bell, Richard Jefferson and George Eles. 
To Mr. Richard Lowther, parson of the parish, xx^ if he preach funeral 
sermon, and x^ to be distributed amongst the oldest poor of the said 
parish. Daughter Margery Daniel. Sons, Mathew and Charles Hall 
joint executors and residuary legatees. Witnesses : Phill. Hall, Charles 
Bywater and Katherine Hodgson. 

Will dated 23 January 1673, proved at York 29 December 1674, by 
Matthew Hall. 

Will of Frances Metcalfe, 1674. 

Frances Metcalfe, late wife of Ralph Metcalfe of Bridlington, Gen. 
Son-in-law Mathew Hall and Mary his wife, testatrix's daughter. To 
the poor, twenty pounds. Cousin Lady Barrwicke. Brother (in-law) 
Hill. Grandchild Frances Hodgson. Brother Henry Strickland, de- 

' William Metcalfe was Lord Mayor of York, 1652. 

Harvey, ceased, who together with Nicholas Wolfe, by deed dated 28 April, 22 
[Page 6.] Car. II., did convey in mortgage to testatri.x and her heirs certain houses, 
lands &c. in Bridlington upon certain conditions not then fulfilled, so 
that the estate remained in testatrix's hands, the same to go to grandson 
Phillip Hall, he paying to grandson William Hodgson fifty pounds, to 
put forth his brother Metcalfe Hodgson to a trade. Grandson Philip 
Hall to pay out of said lands at Bridlington, three pounds per ann. 
towards the bringing up of grandchild Ann Hodgson until of age; unless 
testatrix sold the said lands at Bridlington (which she was then about to 
do), in which case part of the price thereof was to be used for the 
purposes specified. To daughter Mary Hall, one hundred pounds, to 
make her share equal to that of her other sister, Frances Hodgson 
deceased, who had had one hundred pounds, secured to testatrix out of 
Battleburne tythe. To the children of said daughter Hodgson (other 
than her eldest son William, and her eldest daughter Frances), the half 
of all personalty not disposed of, the other half to daughter Mary Hall, 
and also a gold ring bought of Richard Speight, and all other goods not 
before mentioned in the will. "Item, I confirme to Peter Hall the silver 
bowle which I gave him when I christened him." Son-in-law Mathew 
Hall of Leaventhorpe, gen., sole executor. Witnesses : Chas. Bywater, 
Joseph Briggs, and Cath. Hodgson. 

Will dated 21 April 1674, proved at York 29 December 1674. 

IVill of Matthew Hall, 1687. 

Matthew Hall, son and heir of Charles Hall, late of " Leaventhorpe " in 
the county of York, Gent. To be "decently buried amongst my fore- 
fathers in the P'ish Church of Swillington in our Lady-Quire in the 
North He there, the accustomed burying place of my family." To wife 
Mary,' a new house in Swinegate in York City, White Pitts Inclosure in 
Butterfield's possession, and lands next Spring Wood in Ledsom's 
possession, during her life. Eldest son Philip Hall, residuary legatee. 
Daughter Frances Milner. To second son, Matthew Hall, testator's 
chamber and goods in Furnival's Inn &c. Daughter Mary. Third son, 
Peter Hall. Trustees or supervisors hereafter named to be at liberty to 
sell any lands except Leaven-thorpe Hall and the lands lying next to it, 
altogether under the More, and betwixt Newsam-Green and Bullow- 
thorpe beck and Varley-Garth also excepted. Wife, eldest and second 
sons, joint executors. Trustees or supervisors: testator's kinsmen, 
Charles Hall of the city of York, merchant (brother), Matthew Hall 
(second son), George Bracebridge of the city of York, gent., William 
Bloome of Altofts, gent., and Charles Bywater of the said city, gent.; to 
each of whom a mourning ring. Witnesses: Sam. Craister, Job Catton, 
James Oaks, Richard JeiTerton and Hannah Johnson. 

Will dated 8 November 1685, proved in the Peculiar Court of the 
Dean and Chapter of York (the Archiepiscopal See of York being then 
vacant) 18 April 1687, by the oath of Phillip Hall, son of the said 

' Daughter of Ralph Metcalfe, lord of the manor of Wandesford, by Frances 
(Strickland) his wife, and sister and coheir of William Metcalfe of the city of York, 


Admon of Sir Guy Dawnay, 1522. Harvey. 

[Page 6.] 
Sir Guy Dawnay (written Downey in the York Registry) late of 

"Cesay," co. York, Knt. Admon, dated 19 September 1522, granted 

to Dame Johanna (Jane) "Downey," relict, John West, chaplain, and 

George Norman. 

Vol. ix., fo. 33S<J. 

PVill of George Dawny, 1578. 

George Dawny of Beeforth, co. York, gentleman. Will dated 21 
January 1557, proved at York 5 October 1578, by Cuthbert Dawnay 
and Joan Dawnay, otherwise Palmes (son and daughter.) 

Inventory of the Goods of Dame Edith Daivney, 


Inventory, dated 13 October 1585, of the goods &c. of Dame Edith 
Dawney," late of Cowicke, deceased. 

York District Probate Registry. 

Will of Dame Elizabeth Dawnay, 1604. 

Dame Elizabeth Dawnay, late wife of Sir John Dawnay, Knt., 
deceased, late of East Markham in the diocese of York, widow. Will 
dated lo April 1604, proved at York 3 May 1604, by Francis Bussey, 
Esq., and Mawrice Bavvdes, gent. 

Will of Paule Dawney, 1611. 

Paule Dawney, gentleman. Will dated 4 April 1610, proved at York 
II June i6ii. 

Inq. post mortem of Ursula Dawney, 1627. 

Ursula Dawney of East Heslerton and Potter Brunton, widow of 
Cuthbert Dawney. She died 20 November 1626. Inq. post mortem 
taken 5 October 1627 (3 Chas. I.) 

Chancery Inq. post mortem, MiscelL, pt. 18, No. 168. 

Inventory of the Goods of Marmaduke Dawnay, 


Marmaduke Dawnay,^ late of Cowick, deceased. Inventory dated 
25 September 1629. 

York District Probate Registry. 

■ Buried at Snaith 8 October 1585. 

''lie was second son of Sir John Dawnay and Dame Elizabeth, her will above cited 
(1604), and brother of Sir Thomas Dawnay (will made 1639). Bur. at Snaith 19 
April 1629. 


Harvey. Jnq. post mortem of John Dawnay, 1630. 

[Page 6.] 

John Dawnay of Womersley, Esq., son of Sir Thomas Dawnay of 
"Seisey," Knt. Inq. post mortem taken 15 May 1630. 

Court of Wards, Inq. post mortem 6 Chas. I., Bundle 17, No. 164. 

IVill of Sir Thomas Dawnay, 1642. 

Sir Thomas Dawnay of Cowicke, Knight. Will dated lo December 
1639, proved at York 4 August 1642, by Sir Christopher Dawnay, Bart. 

IVitl of Ann Dawnay, 1639. 

Ann Dawnye' of Sutton Coldfield, gen. (widow of the above named 
Marmaduke Dawney."") Two sons, Thomas and John Dawnay. 
Daughters, Dorothye Mathers and Frances Parkes (by first husband), 
and Dinah Dawnye, the last-named sole executrix and residuary legatee. 
Inventory taken i February 1639. 

Will dated 19 January 1639, proved at Lichfield 7 February 1639. 

Admon of Thomas Dawnay, the elder, 1671. 

Thomas Dawnay, the elder, late of Sutton Coldfield, widower, 
deceased, intestate. Admon granted in February 167 1, to Thomas 
Dawnay, the younger, the natural and lawful son. Ad" de bonis non 6-'c. 
30 June 1697, granted to Elizabeth Dawnay,3 widow, executrix and 
residuary legatee named in the will of Thomas Dawney, the younger, 
deceased, late son and administrator of Thomas Dawney, the elder,* 
late of Sutton Coldfield. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury. 

IVill of Sir William Adams, 1668. 

Sir William Adams of Scausby, co. York, Knight. "Whereas by my 
Deede indented betwixt myself of the one part, and Sir John Dawney 
and William Ellis, Esq., of the other part, bearinge date the 7''' day of 
this instant February, I have assured and conveyed All my Mannors &c. 

■ Ann, daughter of William Gardner of Bermondsey, married firstly, Simon Perrott 
(or Ferret) of Sutton Coldfield, and secondly, Marmaduke Dawnay, and tiad issue by 
both husbands. Testatrix was buried at Sutton Coldfield 22 January 1639. 

" Elizabeth, daughter of Marmaduke Dawnay, was buried at Sutton Coldfield 7 
August 1623 ; she is named in the will of her grandmother, Dame Elizabeth Dawnay, 
10 April 1604, and may possibly have been by a former wife, as a Marmaduke 
Dawnay is said to have married a daughter of Jasper Cholmley of Highgate. 

3 Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Sir William Adams of Owston and Scausby, Knt., 
by Mary his wife, sister of Sir Christopher Dawnay, Bart., and of Sir John Dawnay, 
Knt. created Viscount Downe. Both she, the said Elizabeth Adams, and her husband, 
Thomas Dawney, the younger, had a common ancestry in the persons of Sir John 
Dawnay and Dame Elizabeth (will 1604), above mentioned, and stood in the relation- 
ship of second cousins once removed. 

•• Thomas Dawnay, the elder, was buried at Sutton Coldfield in September 1671, 
aged 70. An engraving of his curious tomb, in the churchyard of Sutton Coldfield, is 
given in Dugdales '^History of \Vai~wiikshire."' 


in the county of York to certain uses, int. al., to raise and pay such Harvey. 

sums towards y' maintenance and portions of my tour daughters, [Page 6.] 

Ehzabeth, Jane, Mary and Margarett, and also for such child as my now 

wife is privim' enseint." To Elizabeth, eldest daughter, Soo li. as her 

child's part or portion, at age of 21 or marriage, with consent of mother 

or said trustees. To Margaret, 2nd daughter, looo marks. To Mary, 

3rd daughter, and to Jane, 4th daughter, a like sum of 1000 marks each. 

To any future child, 500 li. Said daughter Elizabeth to seal and execute 

a general release to the executors hereafter named, when of age, and 

her husband also, if she be then married. Deceased child's part to be 

divided amongst surviving sisters. To each daughter 20 li. apiece for 

maintenance and education yearly until their portions become due; and 

to now youngest son until he be settled in a trade, 20 li. yearly. To my 

two eldest sons (sic) such sum yearly for their maintenance and 

education, either at the University or Inns of Court, until of age, "as to 

my honred and worthy kinsmen the s'' Sir J. Dawney and VV. Ellis, or 

survivor shall seeme meete." John Adams, eldest son, sole executor 

and residuary legatee. Witnesses: Jo: Vincent, Samll. Swindin, and 

Fran. Curtis. 

Will dated 8 February 1667 (20 Car. II.), admon granted 10 April 
1668 by the Exchequer Court of York to Dame Mary Adams, widow, 
for John Adams, a minor. 

JVill of Margarett Adams, 1730. 

Margarett Adams of York, singlewoman. "To be buried in the parish 
church of Belfryes in the city of York, and a marble stone to be laid 
over me, such an one as is laid over my brother." To maid servant 
Elizabeth Booth, an annuity of loli. out of property in Skellow and 
Skellow Grange, and 20 li. to furnish a room. To niece Elizabeth 
Dawnay and her heirs, property in Skellow and Skellow Grange. To 
the Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount Downe, 200 li.. To niece Mrs. Margarett 
Dawnay, 200 M. To (grand or great) niece Mrs. Mary Hall (spinster), 
100 li. To (grand) niece Mrs. Faith Smith, soli. To (grand) niece 
Mrs. Margaret Snell, 50 li. To the Hon'>''= Mrs. Catherine Ramsden, 
one broad piece of gold. To Mrs. Elizabeth Roundell, one broad piece 
of gold. To Mr. John Tomlinson in CoUyergate, York, 5 guineas, and 
to my under maid, one year's wages. Niece Elizabeth Dawnay, sole 
executrix and residuary legatee. Witnesses : \Vm. Hardy, Hutton Tom- 
linson, and Eliz'*" Ryder. 

Will dated 22 December 1729, proved at York 28 July 1730. 

1736. Feb. 24. Ad° de bonis non. Administration of the goods of 
the above-named Margaret Adams (not administered by Elizabeth 
Dawney, spinster, executrix of the will of the said Margaret Adams, 
deceased, nor by Elizabeth Parsons,' wife of John Parsons, gentl", 
executrix of the will of the said Elizabeth Dawney, now also deceased), 
was granted to John Parsons, aforesaid, husband of the said Elizabeth 
Parsons, and her administrator, to execute and so forth. 

Prerogative Court of York. 

' Elizabeth, wife of Major John Tarsons of York, was eldest daughter and coheiress 
(with her sisters, Mary Hall, spinster, Mrs. Faith Smith and Mrs. Margaret Snell), of 
Peter Hall of Leventhorpe. Her only surviving daughter and heir married Sir 
William Innes, Bart., and died without issue. 


Harvey. J^yuj of TJiomas Dawnay, 1683; 

irage O.J £Idest son and heir of Thomas Dawnay, the elder, late of Sutton Coldfield, deceased. 

Thomas Dawnay of Selby, gent. To John Dawnay, only son, 
5 li. wlieii 21 years of age. To daughters, Elizabeth Dawnay, Faith 
Dawnay, and Katharine Dawnay (then the youngest), 500 li. each at 21 
or marriage. Lands &c. in Warwickshire and London. Twenty pounds 
a year to each daughter for their bringing up. Wife Elizabeth sole 
executrix and residuary legatee. Sir John Dawnay' of Cowicke, Knt., 
and testator's brother-in-law, Mr. Thomas Adams,^' to be supervisors and 
trustees. Witnesses: Geo. Dealtry, Susan Dealtry, and Ralph Chetham. 

Will dated i October 1678, proved at York 21 January 1683. 

Will of Elizabeth Dawnay, 1718. 

Elizabeth Dawnay of York, widow. To daughter Elizabeth Dawnay, 
five pounds. To daughter Faith Hall, widow, "All my household goods 
w'soever which are or shall be in Leaventhorpe House att the time of 
my decease, and which I have a Bill of Sale of from S' Roger Beckw*^ 
Bar*, late High Sheriff of the county of York, to her the said Faith Hall 
for her life," remainder to grandchild Elizabeth Hall. To daughter 
Katherine Dawnay, five shillings. To grandchild Elizabeth Hall, fifty 
pounds. To daughter Margaret Dawnay, all lands &c., said Margaret 
sole executrix and residuary legatee. Witnesses: Ann Suger, Nich. 
Suger, and Margarett Smith. 

Will dated 6 May 171 1, proved at York 10 November 17 18. 

Ad° de bonis non &•€. of goods of testatrix's father-in-law, Thomas 
Dawnay, the elder (left unadministered by her husband, Thomas 
Dawnay, the younger), was granted to testatrix as before-mentioned, on 
the 30"' June 1697. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury. 

Will of Elizabeth Dawnay, 1734. 

Elizabeth Dawnay of York, spinster. To niece Faith, wife of Rev. 
William James Smith, ;i^ioo, lands &c. at Skellow and Skellow Grange 
to be charged with the payment of same. To niece Margaret, wife of 
Rev. Vyner Snell, £^<,o. To niece Mary Hall, spinster, ^looo. To 
the poor of Owston, ;^5. To Mrs. Sancta Taylor, ten guineas. To 
Maria, daughter of niece Parsons, a silver tea kettle &c. To Mr. John 
Parsons, husband of said niece Parsons, large silver waiter and two 
large silver salvers. To said niece Elizabeth Parsons and heirs for ever, 
houses &c. in Uggleforth in the city of York, and lands &c. at Skellow 
and Skellow Grange or elsewhere, said niece Elizabeth Parsons, sole 
executrix and residuary legatee. To be buried in the parish church of 
Owston. Witnesses: Ann Gowland, John Mayer, and Mary Mayer. 

Will dated 2 December 1734, proved at York 6 March following. 

" Sir John Dawnay, knighted 2 June 1660, created Viscount Downe in the peerage 
of Ireland, 19 February 1680; buried at Snaith 9 October 1695. Ancestor of the 
present Lord Downe. 

' Thomas Adams of Gray's Inn, Recorder of York, died 7 April 1722, buried in the 
church of St. Michael-Ie-Belfrey in that city. M.I; He was third, but second 
surviving son of Sir William Adams. 


Will of Catherine Daionay, 1729. Harvey. 

[Page 6.] 
Catherine Dawnay of York, spinster. To niece Elizabeth Hall (after- 
wards Parsons, see previous will), and her heirs for ever, all lands &c. 
To niece Faith Smith, ;^5o and a pair of silver salvers. Said niece, 
Elizabeth Hall, sole e.xecutri.x and residuary legatee. Witnesses: Mary 
Waud, Jane Clarke, and Jo" Mayer. 

Will dated 26 May 1729, proved at York 15 July 1729. 

Will of Margaret Daivnay, 1732. 

Margaret Dawnay of York, spinster. Body to be buried in the Parish 
Church of Saint Sampson's, thither to be carried in a hearse privately 
without any bearers or other unnecessary funeral pomp, and that no 
person be invited to funeral. To cousin Blague Yarburgh, silver caudle 
cup and cover to same. To Mrs. Faith Yarburgh, a pair of silver 
candlesticks. To niece. Faith Smith, wife of Mr. William James Smith, 
of Cawood, Clerk, and to the heirs of her body lawfully begotten, all 
real estate, and in default of such issue, to the said William James Smith 
and his heirs for ever. To the said William James Smith and Mr. 
William Scott of York, cutler, ;i^So upon trust, that the interest thereof 
be paid to Mary Farmery of York, widow, during her life, and after her 
death the principal sum of ^50 to be paid to William Smith, eldest son 
of the said William James Smith. To Mrs. Alice Heater, five guineas 
for a ring. Niece Faith Smith, sole executri.x and residuary legatee. 
"Item: I give and bequeath five p'' to Paley Storr eldest daughter of 
Mr. Robert Storr, Wistow, I charg Mrs. Vanner give my watch to 
cousin Faith Yarbrough, and Mrs. Vanner to have 4 gineys and her 
choice of night gowns wch she likes." Witnesses; Elia Waud, Hutton 
Tomlinson, and Elizabeth Watson. 

Will dated 9 July 1731, proved at York 16 October 1732. 

Curation of Faith and Margaret Hall, 1 7 


Curation of Faith and Margaret Hall, two of the daughters and co- 
heirs of Peter Hall, gen.,' late of the parish of Swillington, deceased, 
granted unto Elizabeth Hall, spinster (their eldest sister), during their 
minority. Dated 15 May 1722. 

Registry of the Exchequer Court of York (Ainstie 1722.^ 

Will of Rev. Vyner Snell, B.D., 1755. 

Vyner Snell, B.D., Rector of Uoddington and Marsh (sir) in the Isle 
of Ely. To wife Margaret Snell, a life interest in copyhold lands &c. at 
Little Revely, Hunts, and in other copyholds held of the manor of 
Doddington cum Membris; testator's mansion or dwelling-house at 
Hartford, Hunts, with use of the furniture therein, and arrears of rent, 
if any, of the several tenants of copyholds at Little Reveley, Hartford, 
Easton, and Elleston, in co. Hunts., and in the Isle of Ely; and also for 

' By Faith his wife, daughter of Thomas Dawnay, the younger, of Selby and Sutton 
Coldfield, and coheir and only married sister of John Dawnay of Gray's Inn. 


Harvey, or on account of testator's share of the estate of late brother, Robert 
[Page 6.] Snell ; together with other copyholds to which she is already admitted for 
her life. At wife's death, the copyhold of Little Revely to go to son, 
William Snell, and to be taken by him in lieu of ^500 directed to be 
paid him by late brother, William Snell, as his nephew and godson; the 
copyholds held of the manor of Doddington cum Membris to youngest 
daughter, Rebecca Snell, and her heirs. Freehold and other property 
in "Marsh" settled in trust for benefit of daughters Elizabeth, Mary, and 
Margaret Snell. Brother Thomas. Sister Frances Snell, spinster. 
Younger sons, John, William, and Peter Snell. Eldest son, Robert 
Snell, to inherit the estate left by late brother Robert, subject to certain 
conditions and life interests. Younger sons, John, William, and Peter, 
and youngest daughter, Rebecca Snell, residuary legatees. Cousin, 
Robert Vyner, Esq.,' guardian of the person and estate of said eldest 
son, Robert Snell, during his minority. Wife, sole executrix and 
guardian of younger children, and from and after her decease or 
marriage, said eldest son to be sole executor. Witnesses: Humphrey 
Marriott, Robt. Summerfield, and Richard Jones. 

Codicil dated 9 March 1747, signed and sealed 6 March 1749, in the 
presence of Mary Hall, Ann Alford, and Richard Allen. 

Second codicil dated 19 July 1749. "In token of a natural love and 
affection, and in grateful acknowledgement of the many kind offices and 
acts of good nature and generosity received from my only brother, S"' 
Thomas Snell, Knight, I give and bequeath to him the sum of ^1000 
to be charged upon the reversion of the estate of our late brother, 
Robert Snell," a further like sum to wife Margaret out of the same 
estate. Signed, sealed and declared 6 March 1749, in the presence of 
Mary Hall, Ann Alford, and Rich'' Allen. 

Third and fourth codicils dated 7 May 1750. Rules and directions 
to be observed by executrix. Int. al. for the payment of an annuity to 
third son, Wiliam Snell, or otherwise the sum of ^^1500 — -one thousand 
pounds thereof as his child's portion, and the other ^500 as a legacy 
left him by brother, William Snell, deceased, as his nephew and godson. 
For payment of annuities or legacies to sons John and Peter,= and to 
youngest daughter Rebeccah, to make her fortune equal to each of her 

Will dated 26 December 1741, proved (with two codicils) at London 
23 April 1 751; third and fourth codicils proved 10 February 1755. 


Seal of Arms {Vyner): "■ A bend charged with a nmllet for difference. 
On a chief two Cornish choughs; the badge of Ulster. 

' Robert Vyner, born in 1683, purchased the Gautby estate, was Member for the 
CO. of Lincoln in six Parliaments, and died in 1777, aged 94. 

° Peter Snell inherited Whitley Court, Upton St. Leonards, under the will of his 
uncle. Sir Thomas Snell, at the decease of his (Peter's) cousin, Mrs. Hyett. By his wife 
Agnes, who died at Cheltenham, he had an only son, Vyner Snell, and four daughters. 


JVill of Margaret Snell, 1794. U^tvt^. 

[Page 6.] 

Margaret Snell' of Great Russell Street, Bloonisbury, widow of the 
Rev. Vyner Snell, late Rector of Dodiiigton and March. To be buried 
at Hartford near Huntingdon, in the grave with late husband, son and 
daughter, and sister, and a marble monument to be put up. To son, 
Peter Snell, estates at Little Reveley, Great Paxton and Toseland, 
Hunts. Daughters, Mary Snell of Edmonton, widow of Mr. William 
Snell, Margaret Barnard, wife of Mr. William Barnard, and Rebecca 
Paris, wife of Mr. John Paris of Wanstead. Five children of said son 
Peter, namely, Vyner, Margaret, Frances, Elizabeth and Agnes Snell. 
Son William Snell, and said daughter Mary Snell, widow, joint e.vecutors, 
the said son William, residuary legatee. Witnesses: Rich'' Thurston, 
Lincoln's Inn, Thos. Breach and Jas. Brooks, his clerks. 

First, second and third codjcils dated 25 April 1790. A further 
bequest to granddaughter Frances Snell. Legacies to servants. "To be 
buried at Hartford, and to have a stone placed over us between the 
iron rails." To "Maid servant Margaret Hall as a reward for her 
attendance on me in my sickness ^^40." A further legacy to daughter 
Margaret Barnard, the widow of Mr. William Barnard. 

Fourth codicil dated 5 July 1794. "I give to my grandson, John 
Snell, ;^2o; to my grandchildren of my daughter Paris, j£^20 each; to 
my grandchildren, the children of my son William Snell, ^20 each to 
buy mourning." 

Will dated 18 October 1783, proved at London 8 December 1794. 

Will of fohii Paris, 1798. 

John Paris of Wanstead, Essex. Marriage Settlement bearing date 
22 November 1768. Wife Rebecca. Son Henry Paris (crossed out). 
Daughters, Rebecca, Margaret, Maria, wife of Thomas Harvey, Elizabeth, 
Sophia. Mr. Thomas Harvey and six of his children. Mr. Thomas 
Furley Forster, jun', Mr. Benjamin Meggot Forster, Mr. Edw'' Forster, 
jun''. Goddaughter, Miss Mary Snell ; Godson, Mr. John Snell. Miss 
Frances Snell of Cheltenham, Mrs. Snell of Edmonton. Old servant, 
Thomas Pape, ^100. Son, Archibald Paris, residuary legatee and 
joint executor with Mr. Thomas Harvey. 

19 Sept. 1798. Appeared personally Archibald Paris of Beech Hill, 
in the county of Middlesex, Esq'', and made oath and so forth. 

Will not dated, proved at London 26 September 179S, by Archibald 

IVill of Rebecca Paris, 1812. 

Rebecca Paris of Wanstead, widow of the late John Paris. No. i 
Memorandum, superscribed "Archibald Paris, Esq., Thos. Harvey, 
Esq., Janv ig"" i8or, wrote by Rebecca Paris." No. 2. Wanstead, 
March 14''' 1806: deceased brother, John Snell, brother W"" Snell, of 
Salisbury Hall, Hertfordshire. No. 3. Wanstead, May 1'' 181 1, super- 

' Testatrix was baptized at Swillington 4 February 1704-5, she died 25 November, 
and was buried at Hartford, near Huntingdon, 4 December 1794. 


Harvey, scribed "Miss Rebecca Paris, wrote by her mother April i" 1811, to be 
[Page 6.] dehvcred to Archibald Paris on the death of her mother." y^ May 
181 2. Unmarried daughters, Rebecca, Margaret, Sophia. Richard 
and Thomas Paris; William Harvey; James and Archibald du Boulay ; 
"the Rev. Mr. Thos. Snell my nephew's eldest daughter, Miss Frederica 
Snell;" the Rev. Cooper Willyams' son, John Vyner (elsewhere written 
Viner) Willyams. Mrs. Willyams Kingston. Faithful servants, Thomas 
Pape (^100), and Francis Skeet, coachman, (^100, in another place 
;^So); June 4"" 1812, signed Rebecca Paris, sen"'. No. 4 is in the form 
of a letter to Thos. Harvey, Esq', Portland Place, dated "May 181 2, 
Wanstead," and superscribed "Thos. Harvey, Esq., Finchley Place, 

20 Oct. 181 2. Appeared personally Archibald Paris of Beech Hill, 
Barnet, in the county of Hertford, Thomas Furley Forster of Hackney, 
and William Snell of Salisbury Hall in the parish of Shenley, Herts, 

Will dated 19 January 1800, proved at London 7 November 181 2, by 
Archibald Paris, Esq., the son, and Thomas Harvey, Esq., the executors, 
according to the tenor, &c. 

fVi// of Leonard Reveley, 1696. 

Leonard Reveley of Woodhouse in the parish of Leeds. To be 
buried at the "new church." To wife Sarah a life interest in all lands 
and buildings : and after her decease, son Leonard Reveley to have the 
house and land which testator had with his said wife. To son, Daniell 
Reveley, a sum of money and a piece of ground in the "ridg" called 
Hodg Roids, after decease of his mother. Son, Cornelius Reveley. To 
(son) Timothy Reveley, a sum of money, and at his mother's death, a 
close at Nethegren called Little Ing, and another close at black mire 
lane side called Stony Roids. Wife sole executrix and residuary legatee. 
Witnesses: Jas. Frather, Nathaniell Dracutt, and Susanna Slingsbie. 

Will dated 21 July 1691, proved at York 3 January 1696. 

Admon of Leonard Reveley, 1709. 

Leonard Reveley' (died in February 1705). Admon dated 2 August 
1709, to Mary Reveley, the widow. 

Registry of the Exchequer Court of York (Ainsty.) 

Will of Thomas Lee, 1737. 

Thomas Lee'' of Leeds, Esq'■^ To wife Mary, the rents of certain 
farms &c. for life, to wit, lands and tenements then demised to 
Christopher Holmes of Summerscales, Thomas Reyner, Joseph Gill, 

' His daughter Mary married Thomas Lee, of Leeds; she died 25 May 1750. 
Northowram Register. 

^ Thomas Lee, second son by the first wife, of John Lee of Sheffield, and afterwards 
of Leeds, was baptized at Sheffield 24 September 1692, and died 24 June 1736; he 
had three younger brothers, Godfrey, James, and Ferdinando Lee. 


John Demaine, John Hohnes, and John Tennant, all within the township Harvey, 
of "Beaniesley," and after her decease, the same premises to son, Thomas [Tagc 6.] 
Lee, and his heirs for ever. To son Timothy, lands <!v:c. in Hunslct in 
the parish of Leeds, then in the tenure of William Nettleton, Joseph 
Wilkinson, Peter Watkinson, Zachary Wilkinson, John Brocklehank, 
Robert Ramsden, John Norfolk, Joseph Smith, John Sykes, and ICdmund 
Wharton. To son James, lands iS:c. in Hunslet, then in the tenure of 
Caleb Metcalfe, Joseph Rolhery, Humphrey Motley, John dray, James 
Garnet, Andrew Mann, William Wild, Joseph Robinson, Joseph Crowther; 
also one other house then empty, but late in the possession of Joseph 
Robinson, and adjoining to J. Crowther's; also two closes of land called 
Craister Land, then in testator's possession, lately bought of Mr. Abraham 
Fenton of Hunslet, Salter. To son John," ^1500 when of age, interest 
thereon at the rate of ^4 per cent, to be paid to his trustee or guardian 
hereinafter named, during his minority. An additional legacy of ^1000 
to each of three sons, Timothy, James, and John. Son Thomas, re- 
siduary legatee. In case son Thomas die before attaining the age of 21, 
his portion to go to second son, Timothy, and the latter's portion to be 
equally divided between sons, James and John; if three of said four 
sons die before coming of age, survivor to inherit the whole ; but if all 
the sons die before coming of age, then the residue to wife and her heirs, 
she in such case paying to cousin Ann, the wife of Mr. Benjamin Wigley 
of Nottingham, gentleman, the sum of ^^looo, and to cousin, Samuel 
Lee of Sheffield, cutler, ;^5oo. Wife to be guardian of said children, and 
executrix. Witnesses: John Banks, Joseph Cliff, and John Way bran. 

Will dated 16 July 1735, proved at York 7 June 1737, by Mary Lee, 
the widow. 

IVill of Thomas Lee, 1774. 

Thomas Lee of Leeds, Esq'. To wife Margaret Lee, ^j^soo, post- 
chaise horses and a saddle horse, jewels, plate, household furniture, &c. 
—part absolutely, and part during life — reversion of the latter to son, 
Richard Lee, at his mother's death. Eldest son, Thomas Lee,^ having 
been amply provided for by marriage settlement of the estate at 
Beamsley and otherwise, to receive a legacy of ;^ioo only. To said 
wife, a life interest in the dwelling-house in Briggate in which testator 
then lived, with the stables &c., with a right of passage to and from the 
same into Boar Lane in Leeds; and in other property in Briggate, then 
or late in the several occupations of Henry Reynolds, James Banks, 
Thomas Upton, Greaves Livesey, Thomas Motley, Thomas Walker, 
Mary Scholey, widow, and Samuel Banks; and also in property in Leeds 
and Hunslet, then or late in the several tenures of John Ainsley, William 
Stead, John Porter, Mr. Richard Markham, Caleb Metcalf, Joseph 
Rothery and Humphrey Motley, except certain buildings and premises 
near said dwelling-house of testator; And from and after her decease, to 
son, Richard Lee and his heirs for ever, together with the buildings and 

' Afterwards K.C. Attorney General. At one time M.P. for Clilheroe, and 
subsequently for Higham Ferrers. At the decease of his only child and heiress, 
unmarried, his portrait, by Sir Joshua Reynolds, and other heirlooms, went to 
Charles Benjamin Lee-Mainwaring, as heir at law. 

' Grandfather of the late Charles Benjamin Lee-Mainwaring. 


Harvey, premises, hereinbefore excepted out of devise to said wife; and also 
[Page 6.] other property in Leeds and Sheffield, and all other real estates of 
testator. Son, Richard Lee, sole executor and residuary legatee. 
^\'itnesses: Charles Barnard, Jonath" Priestley, and Timothy Ley. 
Will dated 21 January 1769, proved at York i April 1774. 

Will of Anthony Markhant, 1731. 

Anthony Markham of Leeds, Merch'. To wife Dorothy, a life 
interest in property at Pudsey and Bramley, charged with an annuity 
payable to Mrs. Eleanor Briggs ; reversion to friends, Thomas Greame 
of London, and William Mawd of Leeds, upon trust for certain uses. 
To eldest son, Richard Markham, property at Pudsey then in the tenure 
of John Taylor, and all the residue of property in Pudsey and Bramley, 
immediately after said wife's decease ; and also testator's dwelling house 
&c. Plate and linnen to be divided equally amongst wife, and daughters, 
Hannah, Margaret, Jane, and Dorothy, share and share alike. Henry, 
Anthony, Thomas, second, third, fourth (and youngest) sons. Testator's 
real estates at Pudsey and Bramley, mortgaged to Mr. Robert Stansfield 
for payment of ;^5oo to Hutton Briggs, son of said Eleanor Briggs, 
upon attaining the age of 21. Eldest son Richard, sole executor. 
Witnesses : Thos. Nettleton, J. Cappe, and Ric. Wilson. 

Will dated 16 November 1731, proved at \^ork 23 December 1731. 

PVill of George Fen ton, 1542. 

George Fenton of Leeds. To be buried in St. Peter's at Leeds before 
the Rood. Wife Elizabeth. Son William. Daughters, Agnes, Grace, 
Alice. Wife executrix. Witnesses : Rich'' Boith, Geo. Symson, Rich'' 
Musgrave, and Alex'' Renie. 

Will dated 20 July 1542, proved at York 19 August 1542. 

IVill of Abraham Fentonn, 1638. 

Abraham Fentonn ■ of Hunslet Woodhouse, in the parish of Leeds. 
Will dated 15 February 1637, proved at York 25 June 1638, by William 
and Thomas Fenton, sons of deceased. 

IVill of William Fenton, 1675. 

William Fenton of Hunslett Woodehouse, in the parish of Leeds, 
Gentleman. Will dated 17 February 1674, proved at York 7 March 
'675, by Alice Fenton, widow, the relict. 

' Testator married more than once. 

IVill of SaraJi Fcnfon, 1 746. Harvey. 

[rage 6.] 
Sarah Fenton of the Glasshouse, in the parish of Rothwell, spinster. 

To brother, James Fenton, jQ.\o. To Marmaduke Reakes of Sheffield, 

£20. To ^Irs. Uewland, wife of Mr. Mark Dewland of Harwich, jQ2o. 

Sister (in-law) Rachael. Brother James, sole executor and residuary 

legatee, jdo for funeral. Witnessed by Chas. Barnard. 
Will dated 3 May 1745, proved at York 12 July 1746. 

IVi/l of [antes Fenton, 1 760. 

James Fenton of Glasshouse, in the parish of Rothwell, Gentleman. 
To wife, lands situate at Leeds Town End, in possession of Thomas 
Moxon, Michael Cottam, and William Wakefield, for life, ^300, property 
in Lodge Farm, choice of plate, &c. To daughter Ayrton, a life interest 
in all rents and profits of houses and lands lately purchased of Thomas 
Hill, surviving acting trusteee of the will of John Todd, late of 
Hunslet. Mr. Richard Ayrton, husband of said daughter. Sons, 
William and Thomas Fenton. To granddaughter Sarah, ^1000. 
Younger granddaughters, Jane, Rachell, Ellinor (Hellen), Elizabeth, 
and Ann, children' of said William Fenton. To grandson James, son 
of said William, all right, interest &c. in the estate belonging to son 
Christopher and his wife ; remainder to the next son of said William, 
and the eldest son of said son Thomas, and their heirs in equal 
portions ; remainder to said William and Thomas, their heirs &c. 
for ever; each respective devisees to hold as tenants in common, 
and not as joint tenants. To Mr. Richard Ayrton, son-in-law, ;^20o. 
To son Christopher, £10, and to his (Christopher's) wife, ;^io, and 
unto their daughter Elizabeth,'' ;^20, and all the plate that was her 
father's. To son, William Fenton, such part of estate as was lately 
purchased of Mr. Johnson and Mr. Bannister Bales, consisting of all 
those capital messuages called North Hall and Spring Gardens, &c., 
now or late in the possession or occupation of James Bentley, Henry 
Nutter, Simon Backhouse, Clark and Neesam, their assigns or under- 
tenants, said premises situated in the parish of Leeds. To son, Thomas 
Fenton, all the estate situated at Woodhouse Hill in the parish of 
Leeds, being part of certain tenements purchased of Charles Bathurst, 
Esq^ and now or late in the occupation of William Willans, also a close 
adjoining the last, in the way to Middleton, in the occupation of Robert 
Jubb, also another tenement then or late in the possession of the said 
Robert Jubb ; also two other closes of land called the Tower Ingg ; and 
another messuage and land called the Weeks, lying within the Liberty 
of Middleton in the parish of Rothwell, left to testator by his father ; 
also Well Croft at Woodhouse Hill ; also a messuage, &c., and six 
closes (three left to testator by his father, the other three purchased of 

' Of these, Sarah married firstly, John Cutforthay, and secondly, William Hoyle, 
but had no issue ; Jane became the wife of Richard Lee ; Rachel married Thomas 
Jaques of Leeds ; Hellen married firstly, Thomas Mainwaring, and secondly. Sir 
Richard Kaye, Baronet, Dean of Lincoln, at whose death in 1810, the Baronetcy 
expired ; Elizabeth married Rev. John Cleaver, D.D., of Malton. 

' Married Col. William Tancred. 


Harvey, said Charles Bathurst), one of which then or lately in the occupation of 
IPage 6.] Thomas Barber, and the remainder in testator's own possession, lying 
and being on the S.E. side of the Lane leading from Woodhouse Hill 
to Middleton (Coal Mines excepted). Also to son Thomas, all that 
messuage, lands, &c., lately purchased of Messrs. Lodges and Miss 
Lodge, known by the name of Banks, situated in the parish of Rothwell, 
in possession of William Pollard, and in testator's own possession. 
Residue to sons William and Thomas Fenton, as tenants in common ; 
said William and Thomas, joint executors. Witnesses : Leo'' Atkinson, 
Rob* Jubb, and John Moxon. 

Codicil dated 7 November 1758, to will of James Fenton, late of 
Glasshouse in Rothwell, but then of Hague-side in the same parish, 
Gentleman. Legacy of ;^3oo to wife revoked. To son-in-law, Richard 
Ayrton, ^^looo upon trust, to pay the interest to testator's wife during 
her life, and after her decease to pay said sum of ^^looo to such 
daughter or daughters of son, William Fenton, by his late wife, as 
testator's wife may direct or appoint, and in default, to all and every 
such daughter of son William in equal shares. To grandson James, one 
hundred guineas when he shall attain the age of twenty years. Wit- 
nesses : Robert Berry, Betty Thompson, and W™ Gilbert. 

Will dated 3 January 1756, proved at York by Thomas Fenton, 
gent", son, and one of the executors named, 12 March 1760. 

Will of Rachel Fenton, 1773. 

Rachel Fenton, widow of James Fenton, late of Hague Side, Roth- 
well, gentlem". Granddaughter, Sarah Fenton, eldest daughter of son, 
William Fenton, residuary legatee and sole executrix. Grandsons, 
William and Thomas, sons of son, Thomas Fenton. Son-in-law, Richard 
Ayrton of Malton, gentleman. To said Sarah Fenton, ;^4oo; and ;^ioo 
apiece to each of said Sarah's sisters, viz., Mary Fenton ; Jane, the wife 
of Richard Lee of Leeds, Esq. ; Rachel Fenton ; Hellen (called Ellinor 
in husband's will) Mainwaring, wife of Thomas Mainwaring, Esquire ; 
Elizabeth Fenton ; Ann Fenton, all daughters of said son, William 
Fenton, by his late wife. Witnesses : Leo'' Atkinson and Sam' Smithson. 

Will dated 27 February 1772, proved at York 18 September 1773. 

Will of William Fenton, 1775. 

William Fenton of the Carr House in the parish of Rotherham, 
Esquire. Son, James Fenton. Five (then unmarried) daughters, Sarah, 
Mary, Rachel, Elizabeth and Ann Fenton, to have the tenant-right and 
interest in the Carr House, &c., with the coach and horses used there, 
and all the cows and hackney or saddle horses. To brother, Thomas 
Fenton of the Haigh-side, Rothwell, Esquire, certain property upon 
trust. To daughter, Sarah Fenton, _;^25oo. To daughter, Mary Fenton, 
;^3ooo. To daughter Jane, wife of Richard Lee of Leeds, Esq"^, ;^iooo. 
To daughter, Rachel Fenton, ^^3000. To daughter Hellen, wife of 
Thomas Mainwaring, Esq', ;^iooo. To daughter, Ann Fenton, ;^3ooo. 
To brother-in-law, Richard Ayrton of Malton, Esq'', ;^3ooo upon trust 


for daughter, Elizabeth Fenton. Son, James Fenton, residuary legatee. Harvey. 
Brother, Thomas Fenton, sole executor. Witnesses: James Kenion, [Page 6.] 
Rob' Read, and Josiah Beckwith. 

Will dated 13 October 1774, proved at London 6 May 1775. 

Will of TJiomas Fenton, 1814. 

Thomas Fenton of Rothwell Haigh, co. of York, Esq'. Friends, 
Francis Maude of Wakefield, Barrister, Arthur Heywood of Liverpool, 
Esq"', John Raper, the younger, of York, Esq', trustees. Son William ; 
son Thomas (and wife.) Nieces, Mary Fenton, Elizabeth Cleaver, Jane 
Lee, Dame Helen Kaye, and Ann Fenton. Kinswoman, Elizabeth 
Tancred, wife of William Tancred, Esq'. Son William, sole executor 
and residuary legatee. Witnesses : John Parnaby, Thos. Rawling, and 
W. Scott. 

Codicil dated 30 May 1808. Witnesses: J. P. Heywood, Frances 
Bayley, and Margaret Heywood. 

Codicil dated 6 December 1810. Witnesses : Geo. Leather, Thomas 
Rawling, and W. Scott. 

Will dated 16 March 1808, proved at York 18 February 1814. 

IVill of Mary Fenton, 1814. 

Mary Fenton of Rothwell Haigh, Spinster. R. B. Livesey of Sowerby, 
Esq., and Rev. J. J. Cleaver of Appleton le Street, trustees. Sisters, 
Sarah Hoyle, Jane Lee, Dame Hellen Kaye, Elizabeth Cleaver, Rachel 
Jaques, deceased, Anne Fenton. Children of sister, Jane Lee, viz., 
William,' Thomas, Leonard, and Charles Lee, and (Margaret) Jane 
Paris; Sophia, wife of said William Lee. Anne Burton and Maria 
Lee, the two surviving daughters of said sister. Dame Hellen Kaye (by 
first husband.') Rev. John Cleaver, son of sister Elizabeth Cleaver. 
Nephews, James Lee, Charles Mainwairing, Thomas George Jaques.3 
Nieces, Mary (Jaques), wife of (Robert) William Brandling, Esq.,* 
Thomasine Fenton, Jane (Cleaver), wife of Robert Bell-Livesey, Esq., 5 
Mary (Cleaver), wife of John Newbery. Brother-in-law, Thomas Jaques. 

■ William Lee of Grove Hall, near Pontefract, Treasurer of the West Riding, born 
II December 1767, married at Silkstone 2 January 1792, Sophia Wentworth, sister of 
Mrs. Diana Beaumont of Bretton. Mr. Lee died 1837, his widow died in March 
1862, both buried at Darrington. 

* Thomas Mainwaring of Kettlethorp, high sheriff of Lincolnshire, 1762, by Helen 
(Fenton) his wife, had a son, Charles Mainwaring of Goltho Hall, co. Lincoln, high 
sheriff, 1801, died s.p. ; and three daughters: Maria, married 4 February 1794, John 
Lee of the Abbey, Knaresborough ; Anne, married 15 December 1794, Benjamin 
Burton of Burton Hall, co. Carlow ; Elizabeth, married George Langton of Langton, 
CO. Lincoln, and died 6 October 1813. 

3 Married Eliza Frances, eldest daughter of William Gore, M.P. for co. Leitrim, 
who died in 181 5. Mrs. Jaques' brother, Mr. William Ormsby-Gore of Porkington, 
CO. Salop, M.P., purchased Mr. Archibald Paris's house in Portland Place. 

■* Robert William Brandling of Low Gosforth, barrister-at-law, J. P. for Northum- 
berland, left issue by Mary (Jaques) his wife, four sons and five daughters; the fourth 
daughter married Sir Peter Fairbairn, and the youngest married Lord Lilford. 

5 Mr. R. Bell-Livesey of Kildale, co. York, his only child and heiress married 
Edmund Turton, M.P., of Brasted Park, co. Kent. 


Harvey. Uncle, Thomas Fenton of Rothwell Haigh, Esq. Cousins, William 
[Page 6.1 Fenton, Mrs. Fenton, widow of late cousin, Thomas Fenton, the 
younger, Elizabeth Tancred. Niece, Mary Newbery, sole executrix. 
Will dated 6 October 1813, proved at York 9 August 1814. 

Admon of William Tancred, 1817. 

William Tancred, late of Rotherham, Esq', deceased, intestate. 
Admon dated 15 March 18 17, granted at Doncaster to Harry Thompson, 
a creditor (Elizabeth Tancred, widow, having survived her said husband, 
but having since died without administering his effects.) 

Registry, Exchequer Court of York. 

IVill of Robert Mould, 1721. 

Robert Mould of Armyn in the parish of Snaith. Sons, Thomas, 
Alexander," and Robert. Daughters, Elizabeth, Ann, and Sarah Mould. 
Grandchildren, Robert and John Peack. Eldest son Thomas, sole 
executor and residuary legatee. Witnesses : George Gofton, Thomas 
Morrison, and Ann Coplay. 

Will dated 21 December 1720, proved in the Peculiar Court of Snaith 
10 May 1721, by Thomas Mould, elder son. 

Will of Thomas Mould, 1735. 

Thomas Mould of Armin. Daughters, Mary and Hellen Mould. 
Son Thomas. Wife Hellen, sole executrix and residuary legatee. 
Witnesses : John Lightfoot, Sarah Mould, and Alexander Mould. Will 
dated 3 November 1734, proved in the Peculiar Court of Snaith 25 
March 1735. 

Will of Archibald Paris, 1857. 

Archibald Paris of West Lodge in the parish of Enfield. Wife 
Margaret Jane, John Harvey (not son-in-law), and son, Charles (Snell) 
Paris, executors. Witnesses : John Hewetson, j', i Catherine Court, 
Tower Hill, and W. H. Godfrey, clerk to the above. 

Codicil dated 25 April 1846. Henry Pai-ker, solicitor at White Lodge, 
Cockfosters, to be an additional executor. Witnessed by G. West, 
gardener (to) Mr. Pare (sic), and Jas. Monk, butler to Mr. Paris. 

Second codicil dated January 1851. Testator having become tenant 
of Abdale House, under Mr. Fulke Southwell Greville of North Myms 

' Alexander Mould of Armyn, married at York Minster 10 April 1 722, Jane 
Mitchell; their daughter Sarah bapt, at Armyn 21 January 1726. 


Place, for 7, 14, or 21 years', lease devised to said wife and unmarried Harvey. 
daughter. Witnessed by John Matthews, gardener, and James Monk, [I'agcO.j 

Appeared personally John Matthews of Enfield, gardener, and (the 
said) James Monk of North Mimms, "gentleman,"' and made oath and 
so forth. Affidavit, 20 November 1857. 

Will dated 13 July 1841, proved at London 25 November 1857. 

Will of Margaret fane Paris, 1865. 

Margaret Jane Paris, late of Beech Hill Park, but then of Trent 
Lodge, Hadley, Middlesex, widow of Archibald Paris, Esq^ Daughters: 
Jane Eliza Paris ; Charlotte, wife of Stanley Percival, Esq. ; Harriet 
(Mary) widow of the late John Hervey, Esq. ; Fanny, wife of Major 
Richard Fawkes. Sons, Richard (Ross) Paris, Thomas, Charles Snell, 
and Rev. Archibald Paris. Children of youngest son, last named. Son, 
Charles Snell Paris, and Henry Parker of Bedford Row, executors. 
Witnesses : Fred. Searle Parker and W'" S. Parker, Sol", 1 7 Bedford 
Row, London. 

Will dated 7 January 1865, proved at London 9 August 1865, by 
Charles Snell Paris. 

IVill of fane Elisa Paris, 1892. 

Jane Eliza Paris of Trent Cottage, Hadley, Middlese.x, spinster. 
Brothers, Charles Snell Paris, Thomas Paris (and Charlotte his wife.) 
Sisters, Fanny Fawkes and Charlotte Percival, residuary legatees. 
Nephews, William Marsh Harvey, Frederick (Mortimer) Harvey ; nieces, 
Mary (Frances) Southey, Catherine (Favel) Jubb, and their sisters — 
children of deceased sister, Harriet Mary Harvey. Major Montague 
Fawkes (eldest), and the other sons of said Fanny Fawkes. Children 
of said Charlotte Percival. Children of late brother. Rev. Archibald 
Paris. Friends, Henry Eardley Aylmer Dalbiac, and Robert Bevan. 
Brother-in-law, Major Richard Fawkes, and Chas. W" Dalbiac, executors. 
Witnesses : F. A. Bevan, 54 Lombard Street, banker, and John Perring, 
butler to F. A. Bevan, Esq., Ludgrove, New Barnet. 

Will dated 8 June 1885, proved at London 4 February 1892. 

Codicil dated 5 March 1890. Nephews and nieces, Mary Southey, 
Kate Jubb, Eleanor Harvey, Annie Tabor, Louisa, Emily, William and 
Fred. Harvey; Montagu, Wilmot, Wentworth, Lionel, Reginald, Algernon, 
and Archibald Fawkes ; Edward Alan, Archibald, and Margaret Percival ; 
Edith White, Helen Walker, Mildred Berkeley, Rhoda Dalbiac, Herbert 
and Archibald Paris— children of the late (Rev.) A. Paris. Legacies to 
charities and servants. Witnesses ; Fanny Warren, Trent Vicarage, and 
Lena Ridsdale, Clapham Common. 

Proved at London 22 March 1892. 

' So styled in the .iffiUavit. 


Harvey. Confirmation of Arms to George Harvey, of 
^^'^''^■■' . Maldon, co. Essex, 1603. 

To all and singular noble and gentlemenne of all estates and degrees 
bearinge armes, to whome these presents shall comme. William Dethicke 
Garter, principall Kinge of Armes of Englande, and William Camden, 
alias Clarencieux Kinge of Armes for the southe, east, and west partes 
of this realme sende Greetings. Know ye that in all nations and king- 
dommes, the recorde and rem'brance of the valiant feats and actions and 
virtuous dispositions of worthy men have been made known and divulged 
by certain Shields of Armes, and tokens of Chivalrie, the graunt or 
testimonie whereof appertaineth unto us by virtue of our offices from the 
King's most excellent Majestic, and his Highnesses Most Noble and 
victorious progenitors. Wherefore, being soUicited, and by certaine 
reporte informed that George Harvey, now of the town of Maldon, in 
the countie of Essex, youngest of four sons of Roger Harvey, whose 
father, for his approved services to her late most excellent highnesse the 
princesse Elizabeth, Queen of England of famous Memorie, was 
advanced and rewarded with lands and tenements in those partes of 
Essex, where they have continued by many descents and borne magis- 
tracie in good regimission and credit ; and for that the s" George Harvey 
having been by the King's Highnesse made a Captain in the Troopes 
now raising for the goode service of his highnesse in the kingdomme of 
Irelande, and having produced unto us this his ancient coate of Armes 
heretofore assigned unto him : In consideration of the premises. And for 
his encouragement in a Foreign Lande, And for the encouragement of 
his posteritie, unto whom such Blazon of Armes and Atchievement of 
Inheritance by the Ancient Laws and customs of Armes may lawfully 
descende. Wee, the saide Garter and Clarencieux, have assigned, 
granted and confirmed, and by these presents exemplified unto the s'* 
George Harvey and to his posteritie that Shielde and Coate of Armes 
viz : In a Shielde of Gules, a bend dexter Argent, charged with three 
Trefoiles Vert, and for his crest or cognizance a lion proper, holding in 
his dexter paw a Trefoile Vert, fixed on an helmet with Mantles and 
Tassels, as more plainly may appear depicted in this Margent, signifyinge 
therby that it may and shall be lawful for him the said George Harvey, 
and that it shall be lawful for his children, issue, and posteritie, to bear, 
use, and quarter, and shew forth the same with their due differences in 
all lawful warlike feats or civil use or exercises, accordinge to the laws of 
Armes and customes that to Gentlemenne belongeth, without lette or 
interruption of any person or persons for using or bearinge the same. 
In witness whereof, and in testimonie of the same, wee have subscribed 
our names, and fastened the seals of our offices. Given at the office of 
Armes, in London, the 3rd day of December, in the first year of the 
reigne of our most gracious Sovereigne Lorde James, by the Grace of 
God, Kinge of Englande, Scotlande, France, and Irelande, defender of 
the Faithe, and soforth, 

W. Dethicke, Garter. 
W. Cambden, Clarencieux. 

The original is in the possession of George Miller Harvey, of Malin 
Hall, CO. Donegal. 




JAMES HULBERT of Eastom born about 1547 left issue two sons . 

JAPIES HULBERT was born in 1614< and died 5L" April 1653 


THOMAS HULBERT of Eastom who married 22i° April l6l9 


RowDEN. Wilts. AND had issue four children 
THOMAS HULBERT of Easton and Wooton Basset was born 



LUCy BORN 1743 DIED 20^^ JANUARV 1840 AND 
andJOHH HULBERT of Corshaw born 1713 married MARV SMITH of 
RowDEM House, CHIPPENHAM died 21? June I799 leaving issue 



KINGTON OF Stowell. Wilts, AND died 19 - December 1801 


Pickwick AND DIED 20^^" May 1817 AND 


Sydenham, Kent.ano DiEDiy"JANUARyl828 leaving foursukviving 


ALEXANDER OF CORSHAM and DIED lOii! December 1866 leaving ISSUE 



6E0R6E ALEXANDER OF Highworth,amd 


FiELD, Corshaw, the lav Rector of this Parish 










HE DIED IN 1733. 





■^i^aeUc/- i:yuij///tod LM'^/r/rf^// . 

Goldney Pedigree. 

For earlier Pedigree, commencing in 15th century, see Baronetage. 

(i.ibriel Goldney of Chippenham, = 
CO. Wilts (son of Gabriel Goldney 
of Chippenham, by Margaret his 
wife, dau. of John Bennett of 
Sniallbrook), born in 1732; Bay- 
liffe of Chippenham in 1766, 1780, 
and 1790; died 3 August, bur. at 
Chippenham 9 August 1790. 

=Sarah Guy of Westrop, Cor- 
sham, CO. Wilts, born in 1736; 
marr. at Chippenham ; died 
29 January, aged 78, bur. at 
Chippenham 5 February 

Arms on record at Ike Collide 0/ Arms,— Vex 
pale, giiles and azure, on a bend engrailed, plain 
cottised argent, between two eagles displayed of 
the last, three garbs sable, banded or. 

Crest. — In front of a garb sable banded as in 
the amis, three cinquefoils or. 

Motto. — Honor \nrtutis proemium. 

Harry Goldney of Chippen- 
ham, born 14 June, bapt. at 
Chippenham 2 July 1774; 
Mayor of Chippenham 
1S20, 1830, 1841 and 1843 ; 
died 2 November, bur. at 
Chippenham 8 November 

^Elizabeth Reade, dau. and 
heiress of Michael Bur- 
rough of Salisbury, l>ord 
of Manor of Alton Priors, 
CO. Wilts; born 15 No- 
vember 1789 ; marr. at St. 
Edmund's, Salisbury, 22 
October 1812 ; died 16 Au- 
gust, bur. at Chippenham 
21 August 1863. 


Sir Gabriel Goldney, Bart, (so created= 
II May i88o),of Beechfield, Corsham, 
and of Bradenstoke Abbey, in parish 
of Lyneham, both co. Wilts; born 25 
July, bapt. at Chippenham 3 December 
1813 ; M.P. for borough of Chippen- 
ham 1865-1885 ; J. P. and D.L. of said 
CO. of Wilts ; Mayor of Chippenham 
1853; High Sheriff of Wilts 1893; 
Lord of Manors of Chippenham, Shel- 
don, Lowden, Bradenstoke, Stanley, 
and Rectory Manor of Corsham, and 
lay Rector of Corsham. 

^Mary Anne, dau. 
of Richard Hay- 
ward Alexander 
of Corsham, and 
of Mary, dau. of 
George Prior of 
Sydenham ; marr. 
at Corsham 1 6 
September 1839. 

William Burrough Gold- 
ney, born 10 June, 
bapt. II August 181 9 ; 
died 6 Sept. 1826, bur. 
at Chippenham. 

Elenora Jane, born 4 
Feb. 1816; died 12 
March 1868. 

Margaret Anne of Clif- 
ton, born 28 Septem- 
ber 1817. 

Sarah Frances, born 1 9 
Sept., bapt. at Chip- 
penham I Nov. 1821; 
marr. at Chippenham 
13 Jan. 1844, William 
Kemm of Corsham, 
M.R.C.S., Coroner for 
Corsham ; born 9 June 
1 81 4; died 18 May, 
aged 73, bur. at Cor- 
sham 23 May 1888. 


Gabriel Prior Goldney of 
Derriads, Chippenham, and 
of the Inner Temple, Bar- 
rister-at-Law ; born 4 Au- 
gust, bapt. at Chippenham 
27 September 1843; ap- 
pointed a Royal Commis- 
sioner for Norwich Election 
Inquiry 1875, Recorder of 
Helstone 1876-1879, and 
of Poole 1879-1882; Re- 
membrancer for City of 
London 1882 ; J.P. for 
Wilts, D.L. for City of Lon- 
don ; Major Royal Wilts 
Yeomanry Cavalry. 

Frederick Hastings= 
Goldney of Rowden 
House, Chippen- 
ham, and of Prior 
Place, Camberley, 
CO. Surrey ; born 26 
May, bapt. at Cor- 
sham 5 July 1845; 
Mayor of Chippen- 
ham 1874-1888, 
J.P. for Wilts and 
for Surrey. 

=Ethel Julia, 
dau. of Henry 
James Fowle 
Swayneof the 
Island, \Vil- 
ton ; Recor- 
der of Wilton; 
marr. at Wil- 
ton 6 Febru- 
ary 1875. 

Sir John Tankervillc Goldney, Knt., of 
Birkenhead, and of the Inner Temple, 
Barrister-at-Law; born 15 June, bapt. at 
Corsham, Wilts, 14 July 1846; Attorney- 
General of Leeward Islands 1880-1S81 ; 
acting Chief Justice 1881-1883, Judge of 
High Court British Guiana 1883-1887, 
Judge of Straits Settlements 1887-1892, 
and nowChief Justice of Trinidad; K.B. 
1893 ; marr. at Birkenhead 9 February 
1875, Jane Macgregor, dau. of John Laird 
of Birkenhead, M.P. for that borough. 

Mary Catherine, born 14 Oct., bapt. at 
Chippenham 16 Oct. 1841 ; died 4 Aug., 
bur. at Chippenham 7 Aug. 1854. 

Katherine Long, 
born 2 2 Oct. bapt. 
at Chippenham 
25 Nov. 1878. 

Mary Delariviere, 
born 4 February, 
bapt. at Chippen- 
ham 17 Mar.i88o. 

Eveline Margaret Hun- 
gerford born 1 1 July, 
bapt. at Chippenham 
28 August 1882. 


Lucy Hulbert, 
born 3 Jan., bapt. 
at Frimley, Sur- 
rey, 1 7 Feb. 1889. 

Henry Hastings Gold- 
ney, born 3 July, bapt. 
at Chippenham 8 Au- 
gust 1886. 


[Page 9.] 


[Page 11.] 

Richards of Halgarrick, co. Cornwall. 

William Richards of Colbrooke, co. Devon 

John Richards of Halgarrick, Crowan, co. Cornwall, born in 1656; died 13= 
May, bur. at Crowan, in vault, 15 May 1750. Will proved 31 November 1750. 

Signature and Seal to a Deed dat^d 23 October 1717. 

Mary Richards, 
a/ias Penhall, 
marr. in 1697 ; 
died 15 Jan- 
uary, bur. at 
Crowan 1 7 Jan- 
uary 1 715. 

John Richards of Halgarrick and Binnerton, born there 24 Feb- =7= Mary Pliilippa, dau. of An- 

ruary, bapt. at Crowan 27 May 169S; died 11 January, bur. at 
Crowan 13 January 1773. Will dated 23 November 1763, proved 
S April 1773. 

Signature and Seal to a Deed dated 23 November 1763, giving 
Binnerton to William Richards. 

thony Arthur of Crowan ; 
born in 1702, bapt. at 
Crowan 7 September 17 10; 
marr. there 27 January 1722 ; 
died in 1764, bur. at Crowan. 

William Richards of Halgarrick and Binnerton ; born at Halgarrick= 
in 1730, bapt. at Crowan ; bur. at Crowan. M.I. Will dated 5 April 
1773, proved 26 November 1792. 

=Grace, dau. of T. Tre- 
venen of Crowan (sister 
of Rev. John Trevenen 
of Camborne); marr. in 
1753; bur. at Crowan 26 
December 1764. 

Rev. John Richards, M.A., L.L.B., born 
at Halgarrick in 1755, bapt. at Crowan 6 
August 1755 ; of Exeter 
College, Oxford, matric- 
ulated 25 May 1772, 
aged 17, ordained 
Deacon 3 August 1777, 
Priest 12 July 1779; 
for 38 years Rector of 
Camborne ; died at 
Camborne 20 June, 
bur. there 25 June 1 824. 
M.I. Will dated 4 July 1819, proved 4 
August 1824. 

=Elizabeth, dau. of John Vivian of Rosewarne, and 
sister of James Vivian of Pencalenick, High Sheriff 
of Cornwall 1772; coheiress of the Pencalenick 
estates, and aunt of Sir Barrington Reynolds of 
Penair, Truro; born at Rosewarne, Camborne; bapt. 
25 May 1 751; marr. at Camborne in 1788; died there 
21 Oct. 1823, aged 69, bur. in Vivian vault at Cam- 
borne. M.I. 

Autograph from a book at Bosvigo, dated 1870. 

From a book at Bosvigo. 


Rev. William Riciiards, born in 1659; of New Inn Hall, 
Oxford, matriculated 20 March 1677, aged 17, B.A. 1681, 
M.A. 1684 ; Rector of St. Allen and Perranzabuloe for 23 
years till his death ; died at St. Allen, near Truro, 6 April, 
aged 73, bur. there 17 A[)ril 1730. 

William Crowgey of I'enryn, son of Johii Crowgey of= 
Tremough ; born 26 June 1731 ; Captain Royal Cornwall 
Miners' Artillery 30 August 1760 ; died 3 March 1806. 

Signature to .1 M.irriai;L' Sclilemcnt ilatcd 21 July 17S3. 

Philippa, born 
at Halgarrick ; 
bapt. at C row- 
an in February 
1735; niarr. 5 

Ann, born at Hal- 
garrick, bapt. at 
Crowan 31 April 
1737; died at Hal- 
garrick, buried at 
Crowan 21 Novem- 
ber 1759. 


Ann, born 5 May 
1756, bapt. at 
Crowan the same 
day ; died there 
in infancy. 

Philippa, born at 
Crowan in 1763, 
bapt. there 6 De- 
cember 1763; 
died at Halgar- 
rick 9 April, bur. 
at Crowan 1 5 
April 1826. 

Grace, born at Hal- 
garrick in 1754, 
bapt. at Crowan 6 
February 1761 ; 
marr. Rev. John 
Allen, who was bur. 
at Crowan 27 Sep- 
tember 1817. She 
was buried in the 
Richards vault at 
Crowan 1 2 May 

•817. . 


William Richards, born at Halgarrick, bapt. at Crowan 
6 August 1758; marr. Susannah, dau. of William 
Richards of Helston (marriage settlement dated 21 July 
1783)- He died at Penryn 17 April 1817, and bur. same 

day at St. Gluvias. =;= 

Sign.nlufts l.i Marriage Selllemenl (iatcd 21 July 1783. 

William Richards of Rose- 
warne, born at Camborne 
17 July 1790, bapt. pri- 
vately, and received into 
the Church 22 July 1791; 
of Exeter College, Oxford, 
matriculated 14 Mar. 18 10, 
aged 19 ; died at Rosewarne 
about i860, bur. in the 
Vivian vault, Camborne. 


Mary, born at Camborne 20 March, pri--pjames Paull of Rosewarne, 

vately bapt. 22 March, and received into 
the Church 25 July 1794 ; marr. at Cam- 
borne, by licence, 14 November 1826; 
became sole heiress on the death of her 
brother; died 31 May, bur. at Camborne 
in the family vault 3 June 1SS2 

Camborne, born 28 June 
1796, bapt. at Camborne 
I Jan. 1797; died 5 April, 
bur. at Camborne 9 April 

^"2^ ,5^t^x^^<»-*v^ 


Autograph from a book at Bosvigo, dated June 4, 1806. 

Philip Richards, born at Halgarrick, bapt. at Crowan 7 May= 
1733: Captain Cornwall Militia, and D.L. for Cornwall 1779; 
died at Bath 7 May, bur. in the Abbey Church, North Aisle, 
II May 1798. M.I. Will dated 5 April 1796. 

Signature to Marriage Settlement dated 24 September 1763. 

'Mary, only dau. of Joseph I.os- 
combe of Bristol: marr. at St. 
James', Bristol, 24 Septcmbc-r 
1763, by license (marriage settle- 
ment dated 24 September 1703); 
died 12 April, bur. at Bath Abbey 
18 April 1800. M.l. 

Signature to Marriage SetlltinenI dated 24 September 1763. £ 

Rev. Joseph Richards, born at Bristol 2 July, bapt. at=f=Anne, dau. of Rev. 

St. Gluvias 2 September 1766; of Exeter College, Ox- 
ford, B.A. 1788, M.A. 1791; Vicar of Wedmore, co. 
Somerset; died there 27 December 1826, bur. at 
Wedmore 3 January 1827. 


Signature to Marriage Settlement dated 5 .\ugiist 1793. 

Josias Foot, Vicar of 
Antony, born in 1768; 
marr. 31 May 1794; 
died at Upland, near 
Plymouth, 3 1 May 
1812, aged 44. 

Signature and Seal (with Arms of Foot) to 
Marriage Settlement dated 5 August 1793. 

Rev. Joseph Loscombe Richards, born at= 
Tamerton Foliott, Devon, 21 February 
1798 ; B.A. 1821, M.A. 1822, B.D. 1832, 
D.D. 1838; Rector of Bushey 1835- 
1838, Rector of Exeter College, Vicar of 
Kidderminster 1 838-1 854, Chaplain to 
Prince Albert 1840; died s.p. at Bon- 
church, Isle of Wight, 27 February, bur. 
at Exeter College Chapel 7 March 1854. 

=Frances Elizabeth, dau. of 
Rev. John Walter Baugh, 
Rector of Ripple, co. Wor- 
cester ; bom at Ripple in 
1812, bapt. there; marr. 28 
September 1837; died at 
Oxford 10 June, bur. m 
Exeter College Chapel 16 
June 1840. 

Arabella Symons, born 
at Tamerton February 
1803; died at St. Ger- 
mans 20 November, 
aged 75, bur. there 26 
November 1878. 

Harriet Elizabeth, born 
in 1807 ; died at St. Ger- 
mans 28 May 1859, bur. 


I I I 

Charles Richards, 
bapt. at St. Gluvias 
19N0V. 1776 : died 
in infancy, and bur. 
at St. Gluvias. 

Philip Richards, 
l)orn before 1796, 
died in infancy, and 
bur. at St. Gluvias. 

Elizabeth died in 
infancy, and bur. at 

St. Gluvias. 

Rev. John Richards, born at Penryn 4 August,= 
bapt. at St. Gluvias 12 September 1771 ; of 
St. John's College, Cambridge, B.A. 1794, 
M.A. 1797 ; Vicar of Wedmore and of St. 
Michael's Bath ; died at Ridgway, near Ply- 
mouth, 15 April 1825, bur. in St. Michael's 
Churchyard, Bath. M.I. 

J/A/h^ ^^^Aif^f^^ 

=Mary, dau. of 
John Salt My- 
vell-Mayow of 
Bray and Salt- 
ash, by Mary 
his wife, dau. 
and coheir 
of Robert 
Doughty of 
Hanworth, co. 
Norfolk; born 
13 Jan. 1774; 
marr. 1 9 Sept. 
1799 ; died 20 
Sept. 1856. 

Anne, bapt. 
at St. Glu- 
vias 8 Aug. 

Mary, born 
in 1769 
bapt. at St, 
Gluvias 24 
April 1769; 
died before 

1793. and 
bur. at St. 


Rev. John William Richards of Corpus Christi College,= 
Oxford, matriculated 13 February 1827, aged 16, B.A. 1831, 
M.A. 1834, Fellow 1834-36, Tutor 1835; Head Master 
Manchester Grammar School 1837-42, and presented to 
the High Mastership in 1839; Vicar of East Harnham, 
Salisbury, 1855-59, which he resigned to work with Keble 
at Hursley Chapel ; afterwards at St. Michael's, Bognor : 
died 30 October, bur. at St. Mary's, Walton by Clevedon, 
2 November 1887. /\ 

=Frances .•\ugusta 
Anne, only dau. 
of Captain John 
Thicknesse, R.N., 
of Bath, and niece 
of Lord Audley ; 
marr. at Bath 22 
June 1836. 

Rev. Tobias Furneaux, born at Swilly 19 April- 
1794; of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, B.A. 1824, 
M.A. 1832, Vicar of St. Germans 1828-1874; 
J. P.; died at St. Germans 20 July, aged 80, bur. 
there 24 July 1874. /^ 

=Anne, born atTamerton Foliott 12 July, bapt. 
there 23 December 1796; marr. at Stoke 
Damerell 17 July 1827; died at St. German's 
22 April, bur. there 27 April 1874. 


William Richards, born at Penryn,= 
bapt. at St. Gluvias 6 July 1775; 
Captain Royal Cornwall Rangers' 
Militia ; died at Penryn 20 May 1830, 
bur. there. 

=Elizabeth Rose, dau. 
and co-heiress of John 
Thomas, M.P. for Corn- 

Rev. James Jen-= 
kin Keigwin, son 
of James Keig win 
of Camborne ; 
born 19 Dec. 
1770; of Trinity 
Coll., Cambridge, 
matriculated 27 
May 1789, B.A. 
1793 ; Rector of 
Withiel; died 31 
July 1829; bur. at 

^Mary Anne, 
born at Pen- 
ryn, bapt. at 
St. Gluvias 4 
Aug. 1773; 
bur. at Cam- 
borne 2 1 
Nov. 1 810. 


Rev. William Upton= 
Richards, born at 
Penryn 2 Mar., bapt. 
at St. Gluvias i July 
181 1 ; of Exeter Col- 
lege,Oxford, matricu- 
lated 29 April 1829, 
aged 1 8, B.A. 1833, 
M.A. 1839 ; first 
Vicar of All Saints', 
Margaret St., 1849; 
died at St. Andrew's 
Place, Regent's Park, 
16 June, bur. at 
Brompton Cemetery 
21 June 1873. 

Caroline dau. 
of Peter Praed 
Cazalet, Judge 
Indian Civil 
Service ; died 
14 Jan., bur. 
at Brompton 
Cemetery 1 9 
January 1890. 

Charlotte, born 
at St. Gluvias 
6 Oct. 1815; 
died 17 Oct., 
bur. at St. Glu- 
vias 20 Oct. 

Elizabeth Skin- 
ner, born at 
Penryn, bapt. 
at St. Gluvias 
17 Sept. 1807 ; 
died in June 
1878, bur. at 
Tideford, Corn- 

U^ , 

Mary Loscombe, born at Penryn in 18 16, 
bapt. at St. Gluvias; marr. in 1838, Rev. 
David Jenkins, son of Rev. Francis Jen- 
kins of St. Clement's, near Truro, of 
Exeter College, Oxford, matriculated 10 
October 18 14, aged 18, B.A. 1818; Vicar 
of St. Gorran 1824; born in 1796; died 
17 March 1869. She died in 1858, and 
was bur. at St. Gorran. 

Ellen, bapt. at St. Gluvias 4 July 1817 ; 
marr. F. Brooking Cummings of Totnes. 

Anne Rose, born 17 January, bapt. at St. 
Gluvias 17 November 1814; marr. 2 Sep- 
tember 1841, Charles Webster, son of 
Charles Webster of Court Hall, Devon ; 
died in 1893, bur. at Clevedon. 


St. George 
died in in- 

Catherine Rose, 
born 8 October 
1838; died 15 
July, buried at 
Hove Church, 
Brighton, 19 July 

Madeline Fran- 
ces Upton, born 
30 June, bapt. 
at St. James's 25 
July 1843. 

George Edward Briscoe Eyre,= 
of Warrens, Bramshaw, Wilts 
(son of George Edward Eyre, 
F.S.A., Barrister of the Inner 
Temple); born 22 Nov. 1840; 
of Balliol College, Oxford, 
matriculated 12 May 1859, 
aged 18, B.A. and M.A. 1867, 
of the Inner Temple, 1861 ; 
J. P. for Wilts. 

=Mary Mildred, 
born 18 Nov. 
bapt. at Christ 
Church, Al- 
bany Street, 
Regent's Park, 
30 Nov. 1848 ; 
marr. at St. 
James's, Pad- 
dington, Dec. 







vvrv« .V -^ 



Facsimile of Portrait, by Hayes, of Richard Preston, 
K.C., bom I J June 1768, died 20 June 1850. 

Pedigree of Pyeston of Barkingdon and IVoolson Green, Cole. 

[Page 12. 

Staverton, co. Devon. 

John Preston (son of Richard Preston, bapt. 21 Decem-=p=Elizabeth, dau. of John 

ber 1655, and bur. at Staverton, co. Devon, 29 March 
1 741, by Elioner Phillips his wife, died 5 November 
bur. at Staverton 8 November 1733, aged 70); bapt. 27 
January 1701; bur. in the Barkingdon Vault in Staver- 
ton Church 26 May 1757. Sold Barkingdon to Sir J. 

Rowe, Rector of Holne, 
CO. Devon ; marr. at 
Holne 21 October 1725. 

John Preston of Exeter College, = 
Oxford, matriculated 5 March 
1754, aged 22 ; Rector of Den- 
bury, CO. Devon ; bapt. at Staver- 
ton 23 September 1731 ; bur. at 
Okehampton, co. Devon, 30 
September 1793. He had five 
other children, all of whom died 
in their infancy. 

"Elizabeth, dau. and eventual co- 
heir of Robert Gidley, 4th son of 
Bartholomew Gidley of Winkleigh, 
CO. Devon, by Frances Dodge his 
wife ; bapt. at Okehampton 6 Fe- 
bruary 1738; marr. there 2 July 
1765; died 28 October 1775, and 
bur. at Okehampton. 

Mary Dodge, Richard Preston, born at Bridestow,= 

born in 1767; co. Devon, 17 June, bapt. there 18 

died s.p., and June 1768; K.C., M.P. for Ashbur- 

bur. at Oke- ton ; died 20 June, aged 82, bur. at 

hampton 17 Alverdiscot 28 June 1850. M.I. 
May 1822. 

Catherine, dau. of John Marsh, 
by Mary his wife ; born 20 Sep- 
tember, bapt. at Bideford, co. 
Devon, 27 October 1775; marr. 
by licence at Bideford 5 October 
1794; died 24 January, aged 
70, bur. at Alverdiscot 2 Febru- 
ary 1846. M.I. 

Marsh, born 
6 Oct. 1795; 
1 813, Henry 
died 1 3 Dec. 
1829, bur. at 


William Scott Preston, 
born 25 March 1798; 
marr. at Blackheath 23 
May 1822, Margaret 
Grace Gordon, dau. 
and coheir of Peter 
Lawrie of Ernespie 
Castle, Douglas, N.B.; 
he died s.p. 27 Jan. 
i860, aged 63, bur. at 
Alverdiscot ; she died 
22 Jan. 1868, aged 68, 
bur. at Alverdiscot. 

Mary, born 1 1 
Dec. 1800; died 
s.p. 8 Apr. 1880, 
aged 79, bur. 
at Alverdiscot. 

Jane, died s.p. 
16 March 1856, 
bur. at Upper 
Norwood. M.I. 

James, born 29 
Feb. 1803; died 
s.p. s Feb. 1843, 
aged 38, bur. 
at Alverdiscot. 

Emma, born 16 April 
1809; died s.p II Dec. 
1874, aged 63, bur. at 
Alverdiscot. M.I. 

Charles Butler Preston, 
born 5 Nov. 181 1 ; died 
II Nov. 1824, bur. at 
Buckfastleigh, Devon. 

Joanna, born 15 Sept. 
1813; marr. in 1852, 
Robert Charles Whyte, 
Capt. R.N. ; died 23 
March 1876, bur. at 
Alverdiscot. M.I. 

John Cole Dicker,' 
born 12 June, bapt. 
at NorthBovey, 26 
June 18 14; died at 
Flintfield, Cater- 
ham 1 1 Sept., bur. 
at St. Luke's, 
Whyteleafe, 14 
Sept. 1878. M.I. 
Took the name of 
Cole in 1833, un- 
der the will of his 
uncle, John Cole 
of Exeter, by Royal 
Licence dated i 
March 1833. 

=j=Catherina, born 
I Oct. bapt. at 
Cambenvell 2 1 
Nov. 181 7; marr. 
at Chulnilcigh, 
North Devon, 
14 April 1842 ; 
died at F'lint- 
field, Caterham, 
10 Dec, bur. 
at St. Luke's, 
Whyteleafe, 1 5 
Dec. 1888. M,L 




[Page 13.] 

Grant of Arms to William Cole Cole of 
Exeter, Banker, 1833. 

To all and Singular to whom these 
Presents shall come Sir Ralph Bigland 
Knight Garter Principal King of Arms and 
Sir William Woods Knight Clarenceux 
King of Arms of the South East and West 
Parts of England from the River Trent 
Southwards send Greeting. Whereas William 
Cole Cole of the City of Exeter Banker 
hath by his Memorial represented unto 
the Most Noble Bernard Edward Duke 
of Norfolk Earl Marshal and Hereditary 
Marshal of England One of His Majestys 
most Honourable Privy Council that being 
desirous that Armorial Ensigns may be 
Established and Confirmed to his Name and 
Family and duly registered in the College 
of Arms He requested the favour that his 
Grace would be pleased to issue His Warrant 
for Our granting and assigning such Arms 
and Crest as might be proper to be borne by the Memoriahst and 
by his Brother John Cole Cole and their Descendants respectively 
according to the Laws of Arms. And forasmuch as the Said Earl 
Marshal did by Warrant under his hand and seal bearing date the 
thirtieth day of March last authorize and direct Us to grant and assign 
such Armorial Ensigns accordingly Know Ye therefore that We the 
said Garter and Clarenceux in pursuance of His Graces Warrant and 
by Virtue of the Letters Patent of Our several offices to each of Us 
respectively granted have devised and do by these Presents grant and 
assign unto the said William Cole Cole the Arms following that is to say 
Or a cheveron between three Pears vert on a Chief ermine a Bull 
passant Sable And for the Crest on a Wreath of the Colours a Bulls 
head couped at the neck Sable horned Or between two Branches of 
Oak fructed proper as the same are in the margin hereof more plainly 
depicted to be borne and used for ever hereafter by him the said William 
Cole Cole and by his Brother the said John Cole Cole and by the 
descendants respectively with due and proper differences according to 
the Laws of Arms In Witness whereof We the said Garter and 
Clarenceux Kings of Arms have to these Presents subscribed Our 
Names and affixed the Seals of Our several Offices this eighth day of 
April in the third year of the reign of Our Sovereign Lord William the 
Fourth by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain 
and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c. And in the Year of Our 
Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty three. 

Ralph Bigland, 

William Woods, 


Facsimile of Portrait, by James Leakey, of Mary, 
daughter of John Cole, and wife of William Dicker, 
born 22 November 1766, died ig June 1^35. 

Facsimile of Portrait, by James Leakey, of Emclyn, 
daiightcr of John Cole, born i March i'/"/4, died i8 
September 1846. 

Will of John Cole, 1833. Cole. 

[Page 12.] 

Appoints William Cole Dicker, John Christopher of London (in place 
of whom Thomas Newman, Esq., of Sandridge, was substituted by 
codicil), and John Furze of London, to be executors. To Sarah his 
wife, ^200 to be paid within one month from his decease, and interest 
of ^4900 5 per cent. Government Stock standing in names of trustees 
of marriage settlement, and lo or 12 dozen of any sort of wine from his 
house in Exeter. To the trustees of marriage settlement of Mary Cole 
Dicker, ^1000. To his sister Emelyn Cole, ;^ioo. To Emclyn Cole 
and Francis Godolphin Bond, Esq., Post Captain in H.M. Royal Navy, 
and Harry James of Exeter, Attorney-at-Lavv, £^(1000 in trust for his 
nieces, Emeline, Elizabeth, and Anne Dicker, in equajl shares, and also 
;^8ooo charged on Hill Barton, in the parish of Heavitree, together with 
house at Moreton Hampstead, called Borough-hay, and two meadows 
called Langhayes, opposite the said dwelling house in trust for his 
nephew, John Cole Dicker, until the age of 21. All the residue to his 
nephew, William Cole Dicker, who with his brother, John Cole Dicker, 
is to assume the name of Cole instead of Dicker, and endeavour to 
procure and obtain His Majesty's Royal Licence for so doing. John 
Cole Dicker to be received as partner in Devon County Bank on attaining 
age of 21, provided that he shall be so inclined, in accordance with 
Articles of Agreement made 20 August 1825, between testator, William 
Cole Dicker and Henry Collins. Testator died 4 February 1833. Will 
dated 3 November 1825, with Codicils dated, first, 1 December 1826; 
second, 14 August 1828 ; third, 18 April 1830 ; and fourth, 23 April 1830. 
Proved 5 March 1833 at Exeter, by William Cole Cole, John Furze, and 
Thomas Newman, Esq". 

Monumental Inscriptions. 






MARY DIED 8^" MAY 1 854 AGED 1 6. 



On a Cross in Hendon Churchyard, Middlesex. 





AGED 63. 



AGED 63. 



AGED 79. ^^ Alverdiscot, Devon. 


Cole, s.M. 






WHO DIED THE 25 SEPT. 1859 AGED 5 1. 










At North Bovey, Devon. 






DIED 4 FEB^ 1833 


Inscription on stone formerly over the vault jvhere John Cole 
atid Etnelytt his sister arc buried, novo removed outside the 
south ivallin the pathway, at St. Leonard's Church, Exeter. 






BORN 16 FEBRUARY 1 76 1 

DIED 4^" FEBRUARY 1 833. 







Tablets now in the Tower at St. Leonard's Church, Exeter. 



[Page 12.] 


John Cole Cole, son of William Dicker and Mary his wife, dau. of 
John Cole, who died at Flintfield ii September 1878. 


Emelyn Cole dau. of John and Elizabeth Cole, 

died unmarried 18 September 1846, and buried 

in St. Leonard's Church, Exeter. 

i/jA^^o^A^ <^^-t^:^— — - J'^^ 

Isabella Cole (born 25 August 1770), 

dau. of John B. Salmon, and wife of 

William Cole of Baltimore, to letter 

dated Baltimore, 11 August 1857. 

William Cole Cole, son of William Dicker 

and Mary his wife, dau. of John Cole, 

died 16 April 1873. 

William John Cole of Baltimore, U.S., son of 
William Cole of Baltimore (who died Septem- 
ber 1822), by Isabella his wife, dau. of John 
B. Salmon, to letter dated Baltimore, 2 
February 1837. 


^^ i^ir^iTo c^ ^^ 

Elijabeth Agatha Cole, dau. of 
William Cole, by Isabella Salmon 
his wife, to receipt dated Balti- 
more, 8 September 1847. 

Conder. Extracts from the Registers of the Parish Church 

[Page 1 8.] 

of Kirkby-Lonsdale, co. IVestmor eland. 


1539. Agnes Conder. April xiii. 

1539. John Conder filius Rowland!. September. 

1540. Mabell Conder filia Rowland! 

1543. Christopher Conder filius Rowland!. January. 

1544. Alice Conder filia Robert!. October xii. 
1546. Agnes Conder filia Rowland!. April. 
1548. Katherin Conder filia Rowland!. January. 

1550. Margareta Conder filia Richardi. January xxx. 

1551. Alice Conder filia Richardi. Feb^ xxiv. 

1552. Margareta Conder filia Adam. June. 

1552. Arthur Conder filius Rowland!. Oct^ 

1553. William Conder filius Rowland!. July. 
1553. Robert Conder filius Adam. Feb^. 
1561. Robert Conder. Dec^ 

1561. Mabell Conder filia Joh'is. Dec'. 

1563. John Conder filius Joh'is. Dec'. 

1570. John Conder. 

1 57 1. Willi Conder filius Joh'is. Sep'. 
1 57 1. John Conder. 

1 57 1. Leo Conder. June. 

1573. Elizub Conder filia Joh'is. May. 

1573. Christopher Conder filius Richardi. April. 

1574. John Conder. 

1577. Elizabeth Conder filia Richardi. May. 

1579, Margareta Conder filia Jenkin. Aug' 5'^ 

1580. Willi Conder. 

1585. Margareta Conder filia Willi. 

1588. Christopher Conder filius Willi. 

1589. John Conder. 
1598. Rowland Conder. 
1603. John Conder. 
1606. Jacob Conder. 
1606. Rowland Conder. 

1606. Edward Conder oh. infans. 

1606. Christopher Conder. 

1608. Elizabeth Conder filia Edwardi. July 31='. 

1608. Edward Conder filius Rowland!. June. 

1610. Edward Conder filius Edwardi. April 29*''. 

161 1. Jane Conder filia Rowland!. 

1612. John Conder filius Edwardi. April s"" 
1615. . . . Conder fil. . . . 

1 6 18. Henry Conder filius Rowland!. 

1 62 1. Rowland Conder. 

1624. Mabell Conder filia Christopher. 

1626. Margareta Conder, 


i635- Margaret Conder filia Joh'is. Conder. 

1638. Agneta Conder ("ilia Joh'is. [I'agc 18.] 
1641. John Conder filius Joh'is. 

1651. Ahce Conder dau. of Edward. April 20. 

1652. Edward Conder son of Christopher. May 13. 

1653. Alice Conder dau. of Chri.stophcr. July. 

1653. Edward Conder son of Edward. May 12"". 

1654. Jane Conder dau. of Christopher. Sep. lo"". 

1655. John Conder son of Edward. Dec. 2"<'. 
1657. Margaret Conder dau. of Edward. March 28. 
1660. Sara dau. of Edward Conder. Nov. 18"'. 
1660. Margaret da. of Christopher Conder. 

1663. John son of Edward Conder. May. 

1697. Richard Conder son of Christopher C. May 17"', 

1703. Mary dau. of Edward Conder. Aug. 27"" • 

1759, Edward son of Edward Conder yeom. Oct. ^'■^. 

1 761. Mary Conder dau. of Edward de Mansergh. Oct. s"'. 

1764. John Conder son of Edward of Old Town. Sep. 30. 

1792. Aug.22. Jane Conder dau. of Edward of Old Town. Angst 23. 

1794. Sep. 21^'. Joseph Conder son of Edward of Old Town. Sep. 2i*'. 

1798. April 22. John Conder son of Edward of Old Town. April 2 2"<'. 

1799. Richard Conder son of Edward of Old Town. April ig"'. 
1803. Sep. 27. Robert Conder son of Edward of Old Town. Sept''27"'. 
1806. Sep. 9'''. RobertConder son of Edward of Old Town. Sep. 9"'. 


1542. Robert Conder et Jane Wilson. 

1549. Richard Conder et Joan Hardye. Janv ix. 

155 1. Adam Conder et Alice Harlgeorge. Feb'^v. 

1561. Robert Conder nupt erat. July xx. 

1574. John Conder nupt erat. noum xi. 

1580. Wili Conder nupt. . . . 

1606. Edward Conder et Alice Glover. Sepf 14"'. 

162 1. Jacobus Conder et Esabell. 

1634. John Conder et Agnes Rutcheson. 

1637. Richard Bayliff et Alice Conder. 

1639. Edward . . . et Margaret Conder. 

1649. Edward Conder et Alice Saulle de Kyr Bye. Feb. 22. 

1692. Richard Conder et Mabel Burrow de Lupton. May. 

1699. Christopher Conder of Mansergh to Dorothy Wackworth of 

Sedberg. Sep. 1$'^. 

1757. Edward Conder of Mansergh to Mabel Muckalt of Cartmel. 

June 27. 

i8f6. John Conder of Dent & Elizabeth 2"'' dau. of Arthur Robinson 

of Fell House. May ig"". 


1541. Margareta filia Leo Conder. Feby. 

1542. Edward Conder. Feb^ viii. (S"'.) 
1544. Alice Conder filia Joh'is. Dec''. 



[Page l8.] 






J 700. 





. . . Leonard Conder. May. 

Sybell Conder. Aprilis. 

Margareta Conder. Aprilis. 

Alice Conder. May vii. 

Catharina Conder. May x. 

Margaret Conder. Noum. 

Roland Conder. 

. . . Conder. 

Christo'' Conder. 

William Conder, 

Leo Conder. Aprilis. 

Joh'is Conder son of John. 

Joh'is Conder. May. 

Joan Conder. Feby. 

Rowland Conder. 

Joh'is Conder. Feb"'y. 

Joh'is Conder. 

Joh'is Conder. 

Ricardus Conder. May 4. 

Joh'is Conder filius Ricardi. 

Jo . . Conder. Aug^'. 

Joh'is Conder. May. 

Willi Conder. January. 

Robertus Conder. 

Infantis Joh'is Conder. 

Rowland Conder. 

Rowland Conder. 

Infant Edwardi Conder. 

Elizab Conder filia Edwardi. 

Joh'is Conder. 

Edward Conder 

. . . Conder. 

Rowlandus Conder. 

Richardus Conder. 

Christopher Conder. 

James Conder filius Richardi, 

John Conder filius Jacobi. 

Jacobus Conder. 

Agnes Conder. 

Agnes Conder filia Joh'is. 

Sibell Conder v.c. Joh'is de Hutton-Roof. 

Edward son of Christopher Conder de Mansergh 

Alice Conder dau. of Christopher de Mansergh. 

John Conder de Hutton-Roof. October 7" 

John Conder son of Edward of Old Town. 

Issabell Conder wife of Robert. Sept^ 

Robert Conder of Hutton Roof. Jany. 

John Conder son of Edward. Sept"^ 17"'. 

Issabell Conder de Kirkby. March. 

John Conder of Hutton. Feby. 

Edward Conder of Old Town. Oct"^ 7*''. 

Christopher Conder of Mansergh. March. 

Mary dau. of Robert Conder of Hawkrigg Yeom 

Oc'"' 25"'. 


Aug' 3" 

Feby 2i»'. 


1702. Agnes Conder wife of Robert de Hawkrigg. July. Conder. 

1706. Margaret dau. of John Conder, Winn V'eats. [Page 18.] 

1706. Alice Conder widow of Old Town. Nov"' 26"'. 

1706. Ann Conder widow of \Vinn Yeats. 

1709. Mary wife of Edward Condor of Old Town. Ocf 9"*. 

1724. Edward Conder of Old Town Mansergh. March 21*'. 

1727. Mable Conder widow of Old Town. November. 

1768. Edward Conder Kt. 76. July 28'''. 

1806. Robert son of Edward Conder. April 22'"'. 

1809. Elizabeth Conder xt. 46. Dec"' 29"". 

1824. Mable Conder widow net. 96. July 21". 

1843. Edward Conder xt. 84. Febv 6"'. 

Most of the entries before IJ40 are given in tlie original Registers 
under the year only, but without date of month or day. 

Extracts from the Register of the Parish Church 
of Beet/uiiii, co. Westmoreland. 

1 6 10. Dec"^ 15'. John the son of John Conder, baptised. 
16 14. Edw'^ the son of John Conder buried the 13"' May. 

Margaret the wife of John Conder buried xi July. 

Jane the wife of John Conder buried the .xxix January. 
1616. John Conder and Margaret Freston married July 8"'. 
1620. Margaret the daughter of Jo : Conder bapt : Marcii i"'. 

Margaret the wife of John Conder buried Marcii 7'*'. 

1630. Jofines filius Xtopheri Conder bapt : Aprili 4'''. 

1631. Margareta filia Xtopher Conder bapt : Januarie 6"'. 
1634. Agneta filia Xtopheri Conder bapt : 9''"^ 23"'''. 

1636. James Califu and Margrat Conder married Nov. 22"''. 

1637. Johnes filius Xtoferi Conder bapt : Aprili 10"'. 

1638. Jotiis filius Xtofer Conder sepult. Julii 18"". 
1640. EUina filia Xtofer Conder bapt. Aprili 19*'^. 

1662. Christopherus filius Johannis Conder baptizatus vicessimo octavo 
die Septenibris. 

1664. Roger Dickenson et Alice Conder in connubio juncti vicessimo 

die mensis October. 

1665. Robertus Holm de Aickholm et Hellena Conder de Beetham in 

conubio juncti sunt quinto die mensis Septembris. 
1682. Susanna filia Rich: Conder de Akebank baptiz : octavo die 

1684. Rebecca filia Richardi Conder de Akebanke bapt : erat vicessimo 

septimo die Decembris. 
1 686. Maria filia Ricardi Conder de Akebanke bapt. erat ultimo die 

16S9. Janna filia Ricardi Conder de Conforth sepult. erat ultimo die 

Susanna filia Ricardi Conder de Aikebank baptiz : erat visessimo 

nono die Julii. 
1692. Christopherus filius Ricardi Condor de Aikebank baptizatus 

erat trisissimo die Aprilis. 
1695. Richardus filius Ricardi Conder de Aikebank bapt : erat decimo 

quarto die Aprilis. 


Conder. 1702. Robertus filius Ricardi Conder de Aikbank natus vicessimo 
[Pairc 18.1 quinto die Januarii et baptiz : undecimo die Feb". 

Maria filia Ricardi Conder de Aikbank sepulta erat April 22"''. 
Hugo Armystead of Bentham & Rebecca Conder of Bcetham 

married April 21". 
Richardus Conder Hand senex Januarii quarto 4. 
Christopherus Conder & Thomasina Madeson, both of Betham 

married Sepf 2"''. 
Ricardus son of Christopher Conder of Farleton Baptized August 

Christopherus Conder, Aikbank, buried Feb: 14. 
Richard son of Christopher Conder of Akebank buryed Sepf 7"". 
Thomas Lewis of Kirkly Kendale & Thomasin Conder in Parish 
of Betham marryed November i^' by License. 







Extracts from the Register of the Parish Church 
of Croydon, co. Cambridge. 

Jacob the son of Ri: Conder & Rhoda his wife baptized Novemb 12''' 1675. 
Thomas Conder y*' son of Robert Conder and Elizabeth his wife was 

baptized July y" 10 day 1697. 
Robert Conder the son of Robert Conder and Elizabeth his wife was 

baptized March the ninth 9"^ 1698. 
Richard Conder the son of Robert Conder and Elizabeth his wife was 

baptized May 15, 1701. 
June 24*'' 1703. Anna Conder the daughter of Robert Conder and 

Elizabeth his wife was baptized June 24"". 
An Condor the dafter of Jacob Condor and Sarah his wife born April 

18, 1705. 
Martha y= daughter of Robert «& Elizabeth Conder bap"' June y" 3" 1705. 
Mary the Daughter of Robert Conder and Elizabeth his wife was 

baptized August 11*'' 1706. 
Richard Conder Jun"' married to Rodha Hall Decemb' the i5''V74. 
John Conder was buried May 27/79. 
John Conder of S. George Hatly was buried the 27'"^ of May 1679: & 

on the 2^ day of June a certificate was brought that the s'' John 

Conder was buried in sheeps wooll onely. Affidavit being made 

before Geffry Nigtingale Esq'''. 
The 21 day of March a certificate was brought to me that Mary Conder 

was buried in sheeps wooll onely. 
Mary Conder the wife of Ri : Conder buried March 28"' 1680. 
Ann Conder the daughter of Robert Conder and Elizabeth his wife was 

buried in Sheeps wooll according to a Late Act of Parliment 

affidavit being made before M' Feazar September 27, 1703. 
Mary Conder the daughter of Robert Conder and Elizabeth his wife was 

buried in sheeps wool only according to an act of parliament 

affidavit being made before M'' feazor February 28 i7of. 
Robert Conder was buried January 9, 1709. 
Jabez Conder was buried ye 27 Day of October 1727. 
Joshua Conder Dyed July y*^ 15 and buried y^ 17"' 1731. 
June 12"'. Joseph son of John & Susannah Conder was buried. 






















BORN MAY 169-1. BURIED. lULY 26V" 1765. 












Pedigree of GresJiam. 

Edward de Gresham.== 
Edward Gresham of Aylmerton, co. Norfolk. 

Leveson Gower. 

[Page 21.] 



John Gresham of Gresham, co. Norfolk, living i36s.=j=Margaret. 

John Gresham of Holt, co. Norfolk, living 1432, died 1460.=]- 

I • 
James Gresham of Holt,=T=Margaret, dau. of William Billingford of Blackford, co. 
I Norfolk. 


I St wife. 

John Gresham of Holt.=[=Alice, dau. and heir of Alexander Blylh of 
I Stratton, co. Norfolk. 

Sir John Gresham, Knt., 3rd son, J.ord Mayor of=i=Mary, dau. and heir of William Ipswell 

London 1547; died 23 October, bur. in St. 
Michael Bassishaw Church, London, 25 October 
1556. Purchased Titsey in 1535. 

I . 
William Gresham, Esq., of Titsey, born= 
25 April 1522; Sheriff of Surrey and 
Sussex, 1564 and 1567; died 21 June 
1579, bur. at Titsey. 

of London, mercer; died 21 September 
1538, bur. in St. Mary Aldermanbury 
Church, London, ist wife. 

=Beatrice, dau. of Thomas Guy- 
bon of King's Lynn, co. Norf. ; 
died 22 May, bur. at Titsey 
27 May 1604. 


Sir Thomas Gresham, Knt., 2nd son ;=j=Mary, dau. of John Lennard of Chevening, and 

died at Limpsfield i July, bur. at 
Titsey 3 July 1630. 

Sir Edward Gresham, Knt., 2nd= 
son; died at Limpsfield 2 January, 
aged 53, bur. there 7 January 164!^. 

relict of Guildford Walsingham ; died 2 December, 
bur. at Titsey 7 December 1620. 

=Mary, dau. of Abraham Campion of Putney, 
and relict of Gabriel Wight of Brockham, co. 
Surrey; died in 1668, bur. at Limpsfield. 
2nd wife. 


Sir Marmaduke Gresham, Bart., bapt. at Betchworth,=j=Alice, 
CO. Surrey, 24 January 1627; created Baronet 31 
July 1660 ; died 14 April, aged 68, bur. at Titsey 20 
April 1696. 

only dau. of Richard Corbet, 
Bishop of Norwich ; born in 
died at Titsey i September, 

1626 : 
bur. there 3 September 1682. 

Sir Charles Gresham, Bart., 2nd son,= 
born 30 May 1660 ; died at Titsey 28 
March, bur. there i April I7r8. 

=Mary, dau. of Dr. Godfrey of Ongar, 
CO. Essex ; bur. at Titsey 4 March 
1749, aged 88. 

Sir Marmaduke Gresham, Bart., bapt. at=pAnne, dau. of William Hoskins of Barrow Green, 

Mortlake 14 July 1700; died at Bath 2 
January, bur. at Titsey 21 January 174A. 


Oxted, CO. Surrey, bapt. at Westerham 24 De- 
cember 1696; died 22 August, bur. at Titsey 31 
August 1768. 

Sir John Gresham, Bart., 2nd son, bapt. at Tit-= 
sey 9 October 1735; died at Brompton 20 Sep- 
tember, bur. at Titsey 30 September 1801. 


'Henrietta Maria, dau. of Sir Kenrick 
Clayton, Bart.,of Marden,co. Surrey; 
l)orn in 1737 ; died 26 January, bur. 
at Titsey 3 February 1804. 

Katherine Maria Gresham, only dau. and=f=William Leveson Gower, 3rd son of Admiral 
heiress, born n February 1770; died 7 the Hon. John Leveson Gower; born 6 August 

October, bur. at Titsey 17 October 1808. 


1779; died 3 October, bur. in St. James's 
Church, Clapham, 10 October 185 1. 


Leveson-Gower. Gvesfiam MS. 

[Page 21.] 

It is curious that the dates given in this MS., 1437, 1440, and 1442, 
are clearly in error, and should be 1537, 1540, and 1542, as can 
be proved by the names of the persons given in the baptismal entries. 
The three children whose births are recorded were daughters of William 
Hardyng by his wife, who was a daughter of John Gresham of Holt, 
CO. Norfolk, and sister of Sir John Gresham of Titsey, Knt., Lord 
Mayor of London in 1547. He appears as godfather to Ellyn Hardyng, 
and is called her uncle. Mystris Ellynor Marshe must have been 
William Hardyng's mother by her first husband, and have married a 
second husband. Elizabeth Packyngton, called her aunt, was a sister 
of William Hardyng, and wife of Humphry Packington. Mary Gresham, 
one of the godmothers, was the first wife of Sir John Gresham, Knt., 
and daughter and heiress of William Ipswell of London, Mercer. She 
died 21 September 1538, and was buried in St. Mary Aldermanbury 

With regard to the Sponsors of Francys Hardyng, no account can be 
given of Mystris Margryt or of Wynefryd Clement. John Marshe, her 
uncle, was brother of William Hardyng's wife Cecily. She remarried 
Robert Warner. The John Marshe who appears in the Gresham 
Pedigree was the husband of Alice, daughter of William Gresham, 
Mercer, elder brother of Sir John Gresham, Knt. This John Marshe 
was probably his father, and husband of " Mystris Eleanor Marshe " 
mentioned above. 

The godmother of Katheryn Hardyng was Katherine, second wife 
of Sir John Gresham, Knt. (relict of Edward Dormer of Fulham, Esq.) ; 
she survived him, and was buried in St. Michael Bassishaw Church 9 
January 157^. William Southwood, possibly the husband of the Mystrys 
Southwood, the godmother, is a legatee of the will of Sir John Gresham, 
Knt., 1552. Master Wyllm Lock, the godfather, was Sheriff of London 
in 1547, the year in which Sir John Gresham was Lord Mayor; he was 
knighted, and was a member of the Mercer's Company. He died at 
his house in Bow Lane 24 August, and was buried in the Mercer's 
Chapel 27 August 1550. 

William Hardyng, the father of these children, was elder son of 
Robert Hardyng, of Cranley and Chelsham, co. Surrey. He was a 
Citizen and Goldsmith of London, and died 7 September 1549. By 
• the Inquisition taken upon his death, it was found that he left two 

daughters his heirs, Helen aged 12 years and-a-half, and Katherine 
aged seven years and four months. His will (P.C.C. Popuhvell 40) is 
dated 6 September 1549, and was proved 21 October following by 
Cecily his wife. He desires to be buried in St. Mary Magdalen Church, 
Milk Street, London, and mentions his wife Cecily, and his two daughters 
Elen and Katheryne. He bequeaths to Sir John Gresham, and to his 
wife, rings of gold, and the same to Sir William Lock and Mr. John 
Merche, his wife's brother. To his daughter Elen his Manor of Watvyles, 
CO. Surrey, and all his lands in Chelsham, Adyngton, Walingham, and 
P'arleigh, co. Surrey, and lands in Cudham and Chelsfield, co. Kent. 
To his daughter Katheryn, the ALinor of Knolle, and all lands in Cran- 
leigh, Hascomb, and Banstede, co. Surrey, and a tenement called Horsty 
in Cudham, co. Kent. 



»♦•• «n»i 

'^T^'^'*^ ^^*-^^^ 

- I - — — T?^^'- /» -7 




From a MS, in the Sajfron Walden Museum. 





I- a: 

r - 



o o 

o L^ 

CO 0, 

LU f^ 

-I Li. 

5 ° 

< -1 

-j LU 

o " 

1- LU 

o ? 





Elen Hardyng, the elder daughter, married first, Richard Knivet Leveson-Gowen 
of Radford, co. Warwick, who died i November 1559; and secondly, [Page 21.] 

before 12 May 1575 (as at that date he presented to the Vicarage of 
Radford in right of his wife, as Thomas Browne), as his second wife, 
Thomas Browne, of Betchworth Castle, co. Surrey; he was knighted in 
1576, and died 9 February 159^. 

Katherine, the second daughter, married 7 August 1559, Richard 
Onslow, Recorder of the City of London 1563-66, appointed Speaker 
of the House of Commons in 1566. He died at Onslow, near 
Shrewsbury, of fever in 1571, and was buried in St. Chad's Church, 
Shrewsbury, where a monument to his memory was erected by his wife 
Katherine. She married secondly, Richard Browne, brother to Sir 
Thomas Browne, Knt," 

It is to be noticed that these baptismal entries are identical in 
form with those of the children of Sir John (Iresham, Knt. (Add. MSS., 
Brit. Mus., 6239). 

Altar Tomb to IVilliani Leveson Gower in the 
Chapel of Titsey Church. 

The Altar Tomb is of Caen stone, with shafts of coloured marbles, 
and is surmounted by a slab of alabaster on which is a raised cross, 
copied from one on a stone coffin-lid of the thirteenth century, which 
lies under a yew tree in the garden at Titsey Place. 

The inscription, reading from the south-west angle, is : — 







The Shields with Coats of Arms, beginning at the same angle, represent 
the alliances of the Gresham family, viz ; — 

I. Argent, a chevron ermines between three mullets pierced sable 
(Gresha/n) ; impaling. Sable, two bills indorsed in saltire argent 
{Billingford.) James Gresham of Holt, co. Norfolk, living 
1442-97, married Margaret, daughter of William Billingford of 
Blackford Hall, co. Norfolk. 

■ The following Marriage Allegation occurs in the Bishop of London's Registry : 
"1578-9. January 17. — Richard Browne, Esq., and Katherine Onslowe, Widow, of 
St. Anne, Blackfriars ; General Licence. 

Will of Mrs. Katherine Browne of Lethered, co. Surrey, dated 21 October 1598, 
proved in the Surrey Archde.-iconry (238 Herringham), 8 February 159S-9, by Roger 
Howe, for Richard Browne, the Executor. To her youngest daughters, Ilellyn and 
Elizabeth Browne, all her lands in the hands of Sir George Moore, Knt., and Francis 
Browne, Esq. Makes her husband, Mr. Richard Browne, full Executor of her will. 


Leveson-Gower. 2. Gresham; impaling, Or, a chief indented sable [Blyih).'^ John 
[I'age 21.1 Gresham of Holt, son of James Gresham, married Alice, daughter 

of Alexander Blyth of Stratton, co. Norfolk, heiress of her 
brothers John, William, and Ralph Blyth. 

3. Gresham; impaling. Azure, a fess dancette ermine between six 

falcons' heads erased or {Ipswell). Sir John Gresham, Knt., 
purchased Titsey in 1535 ; he was Lord Mayor of London in 
1547 ; married Mary, daughter and heiress of William Ipswell of 
London, Mercer; he died in 1556. 

4. Gresham; impaling, Or, a lion rampant sable debruised with a 

bend gules charged with three escallops argent {Guybon). 
William Gresham of Titsey, eldest son and heir of Sir John 
Gresham, married Beatrice, daughter of Thomas Guybon of 
King's Lynn, co. Norfolk; he died in 1579. 

5. Gresham : impaling. Or, on a fess gules three fleurs-de-lis of the 

field {Lennard). Sir Thomas Gresham of Titsey, Knt., second 
son, and heir of William Gresham, married Mary, daughter of 
John Lennard of Knole and Chevening, co. Kent, widow of 
Guildford Walsingham ; he died in 1630. 

6. Gresham ; impaling. Argent, on a chief gules an eagle displayed 

or {Campion). Sir Edward Gresham of Limpsfield, Knt., second 
son of Sir Thomas Gresham, and heir of his brother. Sir John 
Gresham, Knt., married Mary, daughter of .\braham Campion of 
Putney, widow of Gabriel Wight of Brockham, co. Surrey; he 
died in 164I-. 

7. Gresham; impaling. Or, a raven proper {Corbet). Sir Marmaduke 

Gresham, second son and heir of Sir Edward Gresham, created a 
Baronet in 1660, married Alice daughter of Richard Corbet, 
D.D., Dean of Christ Church, and Bishop of Norwich ; he died 
in 1696. 

8. Gresham ; impaling, Gules, on a canton or a bend of the first 

{Godfrey). Sir Charles Gresham of Titsey, Bart., F.R.S., second 
son of Sir Marmaduke Gresham, and heir of his brother. Sir 
Edward Gresham, married Mary, daughter of Dr. Godfrey of 
Ongar, co. Essex; he died in 171S. 

9. Gresham ; impaling, Per pale gules and azure, a chevron engrailed 

or, between three lions rampant argent {Hoskins). Sir Marma- 
duke Gresham, Bart., eldest son and heir of Sir Charles Gresham, 
Bart , married Anne, eldest daughter of William Hoskins, Esq., 
of Barrow Green, O.xted, co. Surrey ; he died in 1742. 

10. Gresham; impaling, Argent, a cross sable between four pellets 

{Clayton). Sir John Gresham of Titsey, sixth and last Baronet, 
married Henrietta Maria, elder daughter of Sir Kenrick Clayton, 
Bart., of Marden, co. Surrey : he died in 1801. 

11. Gower and Leveson quarterly ; i and 4, Barry of eight, argent and 

gules, over all a cross patonce sable {Gower) ; 2 and 3, Azure, 
three laurel leaves erect or {Leveson) ; over all, on an escutcheon 
of pretence. Argent, a chevron ermines between three mullets 
pierced sable {Gresham). William Leveson Gower (third son of 
Admiral the Hon. John Leveson Gower, only son of John, i^' 

■ These Arms should be Or, a chevron between three lions rampant sable ; and 
are so quartered by Sir Marmaduke Gresham, first Baronet. 




Earl Gower, by I-^ady Mary Tufton, his third wife, one of the 
daughters and coheirs of Thomas, 6"> Earl of Thanet), married 
in 1804 Katherine Maria, only child and heiress of Sir John 
Gresham, Bart. ; she died in 1808 ; he died in 1851. 

Quarterly : i and 4, Gower and Levcson quarterly ; 2 and 3, 
Gnsham ; impaling, Argent, three bucks' heads erased proper 
within a bordure counter-compony, or and azure {Doyle). 
William Leveson Gower of Titsey Place, to whom this Altar 
Tomb is erected, only son of William Leveson Gower, and heir 
of his mother. High Sheriff of Surrey in 1839, married in 1834, 
Emily Eliza Josephine, third daughter of Sir Francis Hastings 
Doyle, Bart.; she died in 1872 ; he died in i860. 

Shield with Arms of Gresham. Crest: On a mount a giasshopper 
proper. Alotto : Fiat Voluntas Tua. 

Shield with Arms of Gower and Leveson quarterly. Crest of 
Gower : On a wreath, argent and gules, a wolf passant argent, 
collared and lined or. Motto : Frangas Non Flectes. 


[Page 21.] 


Gra/tf of Arms to IVilliam fohn Crowfoot of Crowfoot. 

[Page 26.] 

Beccles, co. Suffolk, M D., 1831. 

To all and Singular to whom these Presents 
shall come Sir George Nayler Knight Garter 
Principal King of Arms and Ralph Bigland 
Esquire Clarenceux King of Arms of the 
South East and West parts of England from 
the River Trent Southwards send Greeting. 
Whereas William John Crowfoot of Beccles 
in the County of Suffolk Doctor in Physic 
only son of William Crowfoot late of Beccles 
aforesaid Surgeon deceased and Grandson of 
William Crowfoot also late of the same place 
Gentleman deceased hath represented unto 
the most Noble Bernard Edward Duke of 
Norfolk Earl Marshal and Hereditary Mar- 
shal of England and one of his Majesty's 
most Honourable Privy Council that on an 
examination of the records of the College of 
Arms he is informed that the Armorial 
Ensigns hitherto used by his Family have not 
been duly established and being unwilling to continue the use thereof 
without unquestionable authority He therefore requested the favour of 
His Graces Warrant for Our granting and assigning such Armorial 
Ensigns as may be proper to be borne by him and his descendants and 
by the other descendants of his aforesaid late Grandfather William 
Crowfoot with due and proper differences according to the Laws of 
Arms. And forasmuch as the said Earl Marshal did by Warrant under 
his hand and seal bearing date the eighth day of February instant 


Crowfoot, authorize and direct us to grant and assign such Armorial Ensigns 
[Page 26.] accordingly. Know ye therefore that We the said Garter and Clarenceux 
in pursuance of His Graces Warrant and by Virtue of the Letters Patent 
of our several Offices to each of Us respectively granted under the 
(}reat Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland have 
devised and do by these Presents grant and assign to the said William 
John Crowfoot the Arms following that is to say Or two Chevronels 
azure between three Ravens sable a Canton of the second charged with 
a staff erect of the first entwined with a Snake proper. And for Crest 
on a Wreath of the Colours Upon a mount Vert a Raven sable sup- 
porting with the dexter claw a staff erect and entwined with a snake as 
in the Arms as the same are in the Margin hereof more plainly depicted 
to be borne by him the said William John Crowfoot and his descendants 
and by the other descendants of his said late Grandfather William 
Crowfoot with due and proper differences according to the Laws of 
Arms. In witness whereof We the said Garter and Clarenceux Kings of 
Arms have to these Presents subscribed Our names and affixed the 
Seals of Our several offices this fourteenth day of February in the First 
Year of the reign of Our Sovereign Lord William the Fourth by the 
grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King 
Defender of the Faith &c. and in the Year of Our Lord one thousand 
eight hundred and thirty one. 

George Nayler, Ralph Bigland, 

Garter Principal King of Arms. Clarenceux King of Arms. 

Extracts from the Parish Registers of Beccles, 

CO. Suffolk. 

1630. Barbara the daughter of Humfrey Crowfoot and Barbara his wife 

was baptised the Twenty third day of June. 
1662. John Crowfoote y^ sonne of John Crowefoote and Sarah his 

wife baptised the 27"' day July. 
1666. Rob' and Rich'' y<= sonnes of John Crowfoot and Mary his wife 

were baptised the 28"' daye of Feb^. 
1 67 1. George y' sonn of Jo" Crowfoote and Sara was baptised the 5"' 


1685. Margarett the daughter of John Crowfoote and Margarett his 

wife was bajJtised the 9"' day of September. 

1686. John the son of John Crowfoote and Margarett his wife baptised 

the ig'*" September. 

1687. Sarah the daughter of John Crowfoote and Margarett his wife 

was bapt" the 3'''' October. 
1687. Margarett y= daughter of William Crowfoot and Margarett his 

wife was bap'' the 23 Marche. 
1689. W"" son of Will-" Crowfoote and Marg" his wife baptised the 1 1"" 


1703. John son of George Crowfoot and Eliza baptised i" daye of 


1704. George son of George Crowfoot and Eliza baptised the is"" Crowfoot. 

August. [Page 26.] 

1707. Eliza daughter of George Crowfoote and Eliza baptised the 30 

1709. John and William the sons of George Crowfoot and Eliza 

baptised the 20 August. 

17 13. Aprils"'. Tobias son of George and Elizabeth Crowfoot. 

1714. January 14. Sarah daughter of William and Sarah Crowfoot. 

1715. January 25. Margaret daughter of M' William and Sarah 

1715. March 8. James son of George and Eliz"' Crowfoot. 
1724. Dec'' 15. Will, son of Will, and Susan Crowfoot. 
1726. Susannah daughter of W™ & Susanna Crowfoot. June 20. 

1726. Sepf 4. Susanna Daughf^ of Geo. & Susanna Crowfoot. 

1727. Jany 31. George son of George & Susannah Crowfoot. 

1728. Sepf 25. Elizabeth daughter of William and Susannah Crowfoot. 
1730. Feby 18. John son of George & Susannah Crowfoot. 

1732. Sepf I. Martha daughter of William & Susan Crowfoot. 
1734. Oct. 28. William son of George and Susan Crowfoot. 
1737. Feb^ 17. Tobias son of Tobias and Sarah Crowfoot. 

1739. Aug' 10. Elizabeth daughter of George and Susan Crowfoot. 

1740. Sepf 14. James son of James & Grace Crowfoot. 
1742. Feby 15. Anne daughter of James & Grace Crowfoot. 
1744. June 25. John son of James & Grace Crowfoot. 

1747. Aprils. Ann daughter of James & Grace Crowfoot. 

1748. April 6. Elizabeth daughter of William & Anna Crowfoot. 
1684. Dec'' 30. John Crowfoot and Margarett Bonfellow single p'sons 

of this p'rish were marryed. 
1691. June 26. William Crowfoot of Wingfield singleman married 

Margaret Copping of ye same singlewoman. 
1703. John Cooper of Gt. Yarmouth Widdwi" I married the 22 

Margaret Crowfoot of Beccles singlewoman f January 1703. 
1737. April 22. Tobias Crowfoot and Sarah Skipper both of this 

parish single persons married by Banns. 
1747. June 23. William Crowfoot and Anna Syer both of this parish 

single persons by Chanc''^ Licence. 
1747. Ocf 18. John Grimsby and Susan Crowfoot both of this parish 

single persons by Com. Licenze. 
1666. Rob. & Rich, sons of John Crowfoot and Mary were buried 2"'' 

1684. Margaret the daughter of John Crowfoot was buried the 14 of 


1690. Robert the son of Tho'^ Crowfoot was interred the 5"^ day of 


1691. Tho' the son of Will. Crowfoot, Grocer 25"" Jan^. 

1691. Elizabeth the wife of Tho'^ Crowfoot, Milliner interred the 23 


1692. Stephen the son of Tho= Crowfoot buried 6"' Aug'. 

1692. Sarah the daughter of Will"" Crowfoot, Grocer the 17 day October. 
1697. Walton the son of William Crowfoot, Grocer buried the 24''' day 

of April. 
1798. Sarah the daughter of William Crowfoot buried the 21 day of 



[Page 2(5.] 













1703. John the son of George Crowfoot Butcher buried the 5''" day of 


[705. Sarah the wife of John Crowfoot buried the 23''' December. 

[707. John Crowfoot, Senior the 23'''' April. 

[708. Elizabeth the daughter of George Crowfoot, Butcher buried the 

9''^ day of November. 

[710. John Crowfoot the 29"" of December. 

[715. William Crowfoot, Senior October 5"'. 

[716. Elizabeth wife of George Crowfoot June 14. 

[716. Sarah wife of William Crowfoot Febv 14. 

[725. Mary Crowfoot widow March 24. 

[727. Margaret Crowfoot Widow August i. 

[733. George Crowfoot July 13. 

[737. John Crowfoot Aug' 18. 

[737. William Crowfoot an Infant died Dec' 28. 

[ 743. July 6. Ann Daughter of James and Grace Crowfoot buried. 

[746. Oct. 17. William Crowfoot buried. 

[750. April II. Ann daughter of James & Grace Crowfoot. 

1750. April 26'''. M" Susan Crowfoot Widow buried. 

[750. May 29. John Crowfoot buried. 

[751. May 17. Tobias son of James and Grace Crowfoot. 

[751. May 27. Sarah daughter of John and Susan Grimsby. 

[754. June 13. Sarah Crowfoot single woman. 

1754. July 12. Ann daughter of William and Ann Crowfoot buried. 

1755. March 26. George son of George and ffrances Crowfoot buried. 
[756. Feby 10. Martha Crowfoot single woman. 

[756. Ocf^ 26. Grace wife of James Crowfoot. 

[758. Sept' 28. Sarah Crowfoot widow. 

[758. Ocf 8. Samuel son of George & ffrances buried. 

[750. May 23. Tobias son of James and Grace Crowfoot. 

[750. Nov'' ig. Sarah Daughf of John and Susan Grimsby. 

[751. Dec"" 26. William son of William and Anna Crowfoot was born 

and baptized. 

[752. Aug* 10. Ann daughter of George and ffrances Crowfoot. 

[752. Dec'' 15. Deborah daughter of John and Susan Grimsby. 

1752. March 14. John son of William and Ann Crowfoot. 

[754. June 25. George son of George and ffrances Crowfoot. 

[754. July 8. Ann daughter of William and Ann Crowfoot. 

1757. Feby 18. Mary daughter of George and Frances Crowfoot. 

[758. Ocf 9. Samuel son of George and ffrances Crowfoot. 

1760. Nov"" 25. Susanna daughf of George and Frances Crowfoot. 

[763. Feby 2. George son of George and Frances Crowfoot. 

[766. Febv 16. John son of John and Elizabeth Crowfoot. 

[766. Febv 21. Anne wife of William Crowfoot buried. 

1766. Oct. 7. Crowfoot Martha Infant buried. 

1769. Crowfoot Elizabeth D. of John and Elizabeth. Febv 26. 

[770. Crowfoot William. Nov'' 28. 

[771. Crowfoot Sarah D. of John and Elizabeth. Nov'' 25. 

[773. Crowfoot William base S. of Anne. June 6. 

[774. Crowfoot James. Nov 15. 

[775. Crowfoot Susanna D. of John and Elizabeth. July 2. 

■7 75- Crowfoot Elizabeth wife of John. Dec' 31. 

1776. Crowfoot Anne D. of John and Anne. March 31. 

















Baptism. 1789. 










Crowfoot Parncll Widow. March 22. 

Crowfoot William Gent. March 30. 

Murrell Elizabeth Widow of Benjamin late Crowfoot Spinster 

aged 56. June 27. 
Crowfoot S. of John Widower aged 21. Aug' 30. 
Crowfoot Elizabeth Georgina D. of William Crowfoot and Brown- 

Bohun. Febv i. 
Crowfoot William John S. of William & Elizabeth Brown born 

Aug. 7 baptised Aug. 10. 
Crowfoot Eliz''> Widow Artis aged 70. Dec'' 12. 
Crowfoot Anna Maria I), of William and Elizabeth Brown-Bohun 

born 5 Jan^ baptised 7 Jan>'. 
Crowfoot George married man aged 73. June 14. 
Crowfoot William Edward S. of William Henchman and Mary 

Bowles born 9 baptized 12 DeC. 
Susan D. of William Henchman and Mary Bowles born !March 

I baptised March 8. 
Susan U. of William Henchman and Mary Bowles died March 

16, buried March 18. 
Crowfoot Ann Wife of John Hall Aged 78. Aug' 3. 
June 24. Benjamin Murrill and Elizabeth Crowfoot both of 

this parish by Licence. 
Feb^ 1 1 . George Crowfoot and Frances Able both of this 

Parish single persons by Banns. 
Crowfoot Mary D. of William Henchman and Mary Bowles born 

April 21 baptised 22"''. 
Crowfoot Elizabeth Georgiana spinster D. of William and Eliza- 
beth Brown aged 24. 5*'' Ocf. 


[Page 26.] 

Crowfoot John married man buried at Kessingland aged 59 died 

April 28 buried May 4. 
Feby 23, b. Feb>' 21. John Rustat son of William Henchman and Mary 

Crowfoot (Bowles) R. J. Francis. 1817. 
Dec' 2, 1 816. John Waldron Crabbe to Anna Maria Crowfoot by License. 

Witnesses : L. U. Dowson, W. J. Crowfoot, Sarah Utton. 
William Crowfoot April 3 1820 aged 68. 
Catharine Clubbe April 28 182 1 aged 72. 
Nov"" 27, 1757. James Crowfoot to Parnal Fellee, by Charles Davy, 

Feby 29, 1768. William Crowfoot Widower and Eliz*'' Le Grys widow, 

by P. Routh, Rector. Witnesses : J. Smith, Eliz"> Crowfoot. 
Nov 25, 1776. John Crowfoot Wid'' to Ann Hall single by P. Routh. 
April 5, 1779. Tho^ Hindes to Mary Crowfoot, by P. Routh. 
Ocf 15, 1781. John Langton to Sarah Crowfoot, by P. Routh. 
Ocf 2, 1 786. William Crowfoot and Elizabeth Brown, by Bence Sparrow, 

May 19, 1837. William Miller Crowfoot son of William Edward and 

Ellen late (Miller) b. May 2. D"' Owen. 
July 18, 1839. Mary Susannah D'' of William Edward and Ellen Crow- 
foot b. June 4. Robert John Francis. 
DeC^ 21, 1841. John Henchman son of William Edward and Ellen 

Crowfoot. J. R. Crowfoot Off" Minister. 
June 6, 1844. Ellen D' of William Edward and Ellen Crowfoot. 

D"^ Owen. 



[Page 26.] 



Marriages. 1851. 

Dec' 22, 1845. Edward Bowles s. of William Edward and Ellen 

Crowfoot. J. R. Crowfoot Offs Minister. 
Mary Crowfoot July 18 aged 56. H. Owen. 1835. 
John Waldron Crabbe Sept'' 7, aged 53. 1840. 
1848. William Henchman Crowfoot Nov'' 18, aged 68. H. Owen. 
Gcorgiana Elizabeth Crabbe June 28 aged 29. H. Owen. 
Elizabeth Crowfoot Dec'' 24 aged 94. A. D. Abbott. 
November 5. Ellen Crowfoot aged 64. J. T. Johnston. 
May 17. William Edward Crowfoot died May 12 1887, aged 80. 
March 30. Mary Crowfoot died March 27, 1891, aged 80. 
Sepf 27, 1S78. William Bayly son of William Miller and Catherine 

Anne Crowfoot, Beccles, Surgeon. J. H. Crowfoot. 
Oct. 14, 1881. Alfred Henchman son of William Miller and Catherine 

Anne Crowfoot, Beccles, Surg". E. W. Holmes. 
Febv 23. Amy 'Vaughan born Janv 19 1883, D'' of William Miller and 

Catherine Anne Crowfoot, Beccles, Surg". J. Rowsell. 
March 5, 1884. Ellen Mabel born Feb^ 8 1884 D"- of William Miller 
and Catherine Anne Crowfoot, Beccles, Surg". John 
May 26, 1886. Arthur Rustat born April 27 18S6, son of William 
Miller and Catherine Anne Crowfoot, Beccles. 
14, 1888. Eva Catharine Mary born July 30 1888, dau. of 
William Miller and Catherine Anne Crowfoot, Beccles. 
June 5. Charles Paget Mingaye to Elizabeth Carter by Stanley 

Miller Offe Min^ 
June 25. George Crabbe to Emily Louisa Crabbe by W™ 

Boycott Offg Min--. 
July 9. William Henchman Clubbe to Fanny Swatman by 

Philip Swatman Offs Min^ 
Jany I. William Samuel Jones to Mary Anne Greville Carter by 
Stanley Miller Off* Min'. 

Entries from Family Bibles. 

W"" Crowfoot of Uggeshall 1631. 

Tho° Crowfoot of Westhall Woolstapler son of W"' Crowfoot of Uggeshall 

married - Aldous of Cratfield in 1655. 
W"* Crowfoot son of Tho^ Crowfoot married Margaret ■ — and was a 

Grocer at Beccles. 
W"! son of Margaret and W"" Crowfoot married in 1 7 1 2 Sarah daughter of 

Tho^ Phillips and Sarah his wife of Beccles and had issue by her 

Sarah who died Spinster and Margaret who married M'' Chaston of 

Beccles and died without issue. 
W"" son of W'" and Marg' Crowfoot married as second wife Susan 

daughter of Sam' Mayhew of Blithburgh Malster and had issue W™ 

W"' Crowfoot of Uggishall bought land in Gisleham in 1631. 
Tho» Crowfoot of Westhall bought land at All Sf^ in 1667. 
W"" Crowfoot of Little Thorpe after of Beccles bought land in Flixton in 

W"" Crowfoot married Ann Syer the 23'^'' of June 1747. 


Eliz'"" the daughter of W"" and Ann Crowfoot was born the 6"' of April Crowfoot. 

O.S. 1 748 between the hours of four and five in the Afternoon [Page 26.] 

and baptized the same day by M"' Scott, curate. 
W" the Son of \\'» and Ann Crowfoot was born the 26"' day of Dec' 

O.S. 1751 about half an hour after one in the Afternoon and bap- 
tised the same day by M' Chaseney. 
John the Son of W™ and Ann Crowfoot was born the 14"' of March 

N.S. 1753 about half an hour after eleven o'clock in the forenoon 

and baptised the same day by RP Page. 
Ann the daughter of \V"' and Ann Crowfoot was born the 8^'' of July 1754 

abogt three quarters of an hour after six in the Afternoon and bap- 
tised the same day by M' Coleman. She died the next day. 
Ann the beloved wife of W"" Crowfoot died on Monday the 17"" of Feby 

1766 at four in the afternoon and was buried on Friday the 21*' in 

Beccles Church by the Rev' M"^ Routh Rector of Beccles. 
W" Crowfoot married Eliz"' Le Grice the 29"' of Febv 1768. 
W" Crowfoot died March 25 1783 and was buried by the Rev'' M'' 

Routh in Beccles Church aged 58. 
Eliz'"^ the wife of W" Crowfoot died. 

Eliz"" daughter of W" and Ann Crowfoot married George Hotson. 
Eliz'*" Hotson died March 12, 1802 and was buried in Beccles Church 

W" Son of W"' and Ann Crowfoot married Eliz''' Brown. 
W"" John son W"" and Eliz"' Crowfoot was born. 
Eliz"' daughter of W"" and Eliz"' Crowfoot was born. 
Anna daughter of W"" and Eliz"' Crowfoot was born. 
Eliz''' daughter of W"" and Eliz''' Crowfoot died Nov' 4"' 1812 and was 

buried in Beccles Church Yard. 
Anna daughter of W'" and Eliz"' Crowfoot married the Rev'' J. Crabbe. 
VV" Son W"" and Ann Crowfoot died March 27 1820 and was buried in 

Beccles Church Yard. 
John son of W" and Ann Crowfoot married Susan Henchman on the 

8"" of June 1779. 
W" Henchman son of John and Susan Crowfoot was born the 9"' of 

September 1780. 
Susan the beloved wife of John Crowfoot died the 14"" of Ocf 1781 

and was buried in Kessingland church by the Rev'' Hugh Hill. 
John son of W'" and Ann Crowfoot married Eliz"' Sibel at South 

Walsham Church on the 8 of Janv 1783 
John Sibel the son of John and Eliz"" Crowfoot was born on the 29"' of 

Feby 1784 and baptized by the ReV* H. Hill. 
George the Son of John and Eliz"" Crowfoot was born the 28"' June 

1 785 at three o'clock in the Afternoon and named by the Rev'' M'^ 
Ferrol. George died the 11 of May 1786 in a consumption. 

Edward the Son of John and Eliz"" Crowfoot was born the 21'' Oct' 

1786 and was named by Rev'' H. Hill. 

Charles the Son of John and Eliz''' Crowfoot was born the 4"" of Ocf 

1787 and named by the Rev"* H. Hill and died at the age of three 

Henry Syer the son of John and Eliz"* Crowfoot was born the 21" of 

August 1788 and named by the Rev'' R. 'I'einple. 
Tho' the son of John and Eliz*'' Crowfoot was born the 3"' of Oct' 1790 

and named by the Rev'' W"" Backel. 


Crowfoot. Henry Syer the son of John and Eliz"' Crowfoot died. 
[Page 26.1 Joh" tht-' heloved husband of Eliz"' Crowfoot died on the 29 April 1812 

and was buried in Kessingland Church aged 59 years. 
Eliz''' the beloved Wife of John Crowfoot died on the 10 of March 1832 

and was buried in Kessingland Church aged 74 years by the Rev'' 

D. G. Norris Vicar. 
W" Henchman son of John and Susan Crowfoot was married to Mary 

Bowles May 2 1^' 1802 by the ReV" M'' Clubbe of Brandeston Church. 
Susan Daughter of W" Henchman and Mary Crowfoot was born and 

died an Infant March 17, 1808. 
W" Edward Son of W"" Henchman and Mary Crowfoot was born the 9'''' 

of Dec. 1806 about 4 o'clock in the Afternoon. 
Mary Daughter of W™ H. and Mary Crowfoot was born April 20 1810. 
John Rustat son of VV™ H. and Mary Crowfoot was born Feby 21, 1816 

at midnight. 
Mary the beloved wife of W'" Henchman Crowfoot died 14 of July 

1835, and was buried in Beccles Churchyard by the Rev^ H. Owen 

I.L.D. Rector aged 56. 
John Sibel son of John and Eliz"' Crowfoot was married to Eliz'"' 

Maddison at Finbro' Church by the Rev" M-- Bennett the 13"' of 

June 1827. 
Eliz"' daughter of John S. and Eliz"" Crowfoot was born 12"" April 1828 

at i past 4 o'clock in the morning and baptised the next day by the 

Rev" T. W. Worship Curate. 
Mary daughter of John S. and Eliz"* Crowfoot was born the 3''<' of July 

1829 at Eleven o'clock in the evening and baptized the S''' of July 

by the Rev'* R. Lockwood Vicar. 
W" Edward son of W"" H. and Mary Crowfoot was married to Ellen 

Miller le"" of April 1833 at St. Mary's Brianston Square by the Rev" 

S. Miller. 

Signature of William Crowfoot of Beccles, to a document dated 1704. 
He died J October, buried at Beccles ^ October 1715. 


IVill of JVilliam Croivfoot, 1783- 

"William Crowfoot of Beccles gentleman." Daughter, Elizabeth 
Crowfoot. Grandson, William Hinchman Crowfoot (a minor). To my 
son, William Crowfoot, the three pieces of land in Flixton, called 
" Coopeislands " which I purchased of my late sister, Margaret Chaston 
(then Crowfoot). To my son, John Crowfoot, my messuage and farm 
in All Saints and St. Nicholas, Southelmham. 

To daughter Elizabeth, my lands called Foxburrows in Worliiigham. 
Wife, residuary legatee. My wife Elizabeth, and John Farr of Beccles, 
Esq., exors. Witness : J : Rede, Jere'' Smith, Thomas Love. 

Will dated 6 December 1782, proved 24 April 1783, by the exors. 

P.C.C. [166 Cornu<allis\ 

Grant of Arms to Tobias Rust at, 1676. 


[Page 26.] 

To all and Singular to whom these Presents 
shall come, William Dugdale Esq"' Norroy 
King of Arms sendeth Greeting. Whereas 
the Right Hon*''" Henry Earl of Peterborow, 
Deputy with his Ma*'*' approbation to the 
Right Hon''''= Henry Earl of Norwich Earl 
Marshall of England, by Warr' or Order 
under his hand and Seal of y'= Earl Marshalls 
Office bearing date the eleventh day of De- 
cember now last past, hath signified unto me 
his consent for my granting and Confirming 
unto Tobias Rustat Esq"' Yeoman of the 
Robes to his Ma'''* such Crest as should be 
desired by him and he may lawfully bear 
together with his Arms now born by him. 
Know Ye therefore that in pursuance of the 
said Warrant or Order and according to the 
' Grant of my office under the great Seal whereby 
I am authorised to Devise and Grant Arms 
according to y' Earl Marshalls Orders and with his consent, I the said 
Norroy King of Arms have devised granted assigned and confirmed 
unto y' said Tobias Rustat the Crest following that is to say, On a wreath 
of his colours, a mount of Briers and Thorns vert, thereon three Crosses 
Crosslets fitched sable, whereof two in saltire, the third in pale, inter- 
laced with an annulet or. To be born and used by him and the heirs and 
other descendents of his body according to the law of Armes, together 
with his said Arms hereinafter mentioned, viz., Arg' on a Saltire 
between Fower Crosses Crosslets fitched sable, an annulet Or, as in y' 
Margin hereof the same are depicted : To have, hold, use and enjoy the 
Crest and Armes aforesaid unto y"= s'' Tobias Rustat and his said 
heirs and Descendents, as aforesaid, in Shield Coat Armour, Penon, 
Seal or in any other lawfull and usual manner. In witness whereof I 
the said Norroy King of Armes have to these presents subscribed my 
Name and affixed the Seal of my Office this thirtieth day of December 
in y= eight and twentieth year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord 
Charles the second by y^ Grace of God of England, Scotland, France 
and Ireland, King, Defender of y= Faith &c. Annoq' Domini 1676. 

WiLL,M Dugdale, 

Norroy King of Arms. 

Will of Tobias Ritstat, 1694. 

" Tobias Rustat' of the parish of St. Margaretts Westminster, Esquire, 
under Housekeeper of Hampton Court." To be buried in the church of 
" Jesus Colledge in Cambridge, where my Tomb is in readinesse to bee 

' Son of Rev. Rol:)ert Rustat, Rector of Sheffington, co. Leicester, by his wife, 
daughter of Ralph Snoden, and sister to Robert, Bishop of Carlyle. 


Crowfoot, sett up." Eiiors to purchase of a yearly value of ^^loo, to be settled to 
[Pace 26.] the use of my cousin, John Rustat and his heirs male, with remainder to 
my cousins Tobias, Robert, and Theophilus Rustat, and their heirs 
in tail male. To my cousin, Mary Lambeth, relict of my cousin 
Robert Rustat, dec"*, ^30 for her own use, and ^200 for bringing up 
her children, Robert, 'I'heophilus, and Ellen Rustat. My cousin Ellen 
Hall, and Robert Hail her husband. Matthew Johnson Esq. My 
brother-in-law, Capt. William Coppoa. Cousin, Thomas Creswell. My 
cousin Trees, and her sons Tobias and Robert Trees. Cousin, Jane 
Hewes and her daughters. To the said Mathew Johnson Esq., to Mr. 
Samuel Heron, " Secretary to the Royal Affrican Company," to said 
Capt. Coppoa, to Mr. Nathaniel! Whitfield, and to Mr. John Budgett, 
grocer, ^£40 each in plate with my arms thereon. Cousins, Samuel 
Phillips and wife, - Carrington, a minister, and his children, Jane Beavor 
and her son, Rebecca Coulson and her husband, Richard, Elizabeth, 
Henry, and Anne Goodale. To the poor of Barrow-upon-Sore, co. Leic. 
where I was born, ;^io. Cousin, Katherine Clifford and her children. 
My " brother and sisters childrens children." Cousins, Perkins and wife, 
Lambeth and his wife and children, George Knight, John Rustat. 
Arabella Philips. Mr. Tobias Swinden, clerk. To Dr. Sandcroft, ArchBp 
of Canterbury, " my Gold Watch with a Chaine made by Mr. East." 
To Mathew Johnson "my black Cabinett which was King Charles's the 
first." To my kinsman, John Rustat, "my Coat of Amies in Parchment 
Signed by the King at Armes Also my Fathers Picture to the Wast my 
own Picture in Little my Silver Scale with my Armes my Steele Seale 
with my Crest and my German Watch." To my brother. Captain Coppoa, 
" my guilt sword buff belt and Girdle with Silver Buckles which were 
King Charles the Seconds." To my cousins, Tobias, Robert, Theophilus 
and Ellen Rustat, "all my Gold Rings Seales and Plate" (they being 
children of Mary Lambeth). Residue of estate to purchase lands for 
use of cousin, Tobias Rustat, with remainder to his brothers and sister, 
Robert, Theophilus, and Ellen, and their issue in tail male. Eicors and 
trustees, Mr. Samuel Heron, Capt. William Coppoa, Mr. Nath" Whitfeild, 
and Mr. John Budgett. Matthew Johnson, Esq., overseer. Witness : 
Fran : Sambrooke, Jeremy Sambrooke, Elizabeth Lamb. 

Will dated 23 October 1693, with codicil dated 7 December 1693. 
Proved 26 March 1694, by the exors. 

P.C.C. [64 Box]. 

Seal^ and Signature of Tobias Rustat, Yeoman of the Robes 
to Charles II. 

f^.c^ ^/r.^/^^ 

■ The Seal, which is mentioned in the will of Tobias Rustat, is of silver, and now 
belongs to William Miller Crowfoot, M.B., of Beccles, co. Suffolk. 


Facsimile of a Portrait of William Henchman Crozvfoot 
of Beccles (born g Septejuber lySo, died ij November 18^8), 
from the original in the possession of William Miller Crowfoot, 

his grandson. 

^^ M^ 

^ Hi4f 

fee 6 ji ^</ r^ ? S"- 







Will of Tobias Rustat, 174*. 

"Tobias Rustat of Withcrsfield in the County of Suffolk gentleman." 
To my daughter Mary, wife of Captain Henry Parsons, ^200. To my 
daughter Elizabeth, wife of Rev. IV[r. Edward Brown, ^80, whose bond 
for ^120 I cancel. To my son, Tipping Rustat, ;^8oo, and I confirm 
my gifts to him of rents, household goods, stock-in-trade &c. To my 
daughter, Susanna Rustat, ^^900. To my daughter Martha, wife of 
Leonard Bowles, merchant, ^^550. To my daughter Frances (late 
Rustat), now married, 5^ and ^^3 15' to be paid her quarterly at 
Withersfield after the death of her husband. Residue of estates in 
Suffolk and Cambridge, and all residue of personal estate, to my son, 
Tobias Rustat and his heirs. Exors, son, Tobias Rustat, and Thomas 
Tipping of Yavdley, co. Herts. Witness : Tho' Boreham, John Taylor, 
William Challis. 

Will dated 13 November 1744, proved 13 February 174A by exor, 
Tobias Rustat. Power reserved, &c. &c. 

F.C.C. [58 Seymer]. 


[Page 26.] 

Genealogical Memoranda relating to the 
Family of Grubbe. 

This Family came originally from North Mimms, Hertfordshire. 
Walter Grubbe occurs in the Lay Subsidy Rolls for Hertfordshire 
in relation to that parish as early as i Edward H. (1307.) He was one 
of the witnesses to two deeds relating to a messuage called Gerardeswyk, 
and a wood called Mayhewesgrove in that parish, of which deeds one 
(without a date) was from Adam, son of Robert atte Stert, of Ridge, an 
adjoining parish, and the other was from his widow, Matilda atte Sterte, 
dated 10 Edward HL 

The same Walter paid 22s. 'rent to Simon Swanlond, Lord of the 
Manor of North Mimms, which became part of the endowment of the 
Chantry of St. Catherine in the Church of North Mimms on its founda- 
tion by Simon Swanlond in 1328. 

Alice, daughter of this VV^alter Grubbe, by deed dated 43 Edward HL, 
granted a messuage and croft in the parish of Shenley to her son Symon. 

In a deed dated 13 Henry IV., after stating that John Grubbe had 
granted an annuity of 20s., issuing out of all his lands and tenements in 
Ruge (Ridge) and North Mimms to Laetitia, Prioress of Sopwell, and 
was also bound " perscriptum suum obligatorium " to the Prioress in 
£,10, payable 011 a certain day ( "ad certuni diem "), the Prioress grants 
for herself and her successors, that if the said John should pay to the 
Prioress los. at the feast of St. John the Baptist and Christmas by 



[Page 27.] 

Grubbe. equal portions, till the sum of jQi had been paid, the annual rent and 
[PaL'c 27.1 bond should be void. 

This grant would seem on the face of it to be the security for a loan, 
but it may possibly have been a device to evade the Mortmain Laws in 
force at that period ; the transaction being in reality a sale of land, or of 
a real interest in land, to the Nunnery. The document is in the posses- 
sion of John Eustace Grubbe, Esq., of Southwold. 

Another John Grubbe, of Ridge, makes mention in his will, dated lo 
January 1524, of his wife Joan, and sons Henry (to whom he devised a 
house and land in the parishes of Ridge and North Mimms), Robert, 
John, and Edmond ; and directed his body to be buried in the Church- 
yard of Our Lady in North Mimms. The will was proved in the Arch- 
deaconry Court of St. Alban's 13 January 1524. 

Henry Grubbe (presumably the Henry mentioned in John's will), 
purchased from the Crown the parsonage of North Mimms with tlie 
advowson, etc., and several woods, etc., parcel of the possessions of the 
" late Charter House near the City of London," also a tenement at St. 
Alban's. The acquittance for the purchase money, which is in the 
possession of Mr. Grubbe, is dated 27 May, and the conveyance 7 June 
36 Henry VHL 

This Henry Grubbe married Joan, daughter of Sir Richard RadclifTe, 
who was slain at the battle of Bosworth, and heir to her brother John 
Radcliffe. He died 8 May 3 and 4 Philip and Mary, having had seven 
children, of whom record remains of the following five, viz: Alice, wife 
of George Marston, of St. Michael's, near St. Alban's; Anne, wife of 
William Clarke, of Hertfordshire; George, Thomas, and John. 

John married, and had two sons and two daughters; the daughters 
were Joan and Anne, the sons were Jasper, baptised at North Mimms 
18 August 1566, and Francis, probably the same as Francis Grubbe who 
was buried at St. Peters', St. Alban's, 11 October 1619. Thomas had a 
daughter Margaret. 

, George, the eldest son of Henry, inherited 

O^^ g Cj^H'^p the Parsonage, etc. He married Dorothy, 
^ daughter of _ ^ . 

From a Deed dated 2 Eliz. one of the ^O'*-^ ^^Vit" (j -VH-^t-^ 
Faircloughs, ^JU 

of Weston, Hertfordshire, and widow of p^j^ ^ -^^^^ dated 24 Eliz. 
Robert Burre, by whom he had issue two 

daughters, Katharine, married to John Theale (or Thrale), of Alburie, 
Hertfordshire, and Elizabeth, married to John Bigges, of Ravensden, 
Bedfordshire; and three sons, Eustace, William, and Henry. 

By his last Will, dated 26 March 1577, he devised the Parsonage 
estate to Eustace and the heirs of his body, with remainder to Henry 
and the heirs of his body, with remainder to his two daughters Katharine 
and Elizabeth, "to be equal heirs, and after to pass to the heirs of their 
bodies lawfully begotten," etc. He gave also pecuniary legacies to his 
daughters, and the next felling of certain of his woods, with a pecuniary 
legacy to Henry. He also gave a legacy to Margaret, daughter of his 
brother Thomas. 

He died the day after making his will. The Inquisition post mortein 
was taken on the s"' of June following, in which Eustace, his heir, is 
stated to have been on that day 16 years 11 months and 29 days old, 
and Dorothy, the widow, to be residing at the Parsonage. 






• • ••• •»• V- 'i' 

h ^ ^ ^ ^ 

• • • • * , y 

0^ S^ J^~ ^^y. 



William, the second son of George, was baptized at North Mimms 17 Grubbe. 
February 1565. As he is not mentioned in his father's will, it is pre- [Page 27.] 
sumed he died young. 

Henry, the youngest son, was baptized' at North Mimms 18 May 
1567. He is described as of Overstanden, Bedfordshire, and married 
Elizabeth Hulkes (or Hulse), of Standen, Hertfordshire, and had issue 
three sons, Charles, Robert, and Henry. 

^ Eustace Grubbe, or Grubb,' married 

rt? /O '^(if ^^ Goldington, Bedfordshire, Constance, 

nil: yJ'-^DO daughter of Thomas Sheppard, of Hock- 

CiCP cliffe, in that county, 3 July 1581 ; and had 

issue an only son John, and three daughters. 

From a Deed dated 45 Eliz. Elizabeth, married to John Cranage, of 
London, Grocer; Dorothy, to Christopher Wilson, M.A., Incumbent of 
Hawnes (or Haynes), Bedfordshire, who died 29 September 1624 (will 
proved 11 January 162 j); and Constance, married to Walsingham 
Shirley, M.A. (son of Anthony Shirley and Barbara, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Walsingham), Rector of Stepney 1616, and afterwards Incum- 
bent of Haynes, in succession to Wilson. He died 13 June 1637 (will 
proved 6 July 1637). Wilson and Shirley were both buried in the 
Chancel of Haynes Church. Eustace Grubbe died at North Minims 
28 May 18 Chas. I., having nearly completed his eighty-second year. 

John, son of Eustace, was baptized at Gold- 

'^O^ CS\~ix/r^ ington 18 November 1586. He presented to 
*^ ^ ^ ' North Mimms in 1645, and in the Instrument of 

From the fly-leaf of a Presentation is described "of St. Alban's." He 
Family Bible. claimed and obtained exemption from serving " in 

loco unius Militis in comitatu Hertford," on the 
ground of being a student of Lincoln's Inn. The Instrument by which 
the exemption is allowed, is tested "H. Hobart apud Westmonasterium 
XVn die Junii anno . . . primo." A slight rent in the parchment just 
before the last word creates an ambiguity as to the date. 

It is uncertain whether this John Grubb was called to the Bar or not; 
but he seems to have left North Mimms as a residence, and to have 
lived at Lincoln's Inn and St. Alban's. He was twice married, first to 
Anne, daughter of Francis Awsiter, of Southall, Middlesex, 25 July 
1610, who died 26 April 161 1; and secondly to Mary, eldest daughter 
of William Preston, of Childwick, 3 June 1612, and was buried in the 
Abbey Parish, St. Alban's, i November 1656. His wife survived him, 
and was buried 26 July 1665, in St. Peter's Parish, St. Alban's.s 
Admon granted to her son John 30 October 1665. 

' The existing Register of North Mimms only commences in 1622, but a single 
leaf of the old Register is preserved , which records the baptisms of Jasper son of John 
Grubbe, and his two cousins William and Henry, sons of George. 

' In the older documents the name is always spelt Grubbe. In the earlier part of 
Eustace's time it is spelt in the same w.ay, but in the later part, sometimes with the 
"e," but more frequently without. In his son John's time the "e" is rarely used, 
the Horsendon Grubbs entirely discarded it, and it was not resumed till 1845, when 
Mr. Grubbe of Southwold adopted it. 

3 Her burial is also recorded in the Register of the Abbey Parish of St. Alban's, 
but in the St. Peter's Register the words "from the Abbey Parish" are added. 


Grubbe. By his first wife, Anne, he had an only daughter Anne, married to 
[Pairc 2'.] Henry Grove, Citizen and Grocer (or Currier) of London. By his 
second wife, Mary, he had three sons, Eustace, born 8 March 1613, and 
died 31 August in the same year, John, and Eustace, who was born 19 
May 1629 ; and three daughters, Mary, born 2 January 1614, and married 
to Stephen Vassall, Rector of Raleigh, Essex, who died 1643; Alice (or 
Alee), born 14 May 1618, and Constance, born 21 September 1621. 

John the eldest surviving son, was 
, /^ «=^5^ — ' '^°''" ^7 December 1625. He married 

^/?7 LfUiO^ 'piKl, circa 1647, Bashwell, daughter of 

'*' ' William Cleydon, of Towersey, Bucks, 

From a Bond dated 1688. _^ 

by whom he had four d^J^"'^'^ *■ 

daughters and three sons ; 

out) (g£[>>Ja<0 

From a Deed dated 30 May 1664. 

the sons were John, Wil 

liam, and John, which 

last was baptized at Towersey 14 May 1659, being then about two years 

old. He was living in 1671, but Admon of his effects was granted to 

his father 5 June 1683. These sons all died unmarried in their father's 


The daughters were Elizabeth, married to William Hawkins, Receiver 
General for the counties of Northampton and Rutland ; Laetitia, married to 
Joseph Somner, of Dinton, Bucks ; 

From a Deed dated 23 Jan. 1685. 

From a Deed dated 1685. 
From a Deed dated 1693. 

From a Deed dated 23 Jan. 1685. 

Hester married to John Ferrers, 
of Fingest, Bucks ; and Mary, 

From a Deed dated 1693. 

who died an infant 27 Decem- 
ber 1665, and was buried at 

Elizabeth was baptized at Towersey 4 September 1652, died s.p., and 
Admon granted to her husband 16 May 1684. Laetitia was baptized at 
Towersey 31 January 1655. She and her husband were both dead s.p. 
in 1735. Hester was born in 1663, died intestate 11 January, and was 
buried at Fingest 15 January 1734, aged 71 years. 

Laetitia and Hester were coheirs to 
their uncle, Joseph Cleydon, and 
their brother John. 

Bashwell died 29 June 1666, and 
was buried in Horsendon Church. 
Her husband married secondly, in 


From a Deed dated 1665. 

1667, Elizabeth, daughterof Henry Salmon, 
of Cambridge, and widow of John Wilkin- 
son, of Colwich, in the parish of Waddes- 
don, Bucks, by whom he had one daughter 
Elizabeth, married to Edward Stone of 


From a Deed dated 1 693. 

From a Deed dated 1687. 

From a Letter dated 17 19. 



From a Deed dated 1693. 

Princes Risborough, and four sons, Henry, baptized 3 July 1668, James, 
baptized 6 August 1671, John, baptized 9 September 1674, and Samuel, 
baptized 25 June 1679. They were all baptized at Horsendon, and all, 

with the exception of John, 
died unmarried, and before 
their father. James and Samuel 
were both buried at Horsen- 
don, James, 2 1 May 1 698, and 
Samuel, 20 January 169^, and 
Aduion (P.C.C.) granted to 
their father in 1698. 
Elizabeth (Stone) was baptized at Horsendon 20 November 1670, 
married there 23 April 1707, and buried there 12 July 1753, having 
survived her husband, whose will, dated 4 October 1 740, was proved 
21 May 1742. 

This John Grubb sold the property at North Mimms in 1663. The 
parties to the Conveyance are described "John Grubb, of Horsendon, 
in the county of Bucks, gent., and Bashwell his wife, and Mary Grubb, 
of St. Alban's, in the county of Herts, widow, of the first part; Thomas 
Richards, of St. Alban's, gent., of the second part; and Thomas Cowley, 
the younger, of the third part." 

In the previous year he had purchased the Horsendon estate from 
Sir John Denham, the poet. The Manor House, included in the 
purchase, had been garrisoned for the King in the Civil War, and seems 
to have received rough usage, as this John Grubb states in some 
Chancery Proceedings that it was ruinous, and he was obliged to rebuild 
it. Three cannon balls, two of iron and one of stone, have been found 
at difterent times in cleaning out the moats. 



[Page 27.] 

Grubbe. He died 16 June 1700, and was buried witli his wife Bashwell in the 

[Paue 27.] Chancel of the Church at Horsendon, beneath a stone which is thus 
described by Brown Willis in his MS. Collection for the county of Bucks 
(folio IV. pages 65, 66), now in the Bodleian Library at Oxford: "Near 
the Altar is a large freestone, at the top of which is a white marble 
shield, thereon these arms: i, Ermine on a chief crenelle three roses; 
2, Two bends engrailed sable, a label for difference; 3, as 2; 4, as i. 
On a piece of white marble in form of a lozenge, this: 

Memorise Sacrum 

Hie spe certa resurgendi 

in Christo salutem expectat 

Bashewell Grubb, Johannis Grubb 

vxor dilectissima, cum quo matrimonio 

castissimo cohabitauit ann; 19: cui filios 

tres, & filias quatuor peperit: Viz: 

Johaii, Guliet: Johafi: ElizaB: Laetit: Estfi : 

Mar: Vitfe caducse sortem cum caelestis 

Regni perennitate commutauit anno 

^rre Christians 1666 Junij 29° 

/Etat:' 141° 

Gemens posuit Maritus. 

See Illustration. 

On another piece of white marble on the same stone, this : 

lOHANNNES Grvbb supradictse Bathehuel maritus 

uxorem postea duxit Elizabetham Iohannis 

Wilkinson Generosi viduam ex qua filios 

Suscepit quatuor Henricvm Iacobvm Iohannem 

Samvelem, filiamq^ unicam Elizabetham tande""! 

sub hoc tumulo conditus, laetam expectat resurrectione™ 

Obijt lun: 16 Anno Dom : 1700 .^tatis 75. 

See Illustration. 

In 1766, the population of the parish having become very small (in 
1712 it contained only three families and sixteen souls), the body of the 
Church was pulled down, and the Chancel converted into the Church. 
In the alterations made at that time, the freestone as described by 
Brown Willis, was broken up; but the shield and marble slabs with the 
inscriptions were preserved. The slabs with the inscriptions were affixed 
to the northern end of the east wall; the shield, which had one of the 
top corners broken off, was not refixed, but remained loose in the 
Church till after 1841. During some repairs which were made sub- 
sequent to that date it was thrown away with the rubbish, and in 1890 
was found in a shrubbery at a little distance from the Church, having 

' This figure has puzzled some persons. In an old volume of the Gentleman's 
Magazine it is gravely assumed as correct. It is evidently an error for 41. 

Note the different way in which Bashwell's name is treated in the first inscription 
and the second. The real name was "Bashwell," synonymous with "Bashful," — 
perhaps a provincialism. The termination •' well " instead of "full " was not entirely 
obsolete in this part of the country some fifty years ago. 





)cni.tiibmD cohabtemie ami:/o:cuift[fos\ 

lac: Mftc-caducae iorfem com cxMiiS/ 
^Cjcn'.c nspofuiif naf iff "-^ 


Johannes Crvbb supradict® Bathehuel marfkfs 


[ WFLKiN50RGenefosi viduam ev qua filio^- 


5^AMV£LEM fificfincr onrcamEuz^ABtTHAM lande^ 


Obj/tIan.\ro AnnoDom^c/jooyEtciiiJs j^. 

2' 6" lomj hy l' O" wide. 


been apparently thrown out of a moat which had then recently been Grubbe. 
cleaned out. It is now in the possession of Mr. Grubbe of Southwold. [Page 27.] 

John Grubb, 

^— . • the only sur- 

Wr^ Ptr-^/KAl (Oir J°hn&Eliza- 


From a Deed dated 1698, 

1698, to Anne, 

^^"i^^^ beth Grubb, 
was Clerk of 
ofthe Duchy of Lan- 
caster, and after- 
wards Clerk of the 
Patents, an office 
which he retained 
till his death in 
1760. He was twice 
married; first, on 
the 6 of March 
only daughter and heir of Elias Daney, a French 

From a Deed dated 


five sons and four daughters. The 




'^Jia ^^ 

Huguenot, by whom he had 
daughters were i, Laetitia, who 
died young; 2, Elizabeth, bap- 
tized at Camberwell 23 April 
1705, married 7 July 1741 to 
Edward Stone, M.A., Fellow of 
Wadham College, Oxford, and 
Rector of Horsendon (son of From a Deed dated 1741. 

the Edward Stone who had married her aunt, Elizabeth Grubb, but by 
a former wife), and buried at Horsendon 10 November 1751; her 
husband was born in 1702, he survived her, and was buried at Hor- 
sendon 2 December 1768; 3, Anne, died un- 
married in 1766; 4, another Lffititia, bap- 
tized at Camberwell 21 July 1708, married 
to Richard Whiten, of 1'hames Ditton, and ^ 

From a Deed dated 1741. 

Snow Hill, Citizen and Mer- 
cer of London, who died s.p. 


Of the sons, two, viz: James, born 21 July 1708, buried 9 July 
1 7 13, and Henry, born 2 July, and buried 6 July 17 10, were both 
buried at Camber- 
well; the other three 
were: i, John; 2, 
Samuel, baptized at 
Camberwell 8 April 
1704, succeeded his 
father at the Patents, 
and died a bachelor 
II February 1782. 
(Will dated 20 Au- 
gust 1781, proved 
21 February 1782, From a Deed dated 1775. 


From a Deed dated 

Oik. cJv>^\ir- 

Grubbe, P.C.C.); 3, Edward, who was a Solicitor and Clerk to the Fishmongers' 
[Page 27.] Company in London, and father of the John Grubb with whom the 
pedigree commences. 

Mrs. Anne Grubbe died on the 
11"', and was buried at Camberwell 
on the 16"' March 1721. John 
Grubb's second wife, whom he mar- 
ried on or about 28 June 1723, was From a Deed dated 28 June 1723. 
Elizabeth Sloper, widow, by whom he 
had no issue. 

John Grubb (son of John and Elizabeth Salmon, or Wilkinson), died 
6 March 1760 (will and codicil dated respectively 22 August 1743, and 
18 August 1753, proved 21 March 1760, P.C.C.) He was buried 
(lo March) in Camberwell Church, where his wife Anne (16 March 
1721) and son Samuel (19 February 1782) were also buried. Monu- 
ments with the following inscriptions were erected to their memory in 
Horsendon Church : 


of M"* Anne Grubb Wife of John Grubb 
Gent (who was the only Daughter & Heir of 
Elias Daney by Anne his Wife Formerly 
Anne Bouet Aduocate to the Parliament 
of Bourdeaux in France and Created by the 
Duke de la Force ludge of his Lands & Lordship 

of Caumont & Taillebourge in 1665) Who by 

the Assistance of the Grace of God For Sook her 

Natiue Country, her Relations & Estate For the 

Faith of Christ She was born at Caumont 

Prouince of Guienne in France the 23 of 

Aprill 1669 & Came Ouer into England about 

1683 to Auoid the Persecution under Lewis 

the 14"' King of France She was Married to the 

Said John Grubb the 6 March 1698 to Whom She 

Bore Nine Children Uiz: Lettitia Iohn Samuel 

Elizabeth Anne Lettitia & Iames Who 

Were Twynns Henry & Edward 3 of whom 

Uiz: the First Lettitia Iames & Henry 

Dyed in her Life Time the other 6 were all 

Liuing at the time of her Death and may 

they all imitate the Uirtue and piety of So 

Excellent a Parent She Dyed the 11"' March 

1721 in the 53 Year of her Age and Lyes 
Interred in the Uault in Camberwell Church 
in Surrey with her two Sons Iames & Henry. 

See Illustrafion. 


/bfM.ANNRCRUBB Wife oFIohnGrubb V 
GenfCwho vvasthe only Daughter S^'I-l^eir of 
ECiAs Daney byANNE his Wire Formerly 
Anne Boult Aduoeare to theparliamenf 
ofBouRDEAUx in FRANCEand Created bv/ the 
Du ke de la Force ludge of his Lands& Lordship 
of Caumont &TailleJ30Ufge mi6%) Whoby 
theAssisfance of the Grace of GodForSookher 
Natiue CoLmtry. her Relations &:EstateForthe 
Jaith of Christ S^he Was Born at Caumont 
prouinceofGuiENNE in France Che 2.3 of 
Apri/I i66_9 &. came Ouer into England abour 
idgjto Auoid the persecution underLewi^ 
rhe;i4 kiNG of France She wa? Married to the 
5ai(^ loHN G'RUBB the 6 March regs to "WhomSKe 
Bore Nme Children UrZ:LETTiTlA Iohn Samuel 
Elizabeth, Anne Lettitia &Tames who 
Were Twynns Henry & Edwatcd j of whom 
Uiz the First LETTiTiAlANfEs ScHenry 
Dyed in her Life Time the other 6 were all 
Liuing at thetime of her Death and may 
they all imitate the Uirtueand pietyof^o 
Excellent A parent She Dyed i^heii" March 
1721 inthe^3' Year oF her Age andLyes 
Inferred mthe UauItinCamterweU Church 
in Surrey wibh her two SonslAMEs &.Henry 

4' lOJ high by 2 H wide. 

























[Page a;.] 

^^fo^l-^ecc^^?^ his 

See Illustration. 

John Grubb, the eldest son, succeeded 
lis father as proprietor of Horsendon. 
le was baptized at Horsendon 14 Jan- 
, , , , „ uary 170". He was a Citizen and 
From a Letter dated 2. July 1778. Mercer of London, and married Mary, 

daughter of John Moreton (or Morton), of Throgmorton Street, Citizen 
and Embroiderer of London. He made the alterations in the church 
before referred to in 1766, and built the tower there. He died without 
issue 22 May 1785, and was buried 30 May in the chancel of Horsen- 
don Church. Will and two codicils dated respectively 26 February 
1782, 25 September 1783, and 20 March 1785; proved 7 June 1785 
{'P.CC)— Portrait JVo. i, seepage 100. 

Mary, his widow, died 1 1 February 

^ //f /J /?/? 1792, and was buried 18 February with 

iyJiO^k — XWLUA/i' her husband. Will and codicil dated 

/y ^ respectively 12 September 1788, and 

i^ ^ 7 May 1 791; proved 25 February 1792 

From a Receipt dated i79r. (^^.Q.Q.)-Portrait No. 2, seepage 100. 

Monuments with the following inscriptions erected to their memory 

in Horsendon Church : 















See Illustration. 



[Page 27.] 

In the same Vault 

with John Grubb Esq"' 

are deposited the Remains of 

M"^ Mary Grubb 

his Wife 

who died the n"' of February 1792, 

Aged 84 Years.' 

See Illustration. 

From a Deed dated 1736. 

Edward Grubb, Clerk to the Fish- 
monger's Company, was born at 
Peckham 27 January i7y^. He 
married Mary, daughter of John Le 
Grand, of Canterbury, and sister and 
heir of another John Le Grand, also 
of Canterbury, 3 July 1749, and died 


intestate 2 Octo- 
ber 1790, and was 
buried 13 October 
at Thames Ditton 
(Admon 2 Novem- 
ber 1790, P.C.C.) 
husband 18 April 
24 December 1795, 8 February 1797 
Besides John Grubb, with whom 

From a Deed dated 21 May 1787. 

His wife died 5 
1797. Will and 

April, and was buried with her 
two codicils dated respectively 
proved 24 April 1797 (P.C.C.) 
the pedigree commences, Edward 

^yn^ (yhu^Yry^-^^j^-Cr-cr-g^ti^ 

From a Letter. 

Grubb had a daughter Mary, 
married to Robert Rushbrooke, 
and another son Edward, born 
July 1758. 

From a Letter dated 1827. 

' The position of all these Monuments, with the exception of that to Mrs. Anne 
Grubb, has been changed since they were first put up. That of the two marble slabs 
with the Latin inscriptions, since tlie conversion of the chancel into the church, has 
been given above. It has since been again changed; and the slabs now occupy a 
place on the south wall. The monument to John Grubb and his son Samuel was 
originally placed against the east wall, just above the slabs with the Latin inscriptions. 
It is now removed to the western end of the south wall. The other two to John 
Grubb the Citizen, and Mary his wife, formerly occupied a position at the northern 
end of the east wall, corresponding to that of the monument to John and Samuel, and 
the slabs with the Latin inscriptions at the southern end of the same wall. They are 
now removed to the north wall at the western end, facing the monument to John and 
Samuel Grubb. 












In the fame Vault. 

with John Crubb Efqf 

are depofited the Remains of 


his Wfe 

who died the iil'of February 1752. 

Aged 84 "fears. 



Mary was born 28 April 1755, married at St. Michael's, Crooked 
Lane, London, 3 October 1778, died the 19''', and was buried at 
St. George the Martyr's, Canterbury, the 26"' of December 1844. Her 
husband (M.A. and a Barrister) was of Westowe Hall, and afterwards of 
Rushbrooke in Suffolk. He was born in 1758, died the 20"', and was 
buried at St. George's, Canterbury, the 29''' of December 1829. Their 
only child. Colonel Robert Rushbrooke, was for some time M.P. for the 
county of Suffolk. 

Edward, the son, was a soli- 
citor, and in partnership with 
his father at the time of his 
father's death. This Edward, 
the son, married Elizabeth, 
daughter of John Cantis, of 
Canterbury, and by her had 
issue two sons, John and Ed- 
ward. She died 10 May, and 
was buried 27 May 1802, at 
Thames Ditton. Edward, her 
husband, died intestate 6 June, and was buried at St. Gilesin-the- 
Fields 10 June 1817 (Admon 19 June 1817, and 22 June 1820, P.C.C.) 
— Miniature, No. 22, see page 100. 

YZ^ J^J^ 7^ ' —:^ John, the elder son, was 

y^^]/'{yO</V^'u'^^^C-^C*'-^ born circa 1799. He never 

^^ >^ j^ — » — married, and was killed in the 

<y^^^ y yity^ Burmese War in 1825. Will 

C^ >^ c^ dated 23 March 1824; proved 

From a Deed d.ited 23 March 1824. 22 December 1825 (P C.C.) 

From a Deed dated 1793. 

Edward, the younger, was born 17 September 
1800. He was of Trinity College, Cambridge, M.A. 
and a Barrister, and held the office of Clerk of 
Records and Writs at the time of his death, 8 June 
1878. He married Frances, daughter of Mr. Staff 


From a Letter dated 

Tta^uu jf^ 

From a Deed dated 16 June i860. 

From a Letter dated 1891. 


[Page 27.J 

of Norwich, and niece of Charles Austin, Q.C., of Brandeston Hall, 
Suffolk, but had no issue, and was buried at Horsendon 14 June. Will 
and codicil dated respectively 30 July 1870, and 20 July 1877; proved 
28 June 1878 in the Principal Registry. He purchased in 1834 the 
Spring Coppice Estate in the parish of Hughenden, Bucks, which he 
devised to his cousin, John Eustace Grubbe of Southwold. 


Grubbe. Portraits and Miniatures in the possession of 
[Page 27] j^j^^^ Eustace Grubbe of Sotithwold, Suffolk. 

1. John Grubb, who died 22 May 1785. By Daniel. 

2. Mary, his wife, who died 11 February 1792. By Daniel. 

3. John Grubb, who died i September 1 8 1 2 (with whom the pedigree 

commences). Three-quarter length, supposed to be by 

4. The same John Grubb. A crayon of smaller size. 

5. A copy of the crayon in oils. By Young of Southampton, painted 

in 1822 or 1823. 

6. 7. Two minatures in oils of John Grubb and Sarah Anne his wife. 

Taken about the time of their marriage in 1809. 

8. John Eustace Grubbe. Three-length portrait by E. Vernet Leconte, 


9. The same. Three-length portrait in sitting posture, by his son. 

Captain Laurence Carrington Grubbe. Presented to the 
Corporation of Southwold 26 October 1S91, and hung in the 
' Town Hall. 

10. The same. Small portrait in sitting posture. 

11. JuHa Catharine Hall (Mrs. John Eustace Grubbe). Small portrait 

taken about 1 2 years of age. 

12. Julia Catharine Grubbe. Three-length portrait by E. Vernet 

Leconte, 1879. Fellow picture to that of her husband (No. 8.) 

13. William Henry Grubbe. Small portrait in sitting posture. Painted 

on the eve of his going to India. 

14. Edmund Arthur (Major Grubb). Miniature taken in boyhood 

by his sister, Mrs. Draper. 

15. The same, in uniform. Small three-length portrait. 

16. Charles Septimus Grubbe, Vicar of Mentmore, co. Bucks. 

Miniature taken in boyhood by his sister, Mrs. Draper. 

17. Same. Small three-length portrait. 

18. The same, and Anne Louisa Grubbe (Mrs. Ouvry). Children at 

play. Small water colour. 

19. Julia Harriet Grubbe. Miniature, three-quarter length. 

20. Laurence Carrington Grubbe Child sitting in a chair, miniature. 

21. Edmund Alexander Grubb (Connaught Rangers). Child standing 

on a chair, miniature. 

22. Edward Grubb, son of Edward and Mary Le Grand. Small 

miniature by Smart, 

■yr'///f ( ,ff.j/,f,f (////r/'r. 


Copied from the original Oranl of Arms dated 1000, in the possession of 
Sir Alfred Jodrell, Bart. 

Grant of Arms to Gilbert Sheldon^ D.D., 1660. Jodrell. 

Universis et Singulis ad ([uos presentes Litene perveneriiit Edwardus 
Walkerus eques auratus Ordinis Periscelidis aurcse fecialis vulg6 Garterus 
nationis Anglicanre Armorum Rex principalis salutem. Inter coetera 
virtutis irritamenta, maxinii profecto semper apud antecessores nostros 
fuere Insignia ilia Armorum honoraria, quae non tantinn viros honoratos 
ab ignobili plebe secernerent, sed et nobiles ipsos ad plura virtutis 
facinora perpetranda incitarent. Quocirca cum Clilbertus Sheldon SacrK 
TheologiK Doctor anticjua et honorata Sheldonorum fouiilia in agro 
Derbeiensi oriundus, celcbri doctrina et smgulari virtute nomen Majorum, 
per se celebre, magnopere nobilitaverit ; non modo, quod Collegium 
Omnium Animarum, in prreclara Oxoniensi Academia, cui multis annis 
prtefuit prudentissime rexerit Caroloc}^ Regi memorise semper sacra;, ab 
Oratorijs privatis fuerit : necnon serenissimo domino nostro Carolo 
secundo (quern Deus Opt : max : diu velit incolumem) Sacelli Regii 
Decanum dignissimum se prsestiterit : quibus omnibus suina viri pru- 
dentia et gravitas semper eniicuit : sed insuper quod Regis partium 
tidissimus fautor et adjutor, Rei-familiaris jacturam, carceres, multaqj 
alia seipso indignissima, maximo animo pectoreq^ bene pra?parato pertu- 
lerit : Quibus omnibus (uti fas est) perpensis ; ac etiam, quod venerabilis 
ille vir Londinensis Antistes designatus est ; ego pr^fatus Edwardus 
Walkerus, pro potestate mihi data per praefatum serenissimum Carolum 
Regeni in fidei, meritiq^ prsemium et honorem, Insigne eiusdem gentili- 
tium, viz : Tignum rubeum, tribus Cataractis argenteis impressum in 
Scuto ejusdem metalli, vnacum honorario additamento, Rosse paritcr 
argentete, in angulo dextro, et pro Crista, super galea et torque argenteo 
rubeoq^ Cateractam albam, Rosam rubeam in rostro suo tenentem sicut 
in margine prassentium luculentius videndum est, sibi posteriscj^ suis 
gestandum praebeo (unusquisq^ tamen, sub ilia differentia juxta leges 
Armorum gradui suo propria) semper et vbiq^ prout occasio sese obtulerit, 
sine vindicatione. In cujus rei testimonium prsesentibus nomen meum 
propria manu subscripsi, et Sigillum Officii mei apposui. Datis quarto 
die Septembris, anno regni dicti serenissimi domini nostri Caroli dei 
gratia magnce Britaniae Francis, et Hibernite Regis fidei defensoris &c. 
Annotjj Domini Millesimo Sexcentesimo Sexagesimo. 

Edwardus Walker, 

Garterus, P.R.A. 

Grant of Arms to Daniel Sheldon of Ham 
Court, Surrey, 1681. 

To all and Singular to whom these presents shall come S' William 
Dugdale Knt. Garter Principal King of Amies, and S"' Henry S' George 
K' Clarenceux King of Amies send Greeting. Whereas the R' Hon''''= 
Robert Earl of Ailesbury Deputy with his Maj'' approbation to His 

' Paul Jodrell of Duffiekl, co. Derby, married in 1712, Judilh, daughter and co-heir 
of Gilbert Sheldon, and great-niece of Gilbert Sheldon, Archbishop of Canterbury. 


Jodrell. Grace Henry Duke of Norfolk Earl Marshal of England hath by Warrant 
[Page 33.1 or Order under his hand and the Seal of the Earle Marshall's Office 
bearing date the 23''' day of this instant December, signified unto Us 
That Daniel Sheldon of Ham-Court in the County of Surrey Esq'" (out 
of the great honour and respect which he bears to the memory of his 
deceased Uncle the Most Reverend Father in God Gilbert late Arch 
Bishop of Canterbury Primate and Metropolitan of all England) hath made 
application to him the said Deputy Earl Marshall for his Consent, That 
the Arms and Crest heretofore granted and assigned by S'' Edward 
Walker K"' late Garter Principal King of Arms A" 1660 to the said 
Archbishop, might be assigned and confirmed to him the said Danfel 
Sheldon and other the issue of Raphe Sheldon his Father elder brother 
to the said Arch-Bishop And Whereas y" said Deputy Earl Marshall, 
taking into consideration That the said Arch-Bishop dying unmarried 
did settle his Estate upon the Issue of the said Raphe his Brother which 
by the death of S'' Joseph Sheldon K"' late Alderman and sometime 
Lord Mayor of London, eldest Son of the said Raphe without issue male, 
being now devolved upon the said Daniel Sheldon Second Son of the 
said Raphe did thereupon Signifie unto Us his consent for our joynt 
assigning and confirming unto the said Daniel Sheldon, and other the 
issue of the said Raphe the Armes and Crest heretofore granted to the 
said Arch-Bishop as aforesaid Know ye therefore that we the said 
Garter and Clarenceux in pursuance of the Consent of the said Deputy 
Earl Marshall, and by authority of the Kings Letters Patents to each of 
us respectively granted under the Great Seal of England, have assigned 
and confirmed and do by these Presents assign and confirm unto the 
said Daniel Sheldon the Armes and Crest formerly assigned and granted 
by the said S'' Edward Walker unto the said D"^ Gilbert Sheldon at that 
time designed Bishop of London but afterwards Arch-Bishop of Canter- 
bury, Viz^ Argent, on a Cheveron gules three Sheldrakes of the field, with 
the honourable addition of a Rose Silver in a canton of the Second 
and for the Crest on a Wreath Argent & Gules a Sheldrake Silver 
holding in the beak a Rose Gules as in the margin hereof more plainly 
appears. To be borne and used for ever hereafter by him the said 
Daniel Sheldon and other the issue of Raphe Sheldon his father and 
the heirs and other Descendents of their bodies lawfully begotten with 
their due and proper differences at all times and upon all occasions 
according to the Law and practice of Armes without the lett interruption 
dispute or Contradiction of any Person or Persons whatsoever. In 
witness whereof we the said Garter and Clarenceux have to these presents 
subscribed our Names aud affixed the Seales of our respective Offices 
this Six and Twentieth day of December in the Three and Thirtieth 
year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles the Second by the 
Grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland Defender 
of the Faith etc"' Annoq^ D'ni 1681. 

William Dugdale, Hen : S^ George, 

Garter. Clarenceux. 

Grant of Ar>iis to Dame fudith Diggs and Jodrell. 

[Page 33-] 

Danic Margaret Sheldon, 1681. 


To all and singular to whom 
these Presents shall come S'' 
William Dugdale Kn' Garter 
Principal King of Arms, and S'' 
Henry S' George Kn' Claren- 
ceux King of Amies send Greet- 
ing. Whereas the Right Hon'''' 
Robert Earl of Ailesbury Deputy, 
'•J) with His Majesties approbation, 
^-^ to his (irace Henry Duke of Nor- 

folk Earl Marshall of England 
hath by warrant or Order under 
his hand and the Seal of the Earl 
Marshalls Office bearing date 
the 23"' day of December last 
past, signified unto us his consent 
for Our Devysing, Granting and 
Assigning to Dame ludith Diggs 
Widow of S'^ Maurice Diggs 
Baronet now wife of Daniell Sheldon of Ham-Court in Com Surrey Esq', 
and to Dame Margaret Sheldon her Sister Relict of S'' loseph Sheldon 
K"' late Alderman and sometime Lord Mayor of the City of London, 
daughters and coheirs of M' George Rose of Eastergate in cofii Sussex, 
such Armes as they and their Descendents may lawfully bear according 
to the Rules and practice of Armes. Know ye therefore that We the 
said Garter and Clarenceux in pursuance of the consent of the said 
Deputy Earl Marshall, and by authority of the Kings Letters Patents to 
each of us respectively granted under the Great Seal of England, have 
devysed and do by these Presents grant and assign to y= said Dame 
ludith and Dame Margaret the Armes hereafter mentioned Viz': Ermine 
an Eagle displayed Sable, membered and beaked Gules, debruised with 
a Bendlet Componfe Or and Azure, as in the margin hereof more plainly 
appears depicted. To be borne and used for ever hereafter by them y= 
said Dame ludith Diggs and Dame Margaret Sheldon and the descen- 
dents of their bodies respectively, lawfully begotten, according to the 
Laws, Rules and practice of Armes without the Lett Interruption dispute 
or contradiction of any person or persons whatsoever. In witness 
whereof we the said S'' William Dugdale Knt. Garter and S'' Henry S' 
George Knt. Clarenceux Kings of Arms have to these presents subscribed 
our Names and affixed the Scales of our respective Offices this 16''' day 
of February in the 34''' year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord Charles 
the Second by the Grace of God King of England Scotl'' France and 
Ireland Defender of the Faith &c. Annoq' Domini 1681. 

William Dugdale, 

Hen : S^ George, 


Jodrell. Gyaiit of Arms to Edward Lombe of PVeston, 
^^'^'''■^ CO. Norfolk, 1699. 

To all and Singular to whom these Presents shall come, S'' Thomas S' 
George, Knight, Garter Principal King of Arnies and S' Henry S' George, 
Knight, Clarenceux King of Armes send greeting Whereas the most 
noble Prince Henry Duke of Norfolke Earl Marshal of England hath by 
Warrantor Order under his Hand and the Seal of His office of Earl 
Marshal dated the 7''' day of this instant February signified unto Us 
his consent for our Devising Granting and Assigning unto Edward 
Lombe of Weston in the County of Norfolke Esq'' High Sheriff of the 
said County such Armes and Crest as He and His Descendents may 
lawfully bear and use according to the Law and Practise of Armes, Know 
Ye therefore that in pursuance of the said Earl Marshals consent We the 
said Garter and Clarenceux by the Authority of the Letters Patents of 
our Offices under the great Seal of England to Us respectively Granted 
have Devised, Granted and Assigned and do by these Presents Devise 
Grant and assign for and unto the said Edward Lombe the Armes and 
Crest hereafter mentioned Viz' Azure two Combs in Fess between a 
broken Lance Barrwise, one piece in Chief with the head respecting the 
dexter, the broken part of the other half towards the dexter base Point 
of the Scocheon Or, and for his Crest on a Wreath of His Colours, two 
Lances in Saltire Or each with a small Pendant Gules as in the Margin 
hereof is more plainly Depicted. To be borne and used by Him the said 
Edward Lombe and the Heirs and other Descendents of His Body 
lawfully begotten with their due and proper Differences in Shield Coat- 
Armour, Penon, Seal or otherwise according to the Law and due Practise 
of Armes without the lett or Interruption of any Person or Persons 
whatsoever. In Witness whereof We the said Garter and Clarenceux 
Kings of Armes have to these Presents subscribed Our Names and 
affixed the Seals of Our respective Offices this Tenth day of February in 
the 11'^ year of the Reign of Our Soveraign Lord William the third 
by y'= Grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland 
Defender of the Faith &c. Annoq' D'ni Millesimo Sexcentesimo 
nonagesimo nono. 

Tho. S;^ George, Garter Hen. S^ George, Clarenceux 

Principall King of Armes. King of Armes. 

Confirmation of Arms to Paul Jodrell, 1707. 

To all and Singular To whom these Presents shall come S"' Henry S' 
George, Knight, Garter Principal King of Arms, and Peter Le Neve Esq'" 
Norroy King of Arms Send greeting. Whereas Paul lodrell of Duffeild 
in the County of Derby Esq'' and Clark to the Honorable House of 
Commons, hath by Petition represented unto the Right Honorable 
Henry Earl of Bindon Deputy (with her Majesties Approbation) to his 


Grace Thomas Duke of Norfolk Earl Marshall and Hereditary Marshall Jodrell. 

of England, That he is the only Son of Simon lodrell sometime of the [J'agc 33.] 

City of Litchfeild in the County of Stafford Deceased, who was Son of 

lohn lodrell of Litchfeild aforesaid. Second Son of the lodrells of 

Moorhouse in the County of Stafford, which lodrells of Moorhouse are 

Descended by a younger Son from the Ancient Family of lodrell of 

Yeardesley in the County Palatine of Chester. And Whereas Edmund 

lodrell of Twemlow in the said County of Chester Esq' the present 

Cheif of the said Family of Yeardesley hath Certified that he doth 

beleive that lohn lodrell Second Son of John lodrell of Moorchouse in 

the County of Stafford Esq'' by Elizabeth Swetnam his Wife, did go and 

Live at the City of Litchfeild and that he might Marry Alice larman, 

from whom as he hath been credibly informed the said Paul lodrell is 

Descended, and that he may be intitled to bear the Arms of the said 

F'amily of lodrell of Moorehouse with a due distinction which (so far as 

concerned him) he did freely give his Consent and agree unto. And 

Whereas the said Paul lodrell by the said Petition prayed to obtain the 

said Earl of Bindons Warrant for our Assigning and Confirming (with 

his Lordships consent to and Approbation thereof), the Arms and Crest 

of the aforesaid Family of Moorehouse with such Variation or difference 

as he and his Descendents may Lawfully Use and Bear. And Whereas 

likewise his Lordship (being well satisfied that the said Paul lodrell is 

duly Qualified to Support the State of Gentility) did by Warrant under ' 

his Hand and Seal bearing date the fourteenth day of June last past 

Order and Appoint Us the said Garter and Norroy to Assign and 

Confirm to the said Paul lodrell the Arms and Crest of the said Family 

with such Variation or difference as (after his Consent and Approbation 

thereof) may be borne and used by the said Paul lodrell and his 

Descendents according to the Law of Arms. Know ye therefore that we 

the said Garter and Norroy in Pursuance of the said Warrant or Order 

and by virtue of the Letters Patents of our Ofifices under the Great Seal 

of England to each of Us respectively Granted, Have Assigned and do 

by these Presents Grant and Confirm unto the said Paul lodrell (His 

Lordships Consent and Approbation being already had thereunto) the 

Arms and Crest hereafter mentioned Viz'. Ermines three round Buckles, 

the Tongues downward Argent, in fess poynt a Trefoil Slipt Or, and for 

his Crest, on a Wreath of his Colours Argent and Sable a Cocks head 

and Neck Coupt, the \A'ings erected Or, Combed lelloped Gules issuant 

out of a chaplet of Roses Gules, berded and Seeded proper as in 

the Margin hereof is more plainly depicted. To be borne and used by 

the said Paul lodrell, and the Heirs and other Descendents of his Body 

Lawfully Begotten and to be Begotten, according to the Law and 

practice of Arms, without the Let or Literruption of any Person or 

Persons whatsoever. In Witness whereof we the said Garter and Norroy 

Kings of Arms have to these Presents Subscribed our Names and 

affi.xed the Seals of our respective Offices this Tenth day of July, in the 

Si.\th year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lady Anne by the Grace of 

God Queen of Great Britain France and Ireland Defender of the Faith 

&c., and in the year of our Lord 1707. 

Hen : S^ George, Garter, Peter Le Neve, 

Principal King of Arms. Norroy King of Arms. 


Jodrell. Monumental Inscriptions at Letheringsett, 
^^'^'''•^ CO. Norfolk. 

North wall. 





AGED 54. 























Arms.^-]odire\\ impaling Weyland. Crest. — Jodrell. 

Under east window, north aisle, on a brass plate. 





Brass plate at tfu north side of east window. Jodrell. 

TO THE GLORY OF COD AND \^*%,^ 33-] 






West end. 








ON MARCH I*^ 1888 AND 







North side, on a cross. 



WHO DIED JANUARY 27^" 1 868 


Fyoiii Fly-leaves of the fodrell Family Bible, 


Sir John Lombe Bar' of Great Melton eldest Brother of Edward Hase 

Esq. died May 27^'' 181 7. 
Edward Hase Born at Dereham in the County of Norfolk Dec'"' 31 

Vertue Repps Born at Matishall in the County of Norfolk June 28"^ 

1732 and married Edward Hase April 16"' 1754 at Dereham in the 

County of Norfolk. 


Jodrell. Vertue Hase Born at Saxthorpe in the County of Norfolk May 15"' 1755 
[I'acc 33.1 Sophia Hase Born at Saxthorpe in the County of Norfolk May ig'^ 1757. 
Anne Hase Born at Saxthorpe in the County of Norfolk July i^' 1759. 
Edward John P'ountayne Hase Born at Sail in the County of Norfolk 

July 11"' 1764. Died March 10''' 1765 and buried in the Vault at 

Mary Hase born at Sail in the County of Norfolk Jan''>' 29"' 1766. 
Richard Paul Jodrell Born in Bedtbrd Row in the Parish of S' 

Andrews, London, Nov'"' 24"^ 1745 N.S. Died in Portland Place, 

London, Jan. 26"' 1831. 
Vertue Hase Born at Saxthorpe in the County of Norfolk May 15'''' 1755 

and married Richard Paul Jodrell May ig'*" 1772 at Sail in the 

County of Norfolk. Died March 23'' 1806 and buried at Lewknor, 

Paul Jodrell born in Berners Street in the Parish of Marylebone, London, 

March 4"' 1773. Died April 12''' 1774 and buried at Lewknor in 

in the County of Oxon. 
Paul Jodrell Born in Berners Street in the Parish of Marylebone, London, 

April 26''' 1776. Died May 10"' 1776 and buried at Lewknor 

in the County of Oxon. 
Sophia and Louisa Jodrell Born in Berners Street in the Parish of 

Marylebone, London, Sept*"^ 25"' 1778. Sophia died unmarried 

April 17"' 1849 and is buried at Upton, Bucks. Louisa wife of 

Richard Jennings died 1826 and is buried at Ridge, Herts. 
Richard Paul Jodrell Born in Berners Street in the Parish of Marylebone, 

London, June 26"^ 1781. 
Edward Jodrell born in Berners Street in the Parish of Marylebone, 

London, Nov'"' ig"" 1785. 
Sheldon Jodrell Born in Berners Street in the Parish of Marylebone, 

London, August g^^ 1788. 
Robert Marsham Born in the Parish of S' Martins in the Fields, London, 

December iS"" 1749 N.S. 
Sophia Hase Born at Saxthorpe in the County of Norfolk May the 19"' 

1757 and married Robert Marsham April 17''' 1781 at Sail in 

the County of Norfolk. 
Robert Marsham Born atOunthorpe in the County of Norfolk June 24"" 

Sophia Vertue Marsham Born at Gunthorpe in the County of Norfolk 

July 8"^ 1784. 
Lucy Marsham Born at Gunthorpe in the County of Norfolk November 

6"' 1786. 
Edward Marsham Born at Gunthorpe in the County of Norfolk April i" 

Henry Marsham born at Saxthorpe in the County of Norfolk 13''' of 

Nov' 1788. 
William George Jodrell born at 39 Manchester Street, London, on 

Sunday Morning May 18''' 1823 baptized in Marylebone Parish 

Church June 16"' 1823. Died Janv 20"' at Sail House 1824 and 

Buried in Sail Vault. 
Edward Repps Jodrell born at 10 Bentinck Street, London, on Monday 

Morning June 20''' 1825 and baptized in Marylebone Parish Church 

July 28'h 1825. 


Henry Sheldon Jodrell born at 4 Benlinck Street London on Tuesday Jodrell. 

morning May 15"' 1827 and baptized in Marylebone Church July [Page 33.] 

1827. Died in Portland Place Aug' g""" 1832. 
Richard Paul Hase Jodrell Born at 2 Duke Street Portland Place in the 

Parish of S' Marylebone London on Monday Night Aug" 3^'' 1818 

and baptized in Marylebone Parish Church Aug. 29''' iSiS and 

christened in the said Church July 15'"' 1820. 
Amelia Verlue Jodrell born also in Duke Street on Saturday Morning 

Dec'' is'*" 1821 baptized in the said Church of Marylebone Jan''^ 

iz"" 1822. 
Louisa Jodrell married Richard Jennings of Ridge, Com. Hertford Feb^' 

12, 1811 and died July 22"'^ 1826. 
Edward Jodrell married Mary Lowndes 4''' Daughter of William Lowndes 

Stone Esq. of BrightwcU in the County of O.xford Oct. S"' 181 2. 
Richard Paul Jodrell, junior married Amelia Caroline King Daughter of 

the Right Honourable the Earl of Kingston Dec' 12*'' 1814 at 

Saint Marylebone Church London by the Hon'''' and Rev'' Rich. 

Amelia Caroline King was born and christened at Frederickton in the 

Province of New Brunswick in North America March 17"" 1793 

of which there is no record the Register of her Baptism having 

been destroyed by Fire. 
Thomas Browne Evans born at Bury S' Edmunds in the Parish of S' 

James's in the County of Suffolk December 9''' 1765. 
Mary Hase Born at Sail in the County of Norfolk January 29"" 1766 

and Married Thomas Browne Evans January u"' 1787 at Sail in 

the County of Norfolk. 
Thomas Browne Evans Born at Brome Place in the County of Norfolk 

May 31" 1789. 
Edward Evans Born at Kirby Beadon in the County of Norfolk May 24*'' 

Henry Evans born at Kirby Beadon in the County of Norfolk June the 

26*'' 1792. 
Mary Virtue Evans born at Kirby Beadon in the County of Norfolk Sept. 

23'' 1793- 
Mary Evans wife of Thomas Brown Evans died 9"" of April 1798 Aged 

Vertue Hase wife of Edward Hase died 25'''' of May 1801 Aged 69. 
Edward Hase died 11"' of May 1804 Aged 71. 
Vertue Jodrell wife of Richard Paul Jodrell died March 23''' 1806 Aged 

Robert Marsham died in April 181 2 Aged 62. 
Sophia Marsham his Wife died NoV 28'*^ 1824 Aged 67. 
Bernard Astley third son of Sir Edward Astley Bart of Melton Constable 

was born August 31^' 1764. 
Anne Hase born at Saxthorpe July i" 1759 married Bernard Astley 

August 31 1787 at Sail in the County of Norfolk. 
Sir Paul Jodrell died in India 1803 at Madras. 

Henry Jodrell Esq. died in Welbeck Street London March ii'" 1814. 
Elizabeth Lytton died in Upper Seymour Street London Nov"^ i, 18 18. 



[I'age 33] 

fodrell Pedigree. 

John Jodrell of YerdesleyT=. . da : and heir of . . Beeley of 
in CO. Cesr, Esq., 2 son. | Moorehouse, co. Staff: gent. 

Thomas Jodrell of=j=Joane, da : and sole heir to 
the Moorehouse, CO. ' ~ " 

Staff: 1594. 


Thomas John Jodrell of=j=Elizabeth, da : of 

Sherrat of the 
Lane End, within Horton Court, co. Stafford, living 
27 April 1594, as appears by her son Ralph's will. 



the Moore- 

house, CO. Staf- 

Ralph Jodrell, Citizen and=Margaret, da : 

. Relict 

Swetenham of Sweten- Pewterer of London. Will of 
ham, CO. Cestr : Esq. dat : 2 7 April, pr : 9 May and 

1594 (36 Dixey). 

I I 

John Jodrell of=|=Alice Jarman Thomas Jodrell of the=j=Anne, da: of 

City of Lichfield, 
2 son. 

of City of 

Moorehouse, co. Staff: 
ob. 24 Dec. 1667, Kt. 

Robert Port of 
Ham, CO. Staff: 

I I I 




Synion Jodrell of the City= 
of Lichfield ; died before 
17 May 1707. 

John Jodrell of the=Elizabeth, da : of John 
Moorehouse, aged Wedgwood of Harracles, 
43 in 1663. CO. Stafford, Esq. 

I I I 



Paul Jodrell of Dufifield, in the County of Derby, = 
Clerk of the Honorable House of Commons, 
formerly of the City of Lichfield, co. Stafford, 
after of the Parish of S' Sepulcher in the City of 
London, after that of S' Bride, alias Bridget, in the 
said City, and since the year 1689 of Chancery 
Lane in parish of S' Andrew, Holborn, co. Middle- 
se.x, and of Sion Hill in parish of Isleworth in the 
said County of Middlesex; married at S' James', 
Clerkenwell, 8 Jan. 1673; died 31 July 1728, aged 
82, buried at Lewknor in the County of Oxford. 

=Jane, eldest 
da : of Tho- 
mas Rolles 
of Lewknor, 
CO. Oxford, 
Feb. 1727, 
ffit. 78, bur" 
at Lewknor, 

John Jodrell 
of the Moore- 
house, ast. 18 
1663.= Mary, 
da : of Thomas 
Swetenham of 
Bertley, co. 
Cestr, Esq. 

I I 

I I I I 

William. Eliza. 



I I 
William Jodrell, born 20 
Oct. 1674, bapt .at S' 
Sepulchre's ; died in a 
year after, and was bur^ 
at Lewknor afores*^. 

Thomas Jodrell, born 29 
April 1676, bapt. at S' 
Bride's; died 16 June 
1678, buried there. 

Paul Jodrell, s : and h : late of Trinity Coll :=j=Judith, eld' of the 2 daurs. and 
Oxford, now of Lincoln's Inn, London, coheirs of Gilbert Sheldon, by 
Esq.; born 23 June 1679; marr'' at S* Mary his wife; born 12 Aug. 
Edmund the King, Lombard Street, 7 Oct. 1692, bapt. in Hammersmith 
1712; ob. 25 Jan. 1744, bur'^ at Lewknor. Parish; died 30 June 1768, 

and bur'' at Lewknor. Mary, 
2^ da : and coh : of Gilbert 
Sheldon, married William 
Cradock of Hartforth, co. 
York, Esq. 

Elizabeth, 2 da : of Rich" Warner=i=Paul Jodrell of Lincoln's Inn, Esq.; born in Essex St., Strand, 20 
CO. Norf: Feb. 1713, Regain St. Clement Danes; mar. at North Elm- 
ham ; ob. 30 June 1751, bur" at Lewknor. 

of North Elmham, 

Richard Paul Jodrell, born in Bedford Row 13 Nov. 

1745, bapt. at S' Andrew's, Holborn, 29 Nov. 1745. 

Paul Jodrell, born in Bedford Row 12 November 

1746, bapt. and reg" at S' Andrew's, Holborn. 

Henry Jodrell, born in Bedford Row 6 May 1750, 
bapt™ reg** in S' Andrew's, Holborn. 

1 10 

Elizabeth, born=Rich" Warburton Lytton, 

in Bedford Row 
24 M'-* 1747, 
baptism reg" in 
S* Andrew's, 

Esq. (son of W™ Warbur- 
ton, Esq., dec'', by Eliz: 
his wife, only sister of John 
Robinson Lytton of Kneb- 
worth, CO. Hertford); marr. 
at S' Andrew's Church 16 
April 1768. 

Autograph of Rev. Philip Neville Jodrell, Rector of Yelling,, co. Hunts, 
son of Rev. Daniel Jodrell, Rector of Bingham, co. Norfolk, and Arch- 
deacon of Rochester, by Alary his wife, daughter of Rev. John Breeze, to 
a letter dated Yelling Rectory, March 2gth, 1848. 

lA /^^^f^^^t-*:^^^ 

Autograph of Eliza S. Jodrell, daughter of Rev. Philip Neville Jodrell, 
Rector of Yelling, to a letter dated May 12th, 1846. 

James Jodrell, bapt. at 
S' Bride's ; living 1707 ; 
died unm : bur'' at 

Richard Jodrell, bapt. at 
S' Bride's ; died young, 
and was bur. there. 

John Jodrell, bapt. at S' 
Bride's; living 1707 ; 
died unm : and bur. at 

Rolles Jodrell, bapt. at S' 
Bride's; died young, and 
was bur'' there. 

Edward Jodrell, bapt. at S* Andrew's, Hol- 
born; living 1 707 ; died s. p., bur'' at Lewknor. 

Jane, born 4 July 1680, bapt. at S' Bride's; 
died young, and was bur'' there. 

Frances, bapt. at S' Bride's; died young, 
and was bur'' there. 

Thomas Jodrell, born 
17 July 1 7 16 in Essex 
St., and bapt. at S' 
Clement Danes; died 
on board the " Pel- 
ham " (Cap' Wood- 
ford), in service of 
E. I. Company when 
that ship was lost in 
Bengal River. 

Daniel Jodrell, born 
in Essex St. in 17 18, 
bapt. at S' Clement 
Danes. = Elizabeth, 
only da : of . . 
Breeze, Clerk, Rector 
of Hingham, co. 

Mary, only da : of= 
W"" Cradock, by 
Mary his wife, 2'' 
da : and coh : of 
Gilbert Sheldon ; 
marr. at Audiey 
St. Chapel 9 Dec. 
1740 ; ob. 12 
March 1745, £et. 
26, bur'' at Lewk- 
nor. ist wife. 

=Gilbert Jod- 
rell of An- 
died 1772. 

=Ann, 2'' da : 
of Samuel Van- 
derplank of 
Yard, London, 
a Blackwell 
Hall Factor, 
by Hannah 
his wife; marr. 
at Whitehall 
Chapel 28June 
1747. 2nd wife. 

Sarah, born in Chancery^ 
Lane 23 Sept. 1 741, bapt. 
by the Rector of St. An- 
drew's, Holborn ; marr. 
in psh Church of Wrays- 
bury, CO. Bucks, 6 Oct. 

'Robert Child, Esq., only sur- 
viving son of Samuel Child, 
Esq. (by Agatha his wife), 
only surviving son of Sir Fran- 
cis Child, Knt., formerly Lord 
Mayor of London. 

Sarah Anne, born in Lincoln's Inn Fields 28 
Aug. 1764, bapt. and reg'' in S' Giles in the 
Fields, CO. Midd"; marr., 20 May 1782, John, 
loth Earl of Westmoreland, K.G., died 9 No- 
vember 1793. 

Ann, born in Bedford Row 28 Jan. 
174^, bapt. by the Rector of S' An- 
drew's, Holborn. 

Hannah, born in Bedford Row 19 
M'^'' 1749, bapt. by Rector of S' An- 
drew's, Holborn; died the same month, 
and bur'' at S' Andrew's. 

Letitia Elizabeth, born in Bedford Row 
29 May 1 75 1, bapt. by Rector of S' 
Andrew's, Holborn; died at Bath 10 
July 1760, bur'' at Lewknor. 

Francis Nourse= 
of Woodeaton, 
CO. Oxford; died 
5 Dec. 1732, 
huT^ there e"". 

=Anne, 4 da: bapt. 
at S* Bride's ; bur'' 
II Sept. 1728 at 

Henry Jodrell of= 
Trin : Coll ; Ox- 
ford, bapt. at S' 
Bride's ; bur'' at 
Isleworth, co. 

=Mary, da: of . . 
Davenport of Isle- 
worth; died March 
1768, bur'iat Isle- 

Mary, born at 
Ickenham, co. 
Midd" ; marr. 
Rob' Shor- 
ditch of same 
place, Esq. 

John Ansell= 
of Brentford, 
CO. Midd"; 
marr. at Ic- 

born at 

born at Ic- 
kenham ; 
living un- 

John born at Brent- 
ford, CO. Midd". 

Jane, born at 

Elizabeth, eld' da: 
born 6 June 1677, 
bapt. at S* Bride's; 
marr. at Isleworth 
July 1700; bur'i at 
Bledlow.= Henry 
Shallcross (son 
and heir of John 
Shallcross of Bled- 
low, CO. Bucks, 
Esq.); died . . 
bur"* at Bledlow. 

Sheldon Jod- 
rell, born in 
1725, bapt. at 
S' Clement 
Danes ; ob. 
10 Feb. 1727, 
bur'' at Lewk- 

Philip Jodrell,=Eliza: da: Lydia Catherine, born 
born in Essex of Philips in Essex St. 16 M'^'' 
St. 30 April Gybbon 1722, bapt. at S' Cle- 
1722, bapt. at of Rol- ment Danes; ob. 8 
S' Clement venden, Sept. 1724, bur"' at 
Danes ; marr. co. Kent, Ealing, co. Midd\ 
at Rolvenden, Esq. — 

Kent, 8 June Elizabeth, born in 

1 761; ob. 14 EssexSt. 24M"='>i72o; 

Feb. 1763, and bapt. at S' Clement 

bur"* there s.p. Danes; marr. at Wood- 

eaton, CO. Oxon, 16 
Oct. 1744, John Mor- 
ton of Tackley, co. 
Oxford, Chief Justice 
of County of Chester. 

Judith, born= 
in Essex St. 
19 Jan.1717, 
bapt. at St. 
Danes, marr. 
at Ickenham, 
CO. Midd", 16 

July 1739; 

eaton 22 

March 1759. 

=John Nourse 
of Wood- 
eaton, CO. 
Oxon, Esq., 
born in S' 
Holborn, 25, 
and bapt. 30 
Nov. 1 7 10. 


Pedigree of Lonibe, Hase, and Jodrell. Jodreii. 

(from the records of the college of arms.) 

Edward Lombe of Weston in=j= 
the County of Norfolk, Esq. 

Edward Lombe John Lombe of Mary Lombe, sister=^John Hase of 

of Great Mel- Great Melton, 

ton, CO. Norfolk; afores"*, clerk; 

ob: s.p. in April ob:s.p. 

and heir by will of 
her brother John ; 
died about 1776, 
bur''at Great Melton. 

Great Mel- 
ton, CO. Nor- 
folk, Esq., 
bur'' at Great 

Arms. — Quarterly, i and 
4, Lombe; 2 and 3, Hase. 

John Hase of Great 
Melton, CO. Norfolk, 
Esq., born about 1 731. 
Assumed the name of 
Lombe only; unmar- 
ried in 1783. 

Edward Hase of Sail in= 
CO. Norfolk, born about 
1733; marr. at Dereham 
in said County in April 
1754; now living. 

=Vertue, 3'' and 
youngest daughter 
and coheir ot John 
Repps of Mattis- 
hall, CO. Norfolk, 
Esq., living 1783. 

Richard Paul Jodrell of=f=Vertue Hase, eld' 

Duffield, CO. Derby, and 
of Saxlingham, co. Nor- 
folk, eldest son and heir 
of Paul Jodrell, Esq.; 
born in the parish of S' 
Andrew's, Holborn, 13 
Nov. 1745. 

da : born at Sax- 
thorpe, CO. Norfolk, 
15 May 1755; marr. 
19 May 1772 at Sail 

Edward Hase, only son, died 
an infant. 

Sophia, born 19 May 1757 at 
Saxthorpe ; marr'' in April 
1 781 to Robert Marsham of 
Stratton, co. Norf'', Esq. 

Anne, born i July 
1759 at Sax- 
thorpe ; 



Paul Jodrell, born 4 M"^"" 1773. 

Paul Jodrell, born 26 April 1775. 

Both died infants, bur"* at Lewk- 
nor, CO. Oxon. 

Richard Paul Jodrell, 
born 26 June 1781 in 
parish of S' Maryle- 

Sophia and Louisa 
(twins), born 25 
Sept. 1778 in the 
parish of S' Mary- 

The above pedigree of our Families is true to the best of our knowledge and Belief. 
Witness our Hands at the College of Arms this 13 Day of December 1783. 



[Page 33.] 

Pedigree of Rev. Sir Edward Repps Jodrell, Bart. 

Paul Jodrell of Duffield, co. Derby (son of Paul Jodrell of London,= 
by Judith his wife, dau. and coheir of Gilbert Sheldon, and great- 
niece of Gilbert Sheldon, Archbishop of Canterbury) ; born 20 
February 17 13; of Trinity College, Oxford, matriculated 7 November 
173°. 'iged 15, created M.A. 22 February 1732, Barrister-at-Law of 
Lincoln's Inn 1735, Solicitor-General to Frederick, Prince of Wales, 
M.P. for Old Sarum January 1751 ; died 30 June 1751. 

=Elizabeth, dau. of Richard 
Warner of North Rlmham, 
CO. Norfolk, by Elizabeth 
his wife, dau. of Edward 
Lombe of Weston, co. 

Richard Paul Jodrell,= 
born 24 November 
1745; of Hertford 
College, Oxford, ma- 
triculated 28 June 
1764, aged 18, created 
D.C.L. 4 July 1793, 
Barrister-at-Law of 
Lincoln's Inn 1771, 
F.R.S. 1772, F.S.A. 
1784, M.P. for Sea- 
ford, CO. Sussex, 1790- 
96 ; died at Portland 
Place, London, 26 
January 1831. 

=Vertue, eldest dau. 
and coheir of Ed- 
ward Hase of Sail, 
CO. Norfolk, by 
Vertue his wife, 
youngest dau. and 
coheir of John 
Repps of Mattishall, 
CO. Norfolk; born at 
Saxthorpe, co. Nor- 
folk, IS May 1755; 
marr. at Sail 19 
May 1772 ; died, 
aged 50, 23 March 
1806, bur. at Lewk- 
nor, CO. Oxford. 

Sir Paul Jodrell of St. John's= 
College, Cambridge, B.A. 
1769, M.A. 1772, M.D. 1786, 
knighted 26 October 1787; 
Physician to the Nabob of 
Arcot ; died at Madras in 



Jane dau. of Sir 
Robert Bewicke of 
Close House, co. 
Northumberland, by 
Mary his wife, dau. 
of Robert Hurst of 

Paulina Elizabeth, marr. 4 June 1804, Sir John 
Henry Scale, Bart., of Mount Boone, co. Devon 
(son of John Scale of Mount Boone, by Sarah 
his wife, dau. of Charles Hayne of Lupton) ; 
born in August 1785; M.P. for Dartmouth; 
created a Baronet 31 July 183S ; died 29 No- 
vember 1844. She died 17 April 1862. 

Paul Jodrell, born in Berners Street, London, 4 
March 1773; died 12 April i774, Lewknor. 

Paul Jodrell, born in Berners Street, London, 26 
April 1776 ; died 10 May 1776, bur. at Lewknor. 

Sophia (twin with Louisa), born in Berners Street, 
London 25 September 1778; died 17 April 1849, 
bur. at Upton, co. Bucks. 

Louisa (tmn with Sophia), born in Berners Street, 
London, 25 September 1778; marr. 12 February 
181 1, Richards Jennings of Gellydeg, co. Car- 
marthen. She died 22 July 1826, and was bur. at 
Ridge, CO. Herts. 

Sir Richard Paul Jodrell,= 
2nd Bart, (succeeded on 
the death of his great uncle. 
Sir John Lombe [formerly 
Hase], unmarr. 27 May 
18 1 7); born in Berners 
Street, London, 26 June 
1781;, of Magdalen Col- 
lege, Oxford, matriculated 
I July 1799, aged 18, B.A. 
1804, M.A. 1806, Barrister- 
at-Law of Lincoln's Inn 
1803; died 14 January 

=Amelia Caroline 
King, illegitimate 
dau. of Robert, 
2nd Earl of 
Kingston ; born 
at Frederickton, 
New Brunswick, 
17 March 1793, 
bapt. there pri- 
vately the same 
day ; marr. at 
St. Marylebone, 
London, 12 Dec. 
1814; died 18 
Jan. i860. 


Richard Paul Hase Jodrell, born in Duke^Lady Anna Maria Isabella Moore, dau. of Stephen, 

Street, Portland Place, London, 3 August, 3rd Earl of Mountcashell, by Anna Maria his wife, 

bapt. at St. Marylebone 29 Aug. 18 18; of New dau. of Samuel Wyss of Berne, Switzerland; marr. 

College, O.xford, matriculated 13 January 27 July 1848. She marr. 2ndly, 30 April 1S56, James 

1836, aged 17; died 12 November 1855. Herbert Freme of Wrentnall House, co. Salop. 

f0^C^>^^^C^cl,.<^ C<^^7^ -^..c^^ 


Henry Jodrell of Bayfield= 
Hall, Holt, CO. Norfolk; 
Barrister-at-Law of Lincoln's 
Inn, Recorder of Great Yar- 
mouth, M.P. for the same 
place, and afterwards of 
Bramber ; died, aged 63, 1 1 
March 18 14, bur. at Lewknor. 



=Johanna Elizabeth, 
eldest dau. of John 
Weyland of Wood- 
rising and Wood- 
eaton, co. Oxford ; 
marr. 2 September 
1807. She marr. 
2ndly, 20 Julyi8i5, 
George N. Best of 
the Middle Temple, 
Barrister - at - Law, 
who (lied, aged 76, 
25 March 1845. 

Elizabeth, marr. in 1768 to Richard War- 
burton Lytton of Knebworth, co. Herts, who 
died 29 December iSio, having had an only 
dau. and heir, Elizabeth Barbara of Kneb- 
worth, who, by Royal Licence dated 25 
November 181 1, took the surname and Arms 
of Lytton, in addition to, and after that of 
Bulwer, she having marr., i June 1798, 
Brigadier-General William Earle Bulwer of 
Wood Dalling and Heydon, co. Norfolk, 
who was born 22 March 1757, and was bur. 
14 July 1807. She died 19 December 1844. 


[I'age 33] 

Edward Jodrell, born in= 
Berners Street, London, 19 
November, bapt. at St. 
Marylebone 17 December 
1785; of Trinity College, 
Oxford, matriculated 1 7 
May 1804, aged 18, B.A. 
180S, RLA. 1811 ; died, 
aged 67,14 September, bur. 
at Bracon Ash, co. Norfolk, 
21 September 1S52. M.L 

^Mary, sth dau. of William 
and Elizabeth Lowndes 
Stone of Brightwell Park, 
CO. Oxford ; born at Bright- 
well 4 February, bapt. there 
6 March 1793; marr. at 
Brightwell 8 October 18 12, 
died, aged 72, 10 Novem- 
ber, bur. at Marcham, co. 
Berks, 14 November 1865. 


(For issue see " Visitation of England and Wales" 
Vol. I., page 33.) 

Rev. Sheldon Jodrell, born in Berners 
Street, London, 9 August 1788; of 
Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A. 1812, 
M.A. 1815. 



William George Jodrell, 
born at 39 Manchester 
Street, London, Sunday 
morning, 18- May, bapt. 
at Marylebone Parish 
Church 16 June 1S23; 
died at Sail House 20 
January 1824, bur. at 

Rev. Sir Edward Repps Jodrell, born at 10= 
Bentinck Street, London, Monday morning, 
20 June, bapt. at Marylebone Parish Church 
28 July 1825 ; of Queen's College, O.xford, 
matriculated i February 1843, aged 17, B.A. 
of New Inn Hall 1848, M.A. of Queen's 
College 1849; Rector of Saxlingham, co. 
Norfolk, 1855-61; died 12 November 1882. 

=Lucinda Emma Maria, 
dau. of Robert Theophi- 
lus Garden of River 
Lyons, King's County, 
Ireland; marr. 10 June 
1852; died at Cannes, 
aged 63, I March 1888, 
bur. at Lewknor. 


Henry Sheldon Jodrell, 
born at 4 Bentinck St., 
London, 15 May, bajit. 
at St. Marylebone in 
July 1827 ; died at 
Portland Place, London, 
9 August 1832. 

AmeliaVertue,born in Duke Street,Port-= 
land Place, 29 Dec. 1S21, bapt. at St. 
Marylebone 1 2 Jan. 1822; marr.iSJune 
1842; assumed,by Royal Licence dated 
1883, the surname and arms of Jodrell; 
died, aged 68, 15 Sept., bur. in Bromp- 
ton Cemetery, London, 22 Sept. 1890. 

=Charles Fitzgerald Higgins of 
Westport, CO. Mayo, Ireland 
(son of Captain Fitzgerald 
Higgins of Westport, J. P., by 
Mary his wife, dau. of William 
Ouseley of Rushbrook); born 
31 July 1815; J. P. for CO. 
Mayo; died in July i860. 

Richard George Higgins, born 11 Novem- 
ber 1843. 

Frederick Palisser Higgins, born 16 Septem- 
ber 1853; died 4 January, bur. in Brompton 
Cemetery 9 January 1854. 

Emily Vertue=Herbert 
Jane, marr. 3 assumed 
June 1S71. 

Henry Churchill, 
by Royal Licence, 
dated 31 March 1883, the sur- 
name and Arms of Jodrell in 
lieu of that of Churchill. 







(/I f3^ou>c-,-^^c/^^^<^ 


William Qeorge Jodrell, 
Born May 13, 1823, 

Died January 20, 1824, 

2nd Son of 

BirR. P. Jodrell, Bt. 

Ann Fountayne, 
ob. 14 AprU, 1700. 

Dorothea Bepps, 

ob. 18 March. 1760, 

Agod 78. 

Edward John 

Fountaine Hase, 

ob. 10 Maroh, 1765, 

aged 8 months. 

Brig Fountayne, £sq., 
ob. 4th Maroh, 1728: 

Francis Repps, 

ob. Deobr. llth, 1738, 

aged 66. 

Mary Evans, 

ob. 9th April, 1798, 

set. 32. 

Vu'tue Hase, 

ob. 25 May, 1801, 

Kt. 69. 

Key of the Vault in the Bookcase of the 

Edward Hase. 

ob. 11 May, 1804, 

set. 71. 


Lihrari) next the window at Sail House. 

The Vault in 12 feet square from the bottom of the steps to the 11 niches, and 
lifeet high, and each niche about 7 feet Ion;/. 




Abbott, A. D., 84. 

Abercom, Earl of, 26. 

Able, Frances, 83. 

Adams, Elizabeth, 44, 45 ; Jane, 45 ; John, 

45; Margaret, 22, 45; Margarett, 45; 

Mar)', 44, 45 ; Dame Mary, 22, 45 ; 

Thomas, 22, 46; Sir William, 21, 44, 46. 
Ailesbury, Robert, Earl of, loi, 103. 
Ainsley, John, 51. 
Albert, Prince of England, 62. 
Aldous, — , 84. 
Alexander, Elizabeth, 26; James, Earl of 

Caledon, 26 ; John, 26 ; Mary, 59 ; 

Mary Anne, 59; Nathaniel, 26; Richard 

Hayward, 59; WiUiam, 26. 
Alford, Ann, 48. 
Allen, Grace, 61 ; John, 5, 24 ; Rev. 

John, 61 ; Richard, 48; — , 27. 
Allyn, John, 5. 

Anderson, J. W., I ; John William, i. 
Ansell, Jane, 112; John, 112. 
Anstice, John, 9. 
Anstis, John, 4. 
Ardhill, John, 38. 

Armystead, Hugo, 74 ; Rebecca, 74. 
Arthur, Anthony, 60; Mary Philippa, 60. 
Astley, Bernard, 109; Sir Edward, 109. 
Atkinson, Leod, 54. 
Atte Stert, Adam, 89 ; Matilda, 89 ; 

Robert, 89. 
Audley, Lord, 63. 

Austen, Rear- Admiral Francis William, 30. 
Austin, Charles, 99. 
Avis, Rebecca, 34; Sarah, 34; — , 34. 
Awsiter, Anne, 91 ; Francis, 91. 
A)Tton, Richard, 53, 54; — , 53. 

Babham, John, 39. 

Backel, Rev. William, 85. 

Backhouse, Simon, 53. 

Bagshaw, Thomas, 37. 

Bailey, Richard, 38. 

Baker, James, 36, 37. 

Bales, Bannister, 53. 

Banister, Alexander, 23; Margaret, 23. 

Banks, John, 51; Samuel, 51. 

Barber, Thomas, 54. 

Barnard, Charles, 52, S3 ; Margaret, 49 ; 

William, 49. 
Barrwicke, Lady, 41. 

Barwick, Sir Robert, 40 ; Dame Ursula, 40. 
Bastow, Gideon, 6; William, 6. 
Bate, Alice, 39; Leonard, 39. 
Bateson- Harvey, Sir Robert, 24. 
Batham, Other, 38. 
Bathurst, Charles, 53, 54. 
Baugh, Frances EUzabeth, 62; Rev. John 

Walter, 62. 
Bawdes, Mawrice, 43, 
Bayley, Frances, 55. 
Bayhff, Alice, 71 ; Richard, 71. 
Beaumont, Diana, 55. 
Beavor, Jane, 88. 
Becher, Sir Edward, 37 ; George, 37 ; 

Lady, 37. 
Beckwith, Josiah, 55; Sir Roger, 46. 
Beeley, — , no. 
Belfour, James, 25. 
Bell, Sarah, 41. 

Bell-Livesey, Jane, 55; Robert, 55. 
Bellew, Eleanor, 13, Richard, 13. 
Bellewe, Richard, 5. 
Belson, John, 36. 
Bennett, John, 59; M., 4; Margaret, 59; 

Rev. — , 86. 
Benson, Margaret, 37; Paul, 25; Thomas, 37. 
Bentley, James, 53. 

Beresford, Anne, 24; Sir Tristram, 24. 
Berkeley, Mildred, 57. 
Berry, Robert, 54. 
Best, George N., 115; Johanna Elizabeth, 

Bevan, F. A., 57; Robert, 57. 
Bewicke, Jane, 114; Mary, 114; Sir 

Robert, 114. 
Bewsher, W., 3. 
Bicknell, Henry, 3. 
Bidgood, Bridget, 9. 
Bigges, Elizabeth, 90; John, 90. 
Bigland, Ralph, 79, 80 ; Sir Ralph, 66. 
Billingford, Margaret, 75, 77 ; William, 

75> 77- 
Bindon, Henry, Earl of, 104, 105. 
Birch-Wolfe, Richard, 19; Sophia, 19. 
Blanchard, Henr)-, 5. 


Bloome, William, 42. 

Blyth, Alexander, 75, 78; Alice, 75, 78; 
John, 7S; Ralph, 78; William, 78. 

Bockctt, John, 3 ; Lydia, 3 ; Rebecca, 3. 

Bohun, see Brown- Bohun. 

Boith, Richard, 52. 

Bond, Post-Captain Francis Godolphin, 
67; Fredk., 29; Hester, 34. 

Bonfellow, Margarett, 81. 

Bonney, Edward, 38. 

Bonny, Brigette, 38; Richard, 38. 

Bonrue, — , 35. 

Booker, F.lizabcth, 35 ; Frances, 33, 35 ; 
Grace, 35 ; Joseph, 33 ; Mary, 33, 35 ; 
Richard, 33-35 ; Sam., 35 ; Susan, 33 ; 
William, 33, 35 ; — , 34. 

Booth, Elizabeth, 45; John, 30. 

Boreham, Thomas, 89. 

Bouet, Anne, 96. 

Boulay, see Du Boiday. 

Boutflower, Nathaniel, i, 2. 

Bowles, Leonard, 89; Martha, 89; Mary, 
83, 86. 

Boycott, Rev. William, 84. 

Boyd, Archd., 28; John, 28. 

Boyville, see De Boyville. 

Bracebridge, George, 42. 

Bradford, Emmeline, 67 ; Florence, 67 ; 
Mary, 67 ; Robert, 67 ; Walter, 67. 

Bradney, Elizabeth, I, 3; John, 2; John 
Hopkins, 3 ; Rev. John Hopkins, 
3; Joseph, I, 3; Joseph yVlfrcd, 4; 
Joseph Christopher, 3 ; Rebecca, 3 ; 
Sarah, 3 ; William, 3. 

Brandes, Anna Elizabeth, 17. 

Brandling, Mary, 55; Robert William, 55. 

Brassey, John, 35. 

Breach, Thomas, 49. 

Breeze, Elizabeth, iii; Rev. John, in; 
Mary, III ; Rev. — , iii. 

Bridgman, Henry Toye, 37. 

Briggs, Eleanor, 52 ; Hutton, 52 ; Joseph, 42. 

Brocklebank, John, 51. 

Bromhede, Rev. William, 37. 

Brooks, James, 49. 

Brown, Rev. Edward, 89 ; Elizabeth, S3, 
85, 89. 

Brown-Bohun, Elizabeth, 83. 

Browne, Elen, 77; Elizabeth, 77; Francis, 
77 ; Hellyn, 77 ; Katherine, 77 ; Mat- 
thew, 39 ; Richard, 77 ; Thomas, 77 ; 
Sir Thomas, 77. 

Bryan, Sir Francis, 39. 

Bryans, — , 27. 

Budgett, John, 88. 

Bullough, Lawrence, 23; Rachel, 17. 

Bulnier, Sir William, 40. 

Bulwer, Elizabeth Barbara, 115; Brigadier- 
General William Earl, 115. 

Bunny, Anne, 23, 39 ; Bridget, 39 ; Ed- 
mund, 23 ; Rev. Edmund, 39 ; Edward, 
23 ; Elizabeth, 23 ; Francis, 23, 39 ; 
Henry, 23 ; Margaret, 23 ; Maria, 23 ; 
Nicholas, 23; Priscilla, 39; Richard, 
23. 38, 39- 

Burre, Robert, 90 ; — , 90. 

Burrough, Elizabeth Reade, 59 ; Michael, 

Burrow, Mabel, 71. 
Burton, Anne, 55 ; Benjamin, 55 ; Sarah, 

22; — , 22. 
Bussey, Francis, 43. 
Butcher, Katherine, 34. 
Butterfield, — , 42. 
Byfield, George, 41. 
Bywater, Charles, 41,42; Matthew, 41. 

Caldwell, Elizabeth, 26. 

Caledon, James Alexander, Earl of, 26. 

Califew, James, 73 ; Margrat, 73. 

Cambden, W., 58. 

Camden, William, 58. 

Campbell, Ephraim, 27. 

Campion, Abraham, 75, 78; John, 31; 

Mary, 75, 78. 
Cantis, Elizabeth, 99; John, 99. 
Cappe, J., 52. 

Carew, Jane, 13; John, 13; — , 6. 
Carrington, Rev. — , 88. 
Carter, Elizabeth, 84; Mary Anne Greville, 

Catton, Job, 42. 

Cazalet, Caroline, 64 ; Peter Praed, 64. 
Challis, William, 89. 
Charles H., King of England, 33, 88. 
Chaseney, Rev. — , 85. 
Chaston, Margaret, 86; Sarah, 84; — , 84. 
Cheney, Agnes, 23. 
Chetham, Ralph, 46. 
Child, Agatha, in; Francis, 35 ; Sir 

Francis, III; Robert, in; Samuel, 

III ; Sarah, III ; Sarah Anne, III. 
Chc:>lmley, Jasper, 44 ; — , 44. 
Christopher, John, 67. 
Churchill, Emily Vertue Jane, 115; Herbert 

Henry, 115. 
Clarges, Colonel Christopher, 36 ; Gould, 

36; Mary, 20, 35, 36; Sir Walter, 20, 35. 
Clark, — , 53. 

Clarke, Anne, 90; William, 90. 
Clayton, Henrietta Maria, 75, 78 ; Sir 

Kenrick, 75, 78. 
Cleaver, Elizabeth, 53, 55; Rev. J. J., 55; 

Jane, 55; Rev. John, 53, 55; Mary, S5- 
Clement, Margryt, 76; Wynefryd, 76. 
Clements, George, 33. 
Cleydon, Bashwell, 92 ; Joseph, 92 ; 

William, 92. 
Cliff, Joseph, 51. 
Clifford, Katherine, 88. 
Clubbe, Catharine, 83 ; Fanny, 84 ; 

William Henchman, 84;, Rev. — ,86. 
Clutterbuck, — , 20. 
Cochran, Alexander, 28 ; Anderson, 28 ; 

David, 28 ; Elizabeth, 28 ; Frances, 

28 ; James, 28 ; Jean, 28 ; John, 28 ; 

Mary, 28 ; Robert, 28 ; Thomas, 28 ; 

William, 28. 
Colby, Rev. F. .^T., 13 ; Mary, 13 ; 

Thomas, 13. 


Cole, Catherina, 65 ; Elizabeth, 68, 69 ; 
Elizabeth Agatha, 69 ; Emelyn, 67-69 ; 
Isabella, 69 ; Jane, 68 ; John, 65, 68, 
69 ; John Cole, 65-67, 69 ; Joshua, 68 ; 
Mary, 69 ; Sarah, 67 ; William, 69 ; 
William Cole, 66, 67, 69 ; William 
John, 69. 

Coleman, Catherine, 2 ; James, 2 ; Mary, 
2 ; Rev. — , 85. 

Collins, Henry, 67. 

Conder, Adam, 70, 71; Agnes, 70-73; 
Alice, 70-73; An, 74; Ann, 73, 74; 
Anna, 74 ; Arthur, 70 ; Catharina, 72 ; 
Christopher, 70-74 ; Dorothy, 71 ; Ed- 
ward, 70-73 ; Eli7i»b., 72 ; Elizabeth, 
7°. 7'. 73. 74: Elizub., 70; Ellina, 73; 
Esabell, 71 ; Ilellen, 73; Henry, 70; 
Isabell, 72 ; Jabez, 74 ; Jacob, 70-72, 
74; Jane, 7°, 71. 73! Jenkiii, 70; Jo., 
73; Jo. ., 72; Joan, 71, 72; John, 70- 
74; Joseph, 71, 74; Joshua, 74; 
Katherin, 70 ; Leo, 70-72 ; Leonard, 
72; Mabel, 71; Mabell, 70; Mable, 
73 ; Margaret, 70-73 ; Margrat, 73 ; 
Maria, 73, 74; Martha, 74 ; Mary, 71- 
74; Rebecca, 73, 74; Rhoda, 74; Ri., 
74; Rich., 73; Richard, 70-74; Robert, 
70-74 ; Rodha, 74 ; Roland, 72 ; Row- 
land, 70, 72; Sara, 71 ; Sarah, 74; Sibell, 

72 ; Susanna, 73 ; Susannah, 74 ; Sy- 
bell, 72 ; Thomas, 74 ; Thomasin, 74 ; 
Willi., 70-72; William, 70, 72; Xtopher, 

73 ; — . 70, 72. 

Condor, An, 74; Jacob, 74; Sarah, 74. 

Coningham, Dixon, 27 ; Frances, 27 ; 
Henry, 24. 

Conolly, Rt. Hon. William, 26. 

Cooper, John, 81 ; Margaret, 81. 

Copelstone, Grace, 12; Richard, 12. 

Copley, Ann, 56. 

Copleston, .Anne, lO; Eliza., 6; Elizabeth, 
10; Gid., II; Grace, 10; Joseph, 10; 
Mary, 10; Sarah, 10. 

Coplestone, Alice, 13; Ann, n, 13; Anne, 
10, II; Anthony, 8, 10-13; Betty, 
10-13; Bridget, 9; Dudley, 5; Ed- 
mond, 8-10; Edmund, 10, n ; Edward, 
12; Eleanor, 13; Elianor, 5 ; Elizabeth, 
6, 10-13 ; Elyanor, 5 ; Francis, 5 ; Ger- 
trude, 13; Grace, 10-13; Henry, 5, 
8-12; James, 10, 11, 13; Joanna, 11, 
12; John, 8, 10, II, 13; Joseph, 6, 
8-11, 13: Mary, 10-13; Richard, 5, 9, 
11-13; Sherman, S, 10, 12; Dr. Sher- 
man, II; Thomas, 5; Thomazine, 13; 
Tristram, 5 ; William, 10. 

Copping, Margaret, 81. 

Copplestone, Elizabeth, 6; Richard, 6. 

Coppoa, Captain William, 88. 

Corbet, Alice, 75, 78 ; Rev. Bishop 
Richard. 75, 78. 

Cottani, Mich.iel, 53. 

Coulson, Rebecca, 88. 

Cowley, Thomas, 93. 

Cox, Patrick, 25. 

Crabbe, Anna, 85 ; Anna Maria, 83 ; 

Emily Louisa, 84 ; George, 84 ; Geor- 

giana, Elizjibeth, 84; Rev. J., 85; 

John Waldron, 83, 84. 
Cradock, Mary, no, ill; William, no, 

Craister, Sam., 42. 
Cran.age, Elizabeth, 91 ; John, 91. 
Cresswell, Thomas, 88. 
Cromwell, — , 40. 
Crossthwayte, Elizabeth, 38, 39; Thomas, 


Crowefoote, John, 80; Sarah, So. 

Crowfoot, Alfred Henchman, 84 ; Amy 
Vaughan, 84; Ann, 81-85; Anna, 81, 
82, 85; Anna Maria, 83; Anne, 81, 82; 
Arthur Rustat, 84; Barbara, 80; Cathe- 
rine .'\nne, 84 ; Charles, 85 ; Edward, 

85 ; Edward Bowles, 84 ; Eliza, 80, 81 ; 
Elizabeth, 81-86; Elizabeth Georgiana, 
83 ; Elizabeth (Seorgina, 83 ; Ellen, 83, 

84, 86 ; Ellen Mabel, 84 ; Eva Catha- 
rine Mary, 84 ; Frances, 82, 83 ; George, 
80-S3, 85 ; Grace, 81, 82 ; Henry Syer, 

85, 86; Humfrey, 80; J. H., 84; Rev. 
J. R., 84; James, 81-83; Jo'i". So-83, 
85, 86; John Rustat, 83, 86; John 
Sibel, 85, 86; Margaret, 81, 82, 84, 86; 
Margarett, 80, 81; Martha, 81, 82; 
Mary, 80-84, 86 ; Mary Sus.annah, 83 ; 
Pamal, 83; I'arnell, 83: Rich., 81; 
Richard, 80; Rob., 81 ; Robert, 80, 81 ; 
Samuel, 82; Sarah, 81-84; '''cv. Stan- 
ley, 84; Stephen, 81; Susan, 81-86; 
Susanna, 81, 82; Susannah, 81 ; Thomas, 
Si, 84, 85 ; Tobias, 81, 82 ; W. J., 83 ; 
Walton, 81 ; Will., Si ; William, 79-86; 
Dr. William, 79 ; William Bayly, 84 ; 
William Edward, 83, 84, 86; William 
Henchman, 83-S6 ; William Hinchman, 

86 ; William John, S3, 85 ; Dr. William 
John, 79, So ; William Miller, 83, 84 ; 
Dr. William Miller, 84, 88 ; — , 84. 

Crowfoote, Eliza, 81 ; George, 80, 81 ; 

John, 80; Jon., 80; Margarett, 80 ; 

Sara, 80 ; Sarah, 80 ; William, 80. 
Crowgey, John, 61 ; Philippa, 61 ; Captain 

William, 61. 
Crowther, J., 51 ; Joseph, 51 ; P. W., i ; 

Phillip \Vyatt, 2. 
Cummings, Charles, 37 ; Ellen, 64 ; F. 

Brooking, 64. 
Cunningham, Ann, 29 ; Dr. Hugh, 29 ; 

Richard, 14. 
Curtis, Fran., 45. 
Cutforthay, John, 53 ; Sarah, 53. 

Dalbiac, Charles W'illiam, 57 ; Henry 
Eardley Aylmer, 57 ; Rhoda, 57. 

Dallaway, Catherine Woodward, 2 ; Eliza- 
beth, 2 ; John 2 ; Mary, 2. 

Dancer, Elizabeth, 37. 

Daney, Anne, 95, 96;, 95, 96. 

Daniel, Margery, 41 ; — , 100. 

Davenport, Mary, I12; — , 112. 

Davison, Margery, 28; Margretl, 28. 

Da\'y, Kev. Charles, S3 ; Thomas, 40. 

Dawes, Richard, 30. 

Dawnay, Ann, 44 ; Anne, 21 ; Catherine, 
21, 22, 47 ; Sir Christopher, 44; Cuth- 
bert, 43; KMzabeth, 16, 21, 22, 44-46; 
Dame EHzabelh, 43, 44; Kaith, 16, 17, 
46, 47 ; Sir Guy, 43 ; Dame Jane, 43 ; 
Joan, 43 ; Dame Johanna, 43 ; John, 
16, 44, 46, 47 ; Sir John, 43, 44, 46 ; 
Sir John, Viscount Downe, 44, 46; 
Katharine, 46 ; Katherine, 46 ; Mar- 
garet, 22, 46, 47 ; Margarett, 45 ; 
ftlarmaduke, 21, 43, 44; Mary, 44; 
Susan, 21 ; Thomas, 16, 17, 21, 22, 44, 
46, 47 ; Sir Thomas 43, 44 ; — ,44. 

Dawney, Culhbert, 43 ; Dame Edith, 43 ; 
Elizabeth, 44, 45 ; Sir J., 45 ; Sir John, 
44 ; Marmaduke, 44 ; Paule, 43 ; Tho- 
mas, 44 ; Ursula, 43. 

Dawny, Catharine, 22; George, 43. 

Dawnye, Ann, 44 ; Dinah, 44 ; Dorothy, 
44 ; Frances, 44. 

De Boyville, — , 23. 

De la Force, Duke, 96. 

De La-Vache, Philip, 23; Richard, 23. 

Dealtry, George, 46 ; Susan, 46. 

Delafosse, Daniel Ch., 3; Robert M., 3. 

Demaine, John, 51. 

Denham, Sir John, 93. 

Dethicke, WiUiam, 58. 

Dewland, Mark, 53; — , 53. 

Dickenson, Alice, 73 ; Roger, 73. 

Dicker, Anne, 67 ; Catherina, 65 ; Eliza- 
beth, 67 ; Emeline, 67 ; John Cole, 65, 
67-69 ; Mary, 68, 69 ; Mar)- Cole, 67 ; 
William, 68, 69; William Cole, 67, 69. 

Diggs, Dame Judith, 103 ; Sir Maurice, 

Dineley, Alice, 37; Elizabeth, 37; Roger, 

Dodge, Frances, 65. 
Doherty, Daniel, 29; William, 29. 
Dormer, Edward, 76; Katherine, 76. 
Doughty, Mary, 63; Robert, 63. 
Douglas-Gresley, R. A., 30; R. M., 30; 

Rebecca Maria, 30 ; Robert Archibald, 

Downe, Sir John Dawnay, 44; Viscount, 

Downey, Sir Guy, 43 ; Dame Jane, 43 ; 

Dame Johanna, 43. 
Dowson, L. U., 83. 
Doyle, Emily Eliza Josephine, 79 ; Sir 

Francis Hastings, 79. 
Dracutt, Nathaniell, 50. 
Drake, Sir Bernard, 13 ; Mary, 13 ; — , 


Draper, — , 100. 

Drewett, John, 4. 

Du Boulay, Archibald, 50 ; Elizabeth, 19 ; 
F. H., 30; Francis, 19; P'rancis Housse- 
mayne, 19, 30; James, 50; John, ig. 

Duck, Mary, 13; Richard, 13. 

Dugdale, William, 87 ; Sir William, 

101-103; — , 21, 22, 39,44. 
Dyneley, Alice, 37. 

East, George, 30; — , 88. 

Edwards, — , 38. 

Eles, George, 41. 

Elizabeth, Queen of England, 58. 

Elliot, William, 33 ; — , 36. 

Ellis, W., 45; William, 44. 

Elmes, — , 34. 

Evans, Edward, lOQ ; Henry, 109 ; Mary, 

109 ; Mary Virtue, 109 ; Thomas Brown, 

109 ; Thomas Browne, 109 ; William, 

6; — , 6. 
Eveleigh, Robert, 9. 
Ewing, John, 25 ; William, 25. 
Eyre, George Edward, 64 ; George Edward 

Briscoe, 64 ; Mary Mildred, 64. 

Fairbairn, Sir Peter, 55. 

Fairclough, Dorothy, 90; — , 90. 

Fairfax, Henry, 40. 

Farholde, John, 38. 

Farmery, Alary, 47. 

Farr, John, 86. 

Fawkes, Algernon, 57 ; Archibald, 57 ; 

Fanny, 19, 57 ; Lionel, 57 ; Montagu, 

57; Major Montague, 57; Reginald, 57 ; 

Major Richard, 57 ; Major Richard 

Hawkesworth, 19; Wentworth, 57; 

Wilmot, 57. 
Feazer, — , 74. 
Feazor, — , 74. 
Feckenham, Dr., 39. 
Fellee, Parnal, 83. 
Fellowe, Thomas, 37. 
Fenton, Abraham, 51; Agnes, 52; Alice, 

52; Ann, 53-55; Anne, 55; Christopher, 

53; Elizabeth, 52-55; Ellinor, 53-54; 

George, 52 ; Grace, 52 ; Helen, 55 ; 

Hellen, 53-55; James, 16, 17, 23, 53-55; 

Jane, 17, 18, 23, 53-55 ; Mary, 54, 55 ; 

Rachael, 53; Rachel, 16, 17, 23, 54, 55; 

Rachell, 53; Sarah, 53-55; Thomas, 52- 

56 ; Thomasine, 55 ; William, i6-l8, 

52-56 ; — , 56. 
Fentonn, Abraham, 52. 
Ferguson, Sir Andrew, 24. 
Ferrers, Hester, 92 ; John, 92. 
Ferrol, Rev. — , 85. 
Fitz Patrick, Elizabeth, 29. 
Fitzherbert, Catharine, 23; Jane, 23 ; John, 

39; Katherine, 39; Margaret, 23. 
Floyer, Jane, 13; John, 13; Thomazine, 

Folkes, Humfrey, 38. 
Foot, Anne, 62 ; Rev. Josias, 62. 
Force, sef De la Force. 
Forster, Benjamin Meggott, 49 ; Edward, 

49; Thomas F"urley, 49, 50. 
Foster, Thomas Furley, 30. 
Francis, R. J., 83; Robert John, 83. 
Fralher, James, 50. 
Frederick, Prince of Wales, 114. 

Freme, Anna Maria Isabella, 114; James 

Herbert, 114. 
Freston, Margaret, 73. 
FuUton, Alexander, 24; William, 24. 
Furneaux, Anne, 63; Rev. Tobias, 63. 
Furze, John, 67. 

Gainsborough, — , lOO. 

Garden, Lucinda Emma Maria, 115; Robert 

Theophilus, 115. 
Gardner, Ann, 44 ; William, 44. 
Garnet, James, 51. 
Garnon, Luke, 31. 

Garrett, Henry, 35; Susan, 33;Susannah, 35. 
Gascoigne, Alice, 37 ; Robert, 37. 
George, su St. George. 
Gibson, Sanuiel, 35. 
Gidley, Bartholomew, 65 ; Elizabeth, 65 ; 

Frances, 65; Robert, 65. 
Gilbert, William, 54. 
Gill, Joseph, 50; William, 7; — , 27. 
Glover, Alice, 71. 
Godfrey, Mary, 75, 78; W. H., 56; Dr., 

75. 78. 
Godfry, Mary, 25. 
Godsalve, Anne, 24. 
Gofton, George, 56. 

Goldney, Eleanora Jane, 59 ; Elizabeth 
Reade, 59; Ethel Julia, 59; Eveline Mar- 
garet Hungerford, 59; Frederick Hastings, 
59; Gabriel, 59; Sir Gabriel, 59; Gabriel 
Prior, 59; Henry, 59; Henry Hastings, 
59 ; Jane Macgregor, 59 ; Sir John Tan- 
kerville, 59; Katherine Long, 59; Lucy 
Hulbert, 59 ; Margaret, 59 ; Margaret 
Anne, 59 ; Mary .^nne, 59 ; M.ary Cathe- 
rine, 59 ; Mary Delarivicre, 59 ; Sarah, 
59; Sarah Frances, 59; William Bur- 
rough, 59. 

Golty, Debora, 34; Deborah, 20. 

Goodale, Anne, 8S; Elizabeth, S8; Henry, 
88 ; Richard, 88. 

Goodall, Elizabeth, 6, 13; John, 6, 13. 

Gore, Eliza Frances, 55; William, 55; see 
also Onnsby-Gore. 

Gower, John, Earl, 79; Mary Tufton, 
Countess, 79 ; see also Leveson-Gower. 

Gowland, Ann, 46. 

Grand, see Le Grand. 

Grantham, Christopher, 38. 

Grastoke, Christopher, 40. 

Gray, John, 51; Rev. Neale, 24; Rev. 
William, 26. 

Gream, Dorothy, 22; Henry, 22. 

Greame, Thomas, 52. 

Gregg, James, 29; Thomas, 28. 

Gregory, Gabriel, 35. 

Grenehalgh, Margaret, 23; Thomas, 23. 

Gresham, AHce, 75, 76, 7S; Anne, 75, 78; 
Beatrice, 75, 78 ; Sir Charles, 75, 78 ; 
Edward, 75 ; Sir Edward, 75, 78 ; 
Edward de, 75 ; Henrietta Maria, 75, 
78; James, 75, 77, 78; John, 75, 

76, 78 ; Sir John, 75-79 ; Katherine, 
76 ; Katherine ALaria, 75, 79 ; Mar- 

garet, 75, 77 ; Sir Marmaduke, 75, 78 ; 
Mary, 75, 76, 78 ; Sir Thomas, 75, 78 ; 
William, 75, 76, 78; — , 75, 76. 

Gresley, R., 30, 31 ; see also Douglas- 

Greville, Fulke Southwell, 56. 

Grey, — , 36. 

Grice, see Le Grice. 

Grilles, Davyd, 5. 

Grimsby,Deborah,82; John,8i,82; Sarah, 
82; Susan, 81, 82. 

Grove, Anne, 92; Henry, 92. 

Grubb, Alee, 92; Alice, 92; Anne, 91, 92, 
95-97; Bashwell, 92-94; Constance, 91, 
92; Dorothy, 91 ; Edmund Alexander, 
100 ; Major Edmund Arthur, 100 ; Ed- 
ward, 96, 98-ICH3; Eli/.abeth, 91-96, 99; 
Esther, 94; Eustace, 91, 92; Frances, 99; 
Henry, 93, 95, 96; Ilester, 92; James, 
93. 95. 96; John, 91-100; La;titia, 92,94, 
95; Lettitia, 96; Mary, 91-93, 97-99, 
100; Samuel, 93, 95-97; Sarah, 36; Sarah 
Anne, 100; William, 92, 94; — , 100. 

Grubbe, Alice, 89 ; Anne, 90, 96 ; Anne 
Louisa, 100; Charles, 91; Rev. Charles 
Septimus, 100; Constance, 91 ; Dorothy, 
90, 91 ; Edmond, 90; Elizabeth, 90, 91 ; 
Eustace, 90, 91 ; Francis, 90 ; George, 
90, 91 ; Henry, 90, 91 ; Jasper, 90, 91 ; 
Joan, 90 ; John, 89-91 ; John Eustace, 
90, 99, 100; Julia Catharine, 100; Julia 
Harriet, 100 ; ICatharine, 90 ; Laurence 
Carrington, 100 ; Captain Laurence Car- 
rington, 100; Margaret, 90; Matilda, 89 
Robert, 90, 91 ; Thomas, 90; Walter, 89 
William, 90, 91 ; William Henry, lOO 

Grvbb, Elizabeth, 94 ; Henry, 94 ; Jacob, 

94; John, 94; Samvel, 94. 
Grys, see Le Grys. 
Guise, John, 31. 
Gunholt, Margaret, 38. 
Guy, Sarah, 59. 

Guybon, Beatrice, 75, 78; Thomas, 75, 78. 
Gybbon, Eliza, 112; Philips, 112. 

Haberfield, Thomas, 37. 

Hall, Alice, 39; Ann, 83; Charles, 20, 21, 
39, 41, 42; Elizabeth, 37-39, 45-47; 
Ellen, 88; Faith, 16, 17, 21, 45-47; 
George, 37 ; Henry, 38 ; John, 83 ; Julia 
Catharine, 100; Margaret, 16, 17, 19,45, 
47, 49; Mary, II, 19, 20, 21, 38, 39, 41, 
42, 45, 46, 48 ; Mary Snell, 20 ; Mathew, 
38, 39, 41, 42; Matthew, 20, 21, 39, 41, 
42; Michael, 38; Peter, 16, 17, 19-21, 
38, 39, 42, 45, 47 ; Philip, 42 ; Phillip, 
20, 41, 42; Priscilla, 39; Robert, 21, 37, 
38, 88 ; Rodha, 74 ; Rosamond, 38 ; 
Thomas, 21, 38; William, 21, 37-39. 

Hamilton, Dr. .Vndrew, 25; Rev. Dr. An- 
drew, 26 ; Anne, 25 ; John, 26 ; Mark, 28. 

Hand, Richard Conder, 74. 

Hanson, Thomas, 2. 

Hardwick, Thomas, 37. 


Hardy, William, 45. 

Hnrdye, Joan, 71. 

Hardyng, Cecily, 76; Elen, 76, 77; Eliza- 
beth, 76 ; Ellyn, 76 ; EUynor, 76 ; 
Francys, 76; Helen, 76; Kathcrine, 76, 
77 ; Katheryn, 76 ; Katheryne, 76 ; 
Robert, 76; William, 76; — , 76. 

Hare, Rev. James, 36 ; Mary, 36. 

ilarigeorge, Alice, 71. 

Harris, Elizabeth, 34; Esther, 34; John, 

34; — . 6. 

Hart, Anne, 24; Edward, 35; Elizabeth, 
24; Colonel Henry, 24; Sam., 27. 

Harte, Richard, 5. 

Harvey, Agnes, 14 ; Dr. Alexander, 14 ; 
Ann, 29 ; Anne, 24, 30 ; Archibald, 
29; Archibald Ross, 19; David, 14, 24, 
25 ; Rev. David, 14, 27 ; Eleanor, 57 ; 
Eliza, 25; Elizabeth, 14, 19, 24-28, 30; 
Emily, 57; Fred., 57; Frederick Mor- 
timer, 57 ; George, 24, 25, 58 ; George 
Miller, 25, 58; Harriet Mary, 17, 18, 
31, 57; Isabella, 14, 29, 30 ; Isabella 
Maria, 29; James, 14, 24-27; Jane, 26; 
Jean, 24; John, 14-18, 24-30, 56; Lieu- 
tenant John, 24; John Nicholson, 15; 
L. A., 15; Louisa, 57; Margaret, 14, 
26; Maria, 16-18, 29, 30; Mary, 14, 
25, 26, 31 ; Mary Frances, 31 ; Nancy, 
26; Rebeccca, 29; Rebecca Maria, 30; 
Richard, 29 ; Robert, 24, 25 ; Roger, 
25, 58 ; Rose, 27 ; Samuel, 24, 25 ; 
Thomas, 14-19, 25, 28-31, 49, 50; W. S., 
15; William, 14, 25, 26, 28, 29, 50, 57 ; 
William Francis, 30 ; William Marsh, 
31, 57 ; William Scott, 29 ; see also 

Hase, Anne, loS, 109, 113; Edward, 107, 
109, 113, 114; Edward John Fountayne, 
108; John, 113, 114; Mary, 108, 109, 
113; Sophia, 108, 113; Vertue, 107-109, 
113, 114. 

Haselden, — , 23. 

Hastings, Sir Francis, 38 ; Francis, 23 ; 
Jane, 23 ; Jone, 38. 

Hatton, Elizabeth, 6. 

Hawkins, Elizabeth, 92 ; James, 2 ; Thomas, 
36; William, 92. 

Hayne, Charles, 114; Sarah, 114. 

Heater, Alice, 47. 

Heath, Staplehill, 7-10. 

Hemysworth, Robert, 37. 

Henchman, Susan, 85. 

Heron, Samuel, 88. 

Hervey, Harriet Mary, 57 ; John, 57. 

Hewes, Jane, 88. 

Hewetson, John, 56. 

Heyward, John, 33. 

Heywood, Arthur, 55 ; J. P., 55 ; Margaret, 

Higgins, Amelia Vertue, 115; Charles Fitz- 
gerald, 115; Charles Longuet, 31; Emily 
Vertue Jane, 115; Captain Fitzgerald, 
115; Frederick Palliser, 115; Helen E., 
31; Mary, 115; Richard George, 115. 

Hill, Francis, 40; Rev. H.,85; Rev. Hugh, 

85 ; John, 40 ; Lucy, 40 ; Thomas, 53 ; 

— , 41. 
Ilindes, Mary, 83; Thomas, 83. 
Iloare, Henry, 35. 
Hobart, H., 91. 
Hodgson, Ann, 42; Catherine, 42 ; Frances, 

41, 42; Katherine, 41; Metcalfe, 42; 

William, 42. 
Holm, Hellen, 73; Robert, 73. 
Holmes, Christopher, 50 ; E. W. , 84 ; John, 

Hopkins, Amelia, I, 2; Dame Anne, 2; 

Charles, i, 2; David, 2; Rev. David, 2, 

3 ; Elizabeth, I,2;John, 1,4; Sir John, 

I, 4; John William, 2; Mary, 2; Mary 

Ann, I ; Mary Anne, 2, 3 ; Sarah, 2 ; 

Thomas, I; William, i, 2. 

Horkey, Christopher, 38. 

Home, Thomazin, 32. 

Hosier, Charles, 35. 

Hoskins, Anne, 75, 78; William, 75, 78. 

Hotson, Elizabeth, 85 ; George, 85. 

Howard, James, 36. 

Howe, Roger, 77. 

Hoyle, Sarah, 53, 55 ; William, 53. 

Hulkes, Elizabeth, 91. 

Hulse, Elizabeth, 91. 

Hurst, Mary, 114; Robert, 114. 

Huthwaite, Hannah, 3; William, 3. 

Hutton, Richard, 22. 

Hyett, Benjamin, 37 ; Frances, 37 ; — , 48. 

Ingpen, Anne, 39; Francis, 39. 
Innes, Sir William, 45; — , 45. 
Ipswell, Mary, 75, 76, 78 ; William, 75, 

76, 78. 
Izod, Alice, 17; Elizabeth, 31 ; Rev. Henry, 

17. 31- 

Jackes, John, 34. 

Jackson, Thomas, 2. 

James, Harry, 67. 

Jaques, Eliza Frances, 55 ; Mary, 55 ; 
Rachel, 53, 55 ; Thomas, 53, 55 ; Thomas 
George, 55. 

Jarman, Alice, 105, no. 

Jefferson, Richard, 41. 

Jefferton, Richard, 42. 

Jenkins, Rev. David, 64; Rev. Francis, 64; 
Mary Loscombe, 64. 

Jennings, Louisa, 108, 109, 1 14 ; Richard, 
loS, 109; Richards, 114. 

Jodrell, Adela Monckton, 106, 107; Alice, 
105, no; Amelia Caroline, 109, 114; 
Amelia Vertue, 109, 115; Amelia Vertue 
Higgins, 115; Ann, in; Anna Maria 
Isabella, 114; Anne, no, n2; Daniel, 
ni ; Rev. Archdeacon Daniel, ni; 
Edmund, 105; Edward, 106-109, III, 
115; Edward Repps, loS; Rev. Sir Ed- 
ward Repps, 114, 115; Eliza, no; Eliza 
S., Ill; Eliza., 112; Ehzabeth, 105, 
io5, 110-112, 114, 115; Emily Vertue 
Jane, 115; Frances, in ; Gilbert, in ; 


Hannah, in ; Henry, io6, log, no, 112, 
n5; Henry Shflilon, 109, n5; Herbert 
Henry, ns; Hester, no; James, no, 
ni ; Jane, iio-n2, 114; Joane, no; 
Johanna Eli?^ibeth, 115; John, 105, IIO, 
ni; Judith, loi, no, 112, 114; Letitia 
Ehzabeth, III; Louisa, 108, 109, 113, 
114; Lucinila Emma Maria, Lady, 107, 
115; Lydia Catherine, 112; Margaret, 
no; Mary, 109-112, 115; Paul, loi, 
104-106, 108, no, 113, 114; Sir Paul, 
109, 114: Paulina Elizabeth, 114; Philip, 
112; Rev. Philip Neville, in; Ralph, 
no; Richard, in ; Richard Paul, 108- 
iio, 113, 114; Sir Richard Paul, 114; 
Richard Paul H:ise, 109, 114; Robert, 
no; Rolles, in; Sarah, in; Sheldon, 
108, 112; Rev. Sheldon, 115; Simon, 
105; Sophia, 108, 113, 114; Symon, no; 
Thomas, IIO, in; Ursula, no: Vertue, 
loS, 109, 113, 114; William, no; Wil- 
liam Goorge, 108, 115; — , no. 

Johnson, Alice, 35; Hannah, 42; Mathew, 
88; Matthew, 88; William, 3; — , 53. 

Johnston, J. T., 84. 

Jones, Mary Anne Greville, 84 ; Richard, 
37, 48 ; William Samuel, 84. 

Jubb, Catherine Favel, 57 ; John, 54; Kate, 
57 ; Robert, 53. 

Karslake, Elizabeth Marsh, 65 ; Henr>', 65. 

Kaye, Dame Helen, 55 ; Hellen, 53 ; Sir 
Richard, 53. 

Keble, — , 63. 

Keigwin, James, 64; Rev. James Jenkin, 
64; Mary Anne, 64. 

Kelly, Alice, 13; Henry, 13. 

Kemm, Sarah Frances, 59; William, 59. 

Kenion, James, 55. 

Kention, John, 34. 

Key, Robert, 39. 

King, Amelia Caroline, 109, 114; Hon. 
Rev. Rich., 109; Robert, Earl of King- 
ston, 114; — , Earl of Kingston, 109. 

King Charles H. of England, 33, 88. 

King Lewis XIV. of P' ranee, 96. 

Kingston, Robert King, Earl of, 114; 
Willyams, 50; — ,30; — King, Earl of, 

Knight, George, 88. 

Knivet, Elen, 77; Richard, 77. 

Lsetitia, Prioress of Sopwell, 89. 

Laird, Jane Macgregor, 59; John, 59. 

Lamb, Elizabeth, SS. 

Lambeth, Mary, 88 ; — , 88. 

Lamburn, Edward, 33 ; John, 33 ; Lazarus, 

33; — . 33- 
Landon, John Luke, 37. 
Langton, Elizabeth, 55 ; George, 55 ; John, 

83 ; Sarah, 83. 
Laud, Thomas, 39. 

Launder, Mary, 33, 34 ; Robert, 33 ; — , 34. 
Law, William, 29. 

Lawrie, Margaret Grace Gordon, 65 ; 
Peter, 65. 

Le Grand, John, 98; Mary, 98, 100. 

Le Gricc, Elizabeth, 85. 

Le Grys, Elizabeth, 83. 

Le Neve, Peter, 104, 105. 

Leather, George, 55. 

Lecky, — , 15. 

'Leconte, E. Vernet, 100. 

Lee, Ann, 51; Charles, 55; Elizabeth, 
31; Ferdinando, 50; Godfrey, 50; 
Honnor, 31 ; Honor, 31 ; James, 50, 
51. 55; Jane, 17, 18, 23, 53-55; John, 
22, 50, 51, 55; Leonard, 55; Margaret, 
16, 17, 51 ; Margaret Jane, 17, 55; Maria, 
55; Mary, 22, 50, 51; Richard, 16-18, 
51-54; Robert, 23; Samuel, 51; So- 
phia, 55; Thomas, 16-1S, 22, 31, 50, 51, 
55; Timothy, 51; William, 55. 

Lee-Mainwaring, Charles Benjamin, 51. 

Leeke, Martha, 32 ; Thomas, 32. 

Legg, Charles, 36. 

Legouch, Catherine, 21. 

Leigh, Sir Francis, 31 ; Honnor, 32 ; 
Honor, 31 ; Honour, 31 ; Thomas, 31, 


Lennard, John, 75, 78; Mar)', 75, 78. 

Leveson Gower, Emily Eliza Josephine, 
79; Admiral Hon. John, 75, 78; Kathe- 
rine Maria, 75, 79; William, 75, 77, 78. 

Lewis, Thomas, 74; Thomasin, 74. 

Lewis XIV., King of France, 96. 

Ley, Rev. .Samuel, 7-10; Timothy, 52. 

Lightfoot, John, 56. 

Lilford, Lord, 55. 

Lindsay, William, 24. 

Livesay, Greaves, 51. 

Livesey, R. B., 55; st-e also Bell-Livesey. 

Lock, Sir William, 76 ; Wyllm, 76. 

Lockwood, Rev. R., 86. 

Lodges, — , 54. 

Lombe, Edward, 104, 113, 114; Elizabeth, 
114; John, 113; Sir John, 107, 114; 
Mary, 113; — , 113. 

Loscombe, Joseph, 62 ; Mary, 62. 

Love, Thomas, 86. 

Lowther, Rev. Richard, 41. 

Lucas, Rev. Sir John, 39. 

Lynn, Matthew, 24. 

Lytster, John, 37. 

Lytton, Elizabeth, 109, no, 115; Elizabeth 
Barbara, 115; Elizabeth Barbara Bulwer, 
115; John Robinson, no; Richard 
Warburton, no, 115; Brigadier-General 
William Earle Bulwer, 115. 

M'Clintock, Robert, 25. 

M'Klintok, Jane, 26. 

MacCausland, Margaret, 26; — , 26. 

Macham, William, 37. 

Mack Marrat, Mary, 34. 

Macklintock, Eliza, 25 ; Elizabeth, 25 ; 

William, 25. 
Maddison, Elizabeth, 86. 
Madeson, Thomasina, 74. 


Mainwairing, Charles, 55. 

Mainwaring, Anne, 55 ; Charles, 55 ; 

Eliziibeth, 55 j Ellinor, 53, 54 ; Helen, 

55; Hellen, 53, 54; Maria, 55; Thomas, 

53-55: see aho Lee-Mainwaring. 
Mann, Andrew, 51. 
Mansion, Alice, 37 ; Robert, 37. 
Marker, Gideon, 7-10; Richard, 11. 
Markham, Anlhony, 22, 52 ; Dorothy, 22, 

52; Hannah, 22, 52; Henry, 22, 52; 

Jane, 22, 52 ; Margaret, 17, 22, 52 ; 

Richard, 22, 51, 52; Thomas, 22, 52; 

— , 22. 
Marriott, Humphrey, 48. 
Marsh, Catherine, 65; John, 65; Mary, 

Marsham, Edward, :o8; Henry, 108; Lucy, 
108; Robert, 108, 109, 113; Sophia, 
108, 109, 113; Sophia Vertue, 108. 

Marshe, Alice, 76 ! Cecily, 76 ; Eleanor, 
76; Ellynor, 76; John, 76. 

Marston, Alice, 90; George, 90. 

Martin, Thomas, 35. 

Mason, George, 25 ; Rev. ^Thomas, 35. 

Mathers, Dorothye, 44. 

Matthews, John, 57. 

Maude, Francis, 55. 

Mawd, William, 52. 

Mayer, John, 46; Jon., 47; Mary, 46. 

Mayhew, Samuel, 84; Susan, 84. 

Mayow, see Myvell-Mayow. 

McCausland, Alexander, 30. 

McClelland, William, 29. 

McClintock, Alexander, 24-26; Elizabeth, 
25, 26; Jane, 26; John, 14, 26; Mar- 
garet, 26 ; Mary, 26 ; Robert, 26 ; 
WilUam, 14, 24-26. 

McColgan, Mary, 29. 

Mclntire, — , 28. 

McKeig, Clotworthy, 28. 

McMenemy, John, 29. 

McNaught, John, 25. 

McNeall, Colonel Daniel, 25 ; — , 25. 

McPowell, Elizabeth, 28. 

Menec, — , 30. 

Merche, John, 76. 

Metcalf, Caleb, 51 ; — , 40. 

Metcalfe, Anne, 41 ; Caleb, 51; Frances, 

20, 40-42; Mary, 20, 39, 42; Ralph, 20, 

21, 39-42; William, 39-42. 
Miller, Ellen, S3, 86; Rev. S., 86. 
Millington, Francis, 32; — , 32. 
Milner, Frances, 42. 

Mingaye, Charles Paget, 84; Elizabeth, 

Mitchell, Jane, 56 ; William, 27. 
Monk, James, 56, 57. 
Moore, Anna Maria, Countess of Mount- 

cashell, 114; Lady Anna Maria Isabella, 

114; Elizabeth, 13; Sir George, 77; 

Mary, 25 ; Stephen, Earl of Mount- - 

cashell, 114. 
Moreton, John, 97 ; Mary, 97. 
Morrison, Thomas, 56. 
Morson, Richard, 35. 

Morton, Elizabeth, 112; John 97, 112; 
Mary, 97. 

Motley, Humphrey, 51; Thomas, 51. 

Mould, Alexander, 56 ; Ann, 56 ; Eliza- 
beth, 56; Hellen, 56; Jane, 17, 56; 
Mary, 56 ; Robert, 56 ; Sarah, 56 ; 
Thomas, 56. 

Moxon, John, 54; Thomas, 53. 

Muckalt, Mabel, 71. 

Muddiman, Martha, 32. 

Murdac, — , 23. 

Murrell, Benjamin, 83 ; Elizabeth, 83. 

Murrill, Benjamin, 83 ; Elizabeth, 83. 

Musgrave, Richard, 52. 

Myvell-Mayow, John Salt, 63 ; Mary, 63. 

Nayler, Sir George, 79, So. 
Neesam, — , 53. 

Nettleton, Thomas, 52; William, 51. 
Neve, see Le Neve. 
Nevill, Mary, 39. 
Newbery, John, 55; Mary, 55, 56. 
Newland, William, 30. 
Newman, Thomas, 67. 

Nicholson, Everina, 28; H., 30; Harvey, 
16, 29; Isabella Maria, 16, 29; John, 

29; — , 15- 
Nightingale, Geffry, 75. 
Noblett, Richard, 25. 
Norfolk, Bernard Edward, Duke of, 66 ; 

79; Henry, Duke of, 102-104; John, 

51; Thomas, Duke of, 105. 
Norman, George, 43. 
Norris, Rev. D. G., 86. 
Northampton, Marchioness of, 31. 
Northumberland, Algernon, Earl of, 41. 
Norwich, Henry, Earl of, S7. 
Nourse, Anne, 112; Francis, 112; John, 

112; Judith, 112. 
Nutter, Henry, 53. 

Oaks, James, 42. 

Onslow, Katherine, 77 ; Richard, 77. 

Onslowe, Katherine, 77. 

Ormsby-Gore, William, 55. 

Osmond, James, 37. 

Ouseley, Mary, 115; William, 115. 

Ouvry, Anne Louisa, 100. 

Owen, H., 84; Rev. H., 86; Dr., S3. 

Packington, Elizabeth, 76; Humphry, 76. 

Packyngton, Elizabeth, 76. 

Page, Rev. — , 85. 

Palmer, Charlotte, 37; Hen., 37. 

Palmes, Joan, 43. 

Pape, Thomas, 49, 50. 

Pare, — , 56. 

Pariis, Anna Elizabeth, 17; Bernhardt, 17, 
18; — , iS. 

Paris, A., 30; Rev. A. 57; Archibald, 
16-19, 3°. 49> 5o> 55-57; Rev. Archi- 
bald, 19, 57; Bernhardt, 18; Charles, 
iS; Charles Snell, 19, 56, 57; Charlotte, 
57; Elizabeth, 19, 49; Fanny, 19, 57; 
Harriet Mary, 16, 17, 57; Henry, 49; 


Herbert, 57 ; Jane Eliza, 57 ; John, 
16-19, 49; Margaret, 16, 49, 50; Mar- 
garet Jane, 17-19, 55-57; Maria, 16, 17, 
49; Rebecca, 16-19, 49, 50; Richard, 
50 ; Richard Ross, 57 ; Sophia, 19, 49, 
50; Thomas, 19, 30, 50, 57; — , 18, 56. 

Parker, Fred. Searle, 57 ; Henry, 56, 57 ; 
Nicholas, 38; William S., 57. 

Parkes, Frances, 44. 

Parnaby, |ohn, 55. 

Parsons, Elizabeth, 45-47 ; Captain Henry, 
89; John, 46; Major John, 45; Mary, 
46, 89 ; — , 46. 

Partridge, William, 36. 

Passmore, Joanna, 11. 

Patrick, see Fit/patrick. 

Paull, James, 61 ; Mary, 61. 

Peack, John, 56; Robert, 56. 

Peacock, Thomas, 30. 

Peale, Edward, i; John, 1. 

Peckham, Dame Anne, 39; Sir E., 39; 
Sir Edniond, 39. 

Penhall, Mary, 60. 

Percival, Archibald, 57 ; Charlotte, 57 ; 
Edward Alan, 57 ; Margaret, 57 ; 
Stanley, 57. 

Perkins, — , 88. 

Perring, John, 57. 

Perrot, Ann, 44; Simon, 44. 

Perrott, Ann, 44; Simon, 44. 

Peterborow, Henry, Earl of, 87. 

Philips, Arabella, 88. 

Phillipps, William, 5. 

Phillips, Elioner, 65 ; Samuel, 88; Sarah, 
84 : Thomas, 84. 

Pilkington, Alice, 37; Arthur, 37. 

Pollard, William, 54. 

Port, Anne, 1 10; Robert, no. 

Porter, John, 51. 

Preston, Catherina, 65; Catherine, 65, 67,; 
Charles Butler, 65 ; Elioner, 65 ; Eliza- 
beth, 65 ; Elizabeth Marsh, 65 ; Emma, 
65' 67 ; James, 65, 67 ; Jane, 65 ; 
Joanna, 65 ; John, 65 ; Rev. John, 65 ; 
Margaret Grace Gordon, 65, 67 ; Mary, 
65, 67, 91 ; Mary Dodge, 65 ; Richard, 
65, 67 ; William, 91 ; William Scott, 
65, 67. 

Priestley, Jonathan, 52. 

Prince Albert of England, 62. 

Prince Frederick of Wales, 1 14. 

Prior, George, 59 ; Mary, 59. 

Pulnian, Joanna, 13; Walter, 13. 

Pylman, John, 5 ; Jonas, 5. 

Queen Elizabeth of England, 58. 

Radcliffe, Joan, 90 ; John, 90 ; Sir 

Richard, 90. 
Raine, Jacob, 40. 

Ramsden, Catherine, 45; Robert, 51. 
Ramsey, ThoTnas, 38. 
Rankin, Anne, 28; Hugh, 28; James, 28; 

William, 28. 
Raper, John, 55. 

Rawling, Thomas, 55. 

Rayne, Jacob, 40. 

Read, Robert, 55. 

Reakes, Marmaduke, 53. 

Rede, J., 56. 

Renie, Alexander, 52. 

Repps, John, 113, 114; Vertue, 107, 113, 

Restwoold, Agnes, 38, 39 ; Alice, 38 ; 
Anthony, 38 ; Bettr)'s, 38 ; Edward, 
38 ; Jane, 38 ; — , 23. 

Restwolde, Agnes, 38 ; Bettreys, 39 ; 
Bridget, 39 ; Edward, 39 j Manud, 38 ; 
Manuel, 38; R., 38; Richard, 38; 
Robert, 38; Sibil, 38; Thomas, 38.; 
William, 38. 

Restwould, Agnes, 23 ; Anthony, 23 ; 
Beatrice, 23 ; Bridget, 23 ; Catharine, 
23 ; Edward, 23 ; Elizabeth, 23 ; Jane, 
23 ; John, 23 ; Margaret, 23 ; Thomas, 23. 

Reveley, Cornelius, 22, 50 ; Daniel, 22 ; 
Daniell, 50 ; Leonard, 22, 50 ; Mary, 
22, 50 ; Sarah, 22, 50 ; Timothy, 
22, 50. 

Revely, Leonard, 22 ; Mary, 22. 

Reynie, John, 5. 

Reyner, Thomas, 50- 

Reynolds, Sir Barrington, 60; Henry, 51; 
Sir Joshua, 51. 

Richards, Ann, 61 : Anne, 62, 63 ; Anne 
Rose, 64 ; Arabella Symons, 62 ; Caro- 
line, 64 ; Catherine Rose, 64 ; Charles 

63 ; Charlotte, 64 ; Elizabeth, 60, 63 ; 
Elizabeth Rose, 64 ; Elizabeth Skinner, 

64 ; Ellen, 64 ; Frances .\ugusta Anne, 

63 ; Frances Elizabeth, 62 ; Grace, 60, 
61; Harriet Elizabeth, 62; John, 60; 
Rev. John, 60, 63 ; Rev. John William, 
63 ; Rev. Joseph, 62 ; Rev. Joseph 
Loscombe, 62 ; Madeline Frances Upton, 
64 ; Mary, 60-63 ! Mary Anne, 64 ; 
Mary Loscombe, 64 ; ^Iary Mildred, 

64 ; Mary Philippa, 60 ; Philip, 63 ; 
Captain Philip, 62 ; Philippa, 61 ; St. 
George, 64 ; Susannah, 61 ; 
Thomas, 93 ; William, 60, 61 ; Captain 
William, 64 ; Rev. William, 61 ; Rev. 
William Upton, 64 ; — , 60. 

Ridsdale, Lena, 57. 

Ripon, IVIarchioness of, 31. 

Roberts, Mary, 37. 

Robinson, Arthur, 71 ; EIiz.ibeth, 71 ; 

Joseph, 51 ; Robert, 39. 
Robynson, Edward, 38. 
Roddy, Edmond, 38. 
Rogers, Sir J., 65. 
Rolle, Hon. Mark, 13; Lord, 13. 
RoUes, Jane, no; Thomas, no. 
Rose, George, 103; Judith, 103; Margaret, 

Ross, Archibald, 30. 
Roswell, Anne, 24. 
Rothery, Joseph, 5t. 
Roundell, Elizabeth, 45- 
Routh, Rev. P., 83; Rev. — , 85. 


Rowe, Elizabeth, 65 ; Rev. John, 65 ; 

Samuel, 35; Thomas, 32. 
Rowsell, J., S4; John, 84. 
Rushbrooke, Mary, 98, 99 ; Robert, 98 ; 

Colonel Robert, 99. 
Russell, Kitty, 4; Sarah, 36. 
Rustat, Elizabeth, 89; Ellen, 88; Frances, 

89; John, 88; Martha, 89; Mary, 88, 89; 

Robert, 88 ; Rev. Robert, 87 ; Susanna, 

89 ; Theophilus, 88 ; Tipping, 89 ; Tobias, 

87-89; — , 87. 
Rutcheson, Agnes, 71. 
Ryder, Elizabeth, 45. 

St. George, Henry, 102, 103, 105 ; Sir 

Henry, 101, 104; Sir Thomas, 104. 
S.almon, Elizabeth, 93, 96 ; Henry, 93 ; 

Isabella, 69; John B., 69. 
Salter, Betty, 13; Christopher, 13; George, 

II ; Mary, 11. 
Sambrooke, Fran . , 88 ; Jeremy, 88. 
Sandcroft, Archbishop, Dr., 88. 
Sanders, Ann, II; John, 11. 
Saulle, Alice, 71. 
Scholey, Mary, 51. 
Scott, Alexander, 16, 28; Ann, 15, 27, 28; 

Averina, 27; Catherine, 15; Dickson 

Coningham, 15; Eleanor, 15, 27, 28; 

Eliza Ferguson, 15; Elizabeth, 16,27,28; 

Everina, 15, 27, 28; Frances, 15, 27; 

Henrietta Charlotte, 1$; Henry, 15, 28; 

Rev. Henry, 15; Henry Alexander, 15; 

Henry Charles, 15; Isabella, 29, 30; 

James, 15 ; John Beather, 28, 29 ; Mar- 
garet, 15, 27, 28; Richard, 15; Richard 

Nicholson, 16, 28, 29; Sarah, 15; 

Thomas Hill, 15; Thomas Purdon, 15, 

27, 29; Lieutenant Thomas Woore, 15; 

W., 55; William, 15, 27-29, 47; Dr. 

William, 15, 27-29; William Samuel, 15 ; 

William Thomas, 15; Major, 15; Rev. 

Seale, John, 1 14; Sir John Henry, 114; 

Paulina Elizabeth, 114; Sarah, 114. 
Seaman, William, 9. 
Shales, Charles, 35. 
Shallcross, Elizabeth, 112; Henry, 112; 

John, 112. 
Shan, John, 37. 
Shearman, — , 6. 
Sheldon, Daniel, loi, 102 ; Daniell, 103 ; 

Gilbert, loi, no. III, 114; Archbishop 

Gilbert, loi, 102, 114; Rev. Gilbert, loi ; 

Sir Joseph, 102, 103 ; Judith, loi, 103, 

no, 114; Dame Margaret, 103; Mary, 

no. III. 
Shepheard, William, 34. 
Sheppard, Constance, 91 ; Thomas, 91. 
Sherman, Gertrude, 13 ; Gideon, 9, 13 ; 

John, 13; Mary, 13. 
Sherrat, Joane, no; — , no. 
Shirley, Ann, 36; Anthony, 91 ; Barbara, 

91 ; Constance, 91 ; Rev. Walsingham,9I. 
Shorditch, Mary, 112; Robert, 112. 
Shuter, Christopher, 25. 

Sibel, Elizabeth, 85. 

Simpkins, C, I; Charles, I. 

Skeet, Francis, 50. 

Skipper, Sarah, 81. 

Slingsbie, Susanna, 50. 

Sloper, Elizabeth, 96. 

Smale, Sarah, 4. 

Smart, — , 100. 

Smith, Faith, 45-47; J., 83; Jere . , 86; 
Joseph, 51 ; Margarett, 46; William, 33, 
47; Rev. William James, 46, 47. 

Smithin, Samuel, 35. 

Smithson, Samuel, 54. 

Snell, Agnes, 48, 49; Elizabeth, 16, 17, 20, 
31-35, 37, 48, 49 ; Frances, 35, 37, 47, 49 ; 
Francis, 34-36 ; Frederica, 50 ; George, 
32-35 ; Grace, 35 ; Honor, 34, 35 ; 
Honour, 36; Jeremy, 34; John, 16, 17, 

19, 20, 31, 32, 34-37, 48, 49; Katherine, 
33-35; Margaret, 16-19, 37, 45-49; Mary, 

20, 32, 35-37, 48, 49; Peter, 37, 48, 49; 
Rebecca, 16, 17,34-36, 48,49; Rebeccah, 
48; Robert, 20, 32, 34, 35, 37,48; Dame 
Sarah, 36; Susan, 32, 33, 35; Susannah, 

32, a ; Thomas, 20, 34, 35, 48 ; Rev. 
Thomas, 50; Sir Thomas, 20, 35, 36, 48; 
Viner, 35 ; Rev. Viner, 35 ; Vyner, 16, 
34, 37, 48, 49; Rev. Vyner, 16-19, 35. 
46, 47, 49; William, 20, 32-35, 37, 48- 
50 ; — , 49. 

Snoden, Ralph, 87 ; Bishop Robert, 87 ; 

-, 87. 
Snow, Francis, 32 ; Sir Jeremiah, 20, 32, 

33. 35 ; Jeremy, 32 ; Sir Jeremy, 33 ; 
Mary, 33; Dame Rebecca, 34 ; Rebeccah, 
33; Robert, 33, 34; Susan, 32; Susannah, 


Somner, Joseph, 92 ; Lretitia, 92. 

Southey, Mary, 57 ; Mary Frances, 57. 

Southwood, William, 76. 

Sparrow, Rev. Bence, 83. 

Speight, Richard, 42. 

Spinckes, Rebecca, 34; Seth, 34; — , 34. 

Staff, Frances, 99; — , 99. 

Stallworthy, Daniel, 32. 

Stansfield, Robert, 52. 

Starrit, Margery, 28. 

Stead, William, 51. 

Stert, see Atte Stert. 

Stevenson, Robert, 24. 

Stewart, George, 28. 

Stidolph, Davey, 36. 

Stogden, John, 68. 

Stokes, Felix, 35 ; Joseph, 35. 

Stone, Edward, 93, 95; Rev. Edward, 95; 

Elizabeth, 93, 95 ; Elizabeth Lowndes, 

115; Mary, 109, 115; William, 115; 

William Lowndes, 109. 
Storke, — , 39. 
Storr, Paley, 47 ; Robert, 47. 
Stowell, Thomas, 13; Thomazine, 13. 
.Straker, Robert, 41. 
Strickland, Frances, 40, 42 ; Henry, 40, 41 ; 

Ursula, 40; Walter, 40; Lord Walter, 

40; Sir William, 40. 


Strigland, Christopher, 40 ; Roger, 40 ; 

WiUiam, 40. 
Suger, Ann, 46; Nich . , 46. 
Summerfielii, Robert, 48. 
Swanlond, Simon, 89. 
Swatman, Fanny, 84; Rev. Philip, 84. 
Swayne, Ethel Julia, 59 ; Henry James 

Fowle, 59. 
Swetenham, Elizabeth, no; Mary, no; 

Thomas, no; — , no. 
Swetnam, Elizabeth, 105. 
Swinden, Rev. Tobias, 88. 
Swindin, Samuell, 45. 
Syer, Ann, 84; Anna, 81. 
Sykes, John, 51. 
Symonds, John, 33. 
Symson, George, 52. 

Tabor, Annie, 57 ; Debora, 34 ; Deborah, 
20; John, 20, 34; Rev. John, 34. 

Taddy, Catherine, 2; Charles, 2-4; Chris- 
topher, 1-3; Ehzabeth, 3; John, 2, 3; 
Rev. John, 3, 4 ; Mary Ann, I ; Mary 
Anne, 3; William, 2, 3. 

Tancred, Elizabeth, 53, 55, 56 ; William, 
55, 56; Colonel William, 53. 

Tapper, Samuell, 36. 

Taylor, John, 52, 89; Sancta, 46. 

Teill, Robert, 40. 

Temple, Rev. R. , 85. 

Tennant, John, 51. 

Thanet, Thomas, Earl of, 79. 

Theale, John, 90 ; Katherine, 90. 

Thicknesse, Frances Augusta Anne, 63 ; 
Captain John, 63. 

Thomas, Elizabeth Rosse, 64; John, 64. 

Thompson, Betty, 54 ; Elizabeth, 34 ; 
Harry, 56; Thomas, 41 ; — , 33. 

Thornhorough, John, 38. 

Thornby, Sibil, 38. 

Thrale, John, 90; Katharine, 90. 

Thurston, Richard, 49. 

Tipping, Thomas, 89. 

Titlow, Elizabeth, 23; Joan, 23. 

Todd, John, 53. 

Tomlinson, Eliza, 57 ; Hutton, 45 ; John, 

Tomlynson, John, 38. 
Tomson, William, 38. 
Totty, Dorothy, 22; John, 22; Richard, 22. 
Trees, Robert, 88 ; Tobias, 88 ; — , 88. 
Trevenen, Grace, 60; Rev. John, 60; T., 

Turner, Mathew, 32. 
Turpyn, Rev. John, 40. 
Turton, Edmund, 55. 
Tyttley, Elizabeth, 38; John, 38. 

Uffington, John, 35. 
Unwin, William, 37. 
Upton, Thomas, 51. 
Utton, Sarah, 83. 

\'ache, s(e De La-Vache. 

Vanderplank, Ann, 1 n ; Hannah, in; 

Samuel, ni. 
Vanner, — , 47. 

Vas.sall, Mary, 92; Rev. Stephen, 92. 
Vaughan, — , 6. 

Vernon, Alice, 17; Rev. Richard, 17. 
Vincent, Jo., 45. 
Viner, Cicill, 31 ; Elizabeth, 31 ; Honour, 

31 ; Mary, 32; Sir Robert, 31; Thomas, 

31, 35; Dean Thomas, 31. 
Vivian, Elizabeth, 60 ; James, 60 ; John, 60. 
Vyner, Elizabeth, 17, 20, 31 ; Frances, 32; 

Honor, 31 ; Mary, 32 ; Robert, 32, 48 ; 

Sir Robert, 31 ; Robert Charles De Grey, 

31; .Samuel, 32 ; Thomas, 20, 31, 32; 

Dean Thomas, 17, 31, 32. 

Wackworth, Dorothy, 71. 

Wakelield, William. 53. 

Walker, Edward, loi ; Sir Edward, 102 ; 

Helen, 57; Thomas, 51. 
Walsingham, Biirbara, 91 ; Guildford, 75, 

78; Mary, 75, 78; Sir Thomas, 91. 
Warljurton, Elizabeth, no; Richard, no; 

William, no. 
Ward, John, 36 ; Knox, 4 ; Rebecca, 34 ; 

Thomas, 34. 
W.arner, Cecily, 76; Elizabeth, no, 114; 

Richard, no, n4; Robert, 76. 
Warren, Fanny, 57. 
Waterton, Beatrice, 23 ; Thomas, 23. 
Watson, Elizabeth, 47. 
Watt, D.avid, 29. 
Waud, Eliza, 47; Mary, 47. 
Waybran, John, 51. 
Webster, Anne Rose, 64; Charles, 64. 
Wedgwood, Elizabeth, no, John, no. 
Weekes, Alice, 13; Richard, 13. 
Wegersloffe, Elizabeth, 37. 
Welsh, Anthony, 13; Gr,ace, 13. 
Wentworth, Diana, 55 ; Sophia, 55. 
West, G., 56; Henry, 33 ; Rev. John, 43. 
Westmoreland, John, Earl of, in; Sanah 

Anne, Countess of, in. 
Weyland, Johanna Elizabeth, 115; John, 

115; — , 106. 
Wharton, Edmund, 51. 
White, Edith, 57. 
Whiten, Anne, 95; Richard, 95. 
Whitfeild, N.athaniell, 88. 
Whitfield, Nathaniell, S8. 
Whiting Peter, 33. 
Whyte, Joanna, 65, 67 ; Captain Robert 

Charles, 65. 
Wight, Gabriel, 75, 78; Mary, 75, 78. 
Wigley, Ann, 51; Benjamin, 51. 
Wild, William, 51. 
Wilkinson, Elizabeth, 93, 94, 96; John, 93, 

94; Joseph, 51; Peter, 51; Zachaiy, 51. 
Willans, William, 53. 
Williamson, Thomas, 41. 
Willis, Brown, 94. 


Wills, James, 13; Joanna, 13; Mary, 13. 
Willyams, Kcv. Cooper, 50 ; John Viner, 

50; John Vyner, 50. 
Wilson, Rev. Christopher, 91 ; Dorothy, 

91 ; Jane, 71 ; Rev. Laurence, 39 ; 

Richard, 52. 
Wolcombe, Robert, 6. 
Wolfe, Nicholas, 42 ; see also Birch-Wolfe. 
Wolfreys, Nathaniel, 35. 
Wood, Hen., 36. 

Woodford, Captain, III. 

Woods, Abram., 3; Sir Wilham, 66. 

Worship, Rev. T. W., 86. 

Wright, Anne, 41. 

Wyggyns, Henry, 38. 

Wyss, Anna Maria, 114; Samuel, :i4. 

Yarburgh, Blague, 47; Faith, 47. 
Yeaman, Robert, 25. 
Young, E. J., 2; — , 100. 



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